Cedarville University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I have spoken to many successful Christians in their industry, and all would agree that Cedarville University is 'the Christian college' that they would recommend. Cedarville is not only competitive academically, but is also the perfect environment to teach Biblical indoctrination within every part of one's life. A prospective student looking for a cohesive student body, and wishes to earn a quality education from professors who truly care about their students should attend this college. Cedarville is not meant for the student who does not want to learn how to incorporate a Christian lifestyle into their future work place.


Anyone who loves God and people and wants to grow spiritually, socially, and academically should attend Cedarville University. The school will challenge you to think critically about the world and society we live in and will strive to equip leaders of excellence in their field of choice. If you have the desire to be the best in your field of study and occupation then Cedarville University is the perfect place for you.


Someone who likes to think critically, and doesn't just accept things at face value.


Any person who has or would liek to have a heart for God as they prepare themselves for life in the "real world" is a great person to attend Cedarville.


People who would like to be challenged academically, so that they will be as mentally and physically equipped for their chosen field as possible. Cedarville University requires a specific minor on top of a bachelor's degree. The classes here are rigorous and often entail an intense workload. But for those who strive to be the best they can be academically, as well as, enjoying an encouraging environment would be very well off at Cedarville. I put a good amount of money into my education here, but all the financial difficulties are worth this full-proof education.


Students who attend this school should have a good moral background. It helps if your background has included some Biblical studies. Don't be planning on doing a lot of partying. Cedarville has a zero tolerance for drinking, smoking, drugs and sex.


Anyone who loves to learn. If you have a passion for something, go for it. My school supports art and passion with great stride.


Someone who wants both a strong spiritual and academic focus as they prepare for their career.


Cedarville University does not "mess around" when it comes to success. The level of accountability at this school is great and students are expected to excel in their studies. From the moment I stepped foot onto the campus, I knew that I was going to be pushed to be the very best that I could be. People who are goal-oriented should attend Cedarville University. If you want to be fully prepared for life in the working world, Cedarville University is the place to learn the life skills you will need.


A person who wants to work hard to improve themselves and those around them, and have fun doing it. I love my school, and anyone with a mind for God and a heart to serve should attend.


Cedarville draws in upper-middle class baptist students. The biggest programs are probably nursing andengineering. The graphic design department is excellent (including professors who care that their students learn well and live good lives).


A person who is laid-back but, at the same time, serious about their education. The school pushes students to suceed but not so much that nothing else can be accomplished during college.


Someone who attends Cedarville University must have a heart for the Lord. He should be number one in your life. Cedarville really tries to focus on the importance of growing closer to Him. Also, having a desire to do well in grades is very important. Classes require perseverance and the motivation to make it through. You will be pushed to succeed. Lastly, Cedarville is for anyone who loves people and is looking for faculty and staff who genuinely care about you.


Cedarville University is certainly not for everyone, however, people looking for a small (around 3,000 students), faith based, person-oriented, and challenging academic environment will find it at Cedarville. Academic coaching is avaliable and spiritual growth is emphasized. There are also plenty of opportunities to serve the surrounding community and build upon personal character. Students who want a holistic educational experience will find Cedarville an ideal campus. Professors are well qualified for their positions and academics are challenging. Students are encouraged to develop as a whole person: spiritually, mentally, and physically. Anyone looking for this will enjoy Cedarville.


A conservative Christian who wants to continue with that curriculum.


Someone who would like a quality education in a positive environment.


A person who beleives that Jesus Christ is their savior is number one and to me, you have to be willing to be stretched in your faith and want to grow. The course load is a lot so the student needs to be focused


conservative christians who are willing to learn about God, and don't mind having new ideas thrown at them to then dissect and evaluate in light of a christian worldview.


A person who is serious about their education and someone who wants a biblical perspective of learning. Someone who desires to do great things and be challenged not only accademically but spiritually as well.


One who is very eager to learn, be challenged in all areas of life, especially spiritually.