Cedar Valley College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person just looking to skate by college and "attempt to get a degree" shouldnt attend this school. The professors and instructors throughout the whole campus care for each individual and want the best for everyone of their students. Academics are very important at this school, even the athletic programs strive for all american team in academics. This 2 year college is here to get every student their associates degree and to send them to a school that they will be successful at. Cedar Valley wants to give you the tools so you are ready for real world situations.


I think everyone should be able to go school. We should not tell people that that can not go to school.


People who believe that they don't need to work hard shouldn't go here. Although it is a Dallas Community College, there are still classes that require much work and study time. People who just want to slack off shouldn't go here.


The prototype for the type of person that shouldn't attend this school is universal for any college or institution of higher learning. that would be someone who lacks motivation and doesn't have the desire to succeed. A student must want to take control of their future in order to be successful in college.