Cedarville University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


All my classmates are born again christians, they are very nice and helful. At first I was having trouble because I was homesick, they did all they could to make me feel at home in my unit. We get together to study as well as have fun.


Cedarville students are friendly, and encouraging. In class we encourage each other to stretch our minds and think more intuitively about topics and integrate our faith into real life situations. Most classrooms are set up to assimilate interaction between the professor and the student, allowing a higher degree of learning and personal growth. Classmates truly care about each other and their needs and daily grown in their relationships trough time spent together. Cedarville students are full of energy, kindness, a genuine nature and passion for Christ and each other. I truly believe that Cedarville students are what make Cedarville University.


My classmates are very friendly and talkative.


The community that is created at Cedarville is one of the love of God. The students here are what make the school. It is difficult to go through the day with a frown on your face, someone, even if you don't know them will stop and ask you if you are doing okay. It is a loving community where everyone is striving to serve God and follow His perfect will.


My classmates are extremely encouraging and always striving to edify one another.


My peers are God loving individuals who encourage me everyday and whom i've grown to love as brothers and sisters in Christ.


They are committed to making a differece locally and around the world.


My classmates are friendly and caring and are always looking for ways to pray for me and help me with whatever I am struggling with.


My classmates are everything I could have asked for and more.


Idealistic, caring, inquisitive, honest, energetic, fun.


Because it is a school full of Christian students, the environment can be pretty petty sometimes. What I really think that the school needs is a group of kids that realize we all struggle with things, and rather than point fingers I really wish we would start supporting eachother.


My classmates are energetic, full of life and passion, very committed and disciplined in their work ethic, and willing to help and encourage others if they are in need.


My classmates have many characteristics each in their individual way; however there are some characteristics that stand out for example; they are kind, caring, intrigued and attentive in classes and lectures, healthy fun loving people, and just in general great human beings that have much potential in helping and contributing to our country today.


Friendly and pretty focused, willing to help and share in academic complaining; I find that I meet at least one new good friend in every class I take.


Focused, moral, good people, love God and people


Students at Cedarville are focused, excited, energetic, passionate, ready to learn, and willing to serve others.


The school is committed to continued expansion of racial diversity. Cedarville only accepts students who profess a personal and credible personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Students from 48 states and 17 foreign countries. Student body represents a wide variety of economic backgrounds.


Small minded, but friendly and sincere.


My classmates at Cedarville are truly wonderful; the classes are challenging but a friend is never too far to ask for help or to encourage you in succeeding in a class.


Mostly friendly, humorous and willing to learn, not afraid to question teachers or speak their own opinions.


fun, full of heart, strong christian backgrounds.


While all of my classmates are very friendly and caring there is still a need for more diversity among the student body.


boring for the most part, all christian academic focused home-schoolers


Most of my classmates have become more like a family to me because of our shared faith, the small classes at Cedarville, and the fact that once in your major field of study you have classes with the same people all the time.


Very outgoing and friendly.


They are from every state in the country, basically Conservative in their politics and their religion, are family-oriented, and like to have fun without alcohol.


Sometimes judging, but they talk to you


My classmates are caring, loyal, and positive friends that help me through the tough times and rejoice with me in the good times.


Helpful to learn together, but generally lost touch after school.


Friendly, eager to interact within and out of class, enjoy studying together, a strong camraderie forms within the major as you progress through your years at college with a lot of private jokes arising out of the group.


My classmates are, for the most part, very motivated towards academics.


My classmates are caring, politically minded, economically sound, and looking toward the future.


Eager to learn, and ready to help.