Cedarville University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I talk about the variety of textbooks that I have in my classes. I also talk about the great environment for making and keeping friendships. I also brag about how much my professors are willing to spend time talking about life and future plans with us individually. I brag about my great tutoring job at the writing center and the ways that students love how we can help them. I brag about the large size of my dorm room and the variety of food available in the all-you-can-eat cafeteria.


All the activites that the campus has going on for the students to participate in.


I brag mostly about the people, the activities, and the sports facility center at the school.


I tell them about how many great academic programs there are, how you can make a lot of friends and how dedicated the school is to Christ. There are also lots of scholarship opportunities, great dorms and how the professors will try to help you as much as possible.


The people are awesome! We may live in the middle of a corn field but the people here make it worth it!


One of my favorite parts about my school is the people. Virtually all of the students are great people and the staff and faculty both love God so much.


Great food, great faculty, great people.


Cedarville. When I hear that name there are many things that come to mind: Brilliant professors who make sure they to give you accurate and appropriate information, Classes and their electives that work so hard for the better of the students, and Resident Assistants that care about each person and are willing to do anything for them. Overall, Cedarville is an inspiring college that cultivates and captivates their students in their faith and schoolwork.


Great campus with student body that cares for each other and people in general.


The fact that our school is faith based and how everyone just gets along with everyone else. There is no drinking on campus, but yet everyone still finds things to do that are just as fun and most of the time more fun than drinking.


When I talk about Cedarville I can't help but mention the feeling of comraderie and community that is evidenced through the personable teaching through the profesors and the kindness shown by each student. I love that I feel like I am accepted and welcomed and am known personally by faculty, staff and students. There are so many fun ways to get involved and make an impact on the lives around you inside and outside of our campus atmosphere. It has been the best three years of my life!


The atmosphere: it's a smaller school so you kind of know every person in your academic class, and there's a strong sense of community throughout the school; student organizations do a lot to promote on campus activities for the student body.


The professors are knowlegdable, interesting and thought provoking. The students are friendly and caring. I have made life-long friends in my year and a half and have learned so much as debate and discussion is encouraged. The God fearing faculty and staff are personable and the speakers who come to speak are informative and have opened my eyes to life issues around the world and my responsibility to the larger world. I have been exposed to great books that have changed my life's focus. I recommend Cedarville to any who desire to make an impact on the world.


Good, friendly environment.


How great my friends are, the good times we have, and how much I enjoy the classes in my major.


The balanced atmosphere, the proffesors, the nursing program, the chapel programs


I mostly brag about the atmosphere at the school. The dress code is fairly laid back. The teachers are open-minded and most are willing to discuss a broad variety of topics. The student body on whole is fairly accepting or at least tolerant of others.


I feel that Cedarville has a lot of positive aspects. One of my favorite things about Cedarville is that at 10:00 a.m. each weekday, chapel is held. Students are required to attend when able, and to most students this is a pleasure. There are no classes at 10:00 a.m. , so that every student may attend (if not in an internship). The director of Christian Ministries at the school plans chapel carefully, inviting speakers who have something relevant to offer to the student body. It is a time for our campus to worship as a "family."


I love the sense of family and community at Cedarville. We really look out for each other. We have lots of events and things that bring the campus together. The President of our University even reads stories at our annual Campus Christmas event.


I am proud of the social environment at my school, which is conducive to meaningful friendships, proactive learning, and personal growth. I am proud of the commitment to success on the part of most students and faculty. I am proud of the instructors' audacious willingness to consider and teach diverse opinions in spite of the school's conservative protestant background. I am proud of the school's mission-oriented position, which encourages students to engage the world around them with the knowledge they gain.


I brag most about the student body and the values of the school. The student body is more friendly than any other school I have ever visited, and I think that it a huge deal. Also, I love bragging on my school's values. Cedarville encourages students to grow and achieve greatness not only in academics, but also in spiritual maturity. Through good Bible classes and teaching, scudents can face the tough questions in life and figure things out for themselces. The school is also very "outward focused," emphasizing outreach to other countries in need.


The classes and the social life


Job placement. Good, clean fun. Accomplisments.


The education that I received and the godly environment. Chapel everyday was such a blessing. The practical experiences in the theatre were very helpful with coursework.


There are a wide variety of majors to choose from that incorporate a Christian worldview along with a rigorous academic schedule. There is a committment to excellence as well as an even higher committment to spiritual growth.


The school is very big on community involvement and ministries - of being part of something bigger than just you and your career.