Cedarville University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Cedarville University is known for its Christ-centered learning environment. While it is very conservative in nature, the students feel comforatble in this sort of environment. Every student earns their minor in Bible, and most students truly loved their Bible minor classes. Academically, Cedarville produces students that workers love to hire. I believe 95{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of all graduates will find a job within the first year of graduation.


Our school is best known for its incredible education with a strong Christian worldview. We have incredible community with chapel every day. We have loving professors who push us forward in our Christian Faith and a strong Christian community that works together to study in our field while studing God's word at the same time.


It's excellence in education and basketball teams


Cedarville is best known for having the most welcoming atmosphere. Visitors, speakers and teams we play in competitions say that they enjoy coming to Cedarville because they know when they come they will be treated with respect and that we actually want them there. Students are ready to help in any way possible or point you in the direction of someone that can help.


My school is best known for their high academic standards, passion for Jesus Christ and sports teams. The professor also are highly trained and require a lot of work to pass their courses. This is not a party school and most students are serious about getting a good education.


Cedarville is well known for its Christian values and including them in the teaching of the classes. Each student who graduates from Cedarville does so with a minor in Bible Studies. Christian views and values are taught and discussed in each class.


Bible program


Cedarville is known to be a Chirst-centered university that trains students with quality education and produces proffesional virtuous individuals who are very very good at what they do.


Cedarvill University is best known for first-rate academics and well-rounded students.


Cedarville University is known for being a Christian University with strong academics. The University is heavily involved in providing Christian ministries within surrounding communities, and even around the nation and the world. However, this is not the only focus, as the importance of quality education is stressed as well. Professors challenge their students, and Cedarville is known for producing competent professionals with moral integrity and a strong work ethic.


Cedarville is best known for their chapels and Bible courses. We have a minor in Bible which helps molds our hearts how He would want us to be. Not only is the spiritual side the biggest part, but community is also well known. Everyone loves God and others deeply. Walking around campus you can sense how friendly everyone is and how willing they are to help any visitors.


Cedarville is well known for having high quality education that doesn't waver on its Christian Standards. It's known for its friendly students and its giving back to the surrounding community. Basically, it's known to be a Christian University that is true to the bible, and excellent in its committment to academics.


Solid academics, and balanced rules with an emphasis on Bible classes.


Dress code, chapel, rules - - - but also good work ethic, strong academics, and humanitarianism.


My school is best known for the required Bible minor, chapels five times a week, and the required dress code.