Cedarville University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Cedarville is a Christ-centered university intending to train students in the liberal arts while still maintaining the Christian heritage and background through each part of the teaching.


Our school is a liberal arts Christian community that is dedicated to equip us for Christ-like service in our choice of career.


A very rare environment; where the combination of top notch, knowledgeable, and caring instructors, combined with diverse and friendly students, make this a first rate university.


Cedarville University is a place where you are challenged to grow on a deeper level mentally, socially, and spiritually.


A Christian school with high Biblical and academic standards.


Cedarville is a Christ-centered university that embraces each student as a member of a big family that cares about you individually; on an academic and personal level, providing you with a broad range of opportunities both social and academically to assist you in preparing for your future career and making friends for life!


Cedarville is a small, Christ centered, libral arts college situated right between Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati, where students will get the same quality education they would receive at a big University, as well as the personal interactions with faculty and staff who's main goal is to pour into students and make them better people.


Christ-centered, excellent academics, great community


Cedarville is a Christ-centered and academically strong university.


Very much like attending a private Christian junior highschool.


Cedarville University is a well-balanced school in terms of academics, fun, fitness, and community service.


Cedarville University is a great balance between being academically challenging, spiritually grounded and just plain fun!


Cedarville is a Christian liberal arts university with high character and academic standards, accessible professors, and a highly engaged student body that provides an excellent education for careers and for life.


Cedarville is a conservative baptist school located in a small town that is surrounded by corn fields.


This school provides an academically challenging yet fun and friendly atmosphere and is a great place to spend the four years (or more) of your college career!


Cedarville University is my second home and I miss it when I go "home" for the holidays.


Cedarville University is above all a Christ-cenetered university that strives to help its students achieve excellence academically and spiritually having a strong emphasis on approaching life with a Biblical worldview and sending young men and women into society for leadership and service as they seek to accomplish all that is within their abilities and talents.


Cedarville Univeristy is a Christ-centered school that focuses on students holisitically by focusing on their spiritual, social, and academic growth.


Cedarville University is superb at accepting students into the college, helping them with their academics, and preparing them for their field.


An exciting enviroment with strong academics however the students are what makes the school; fun, caring and striving to follow Jesus Christ in any profession.


My school is a Christ centered learning university that puts God first and formost and focuses on intigrating faith into the area of the field being studied.