Cedarville University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing is I do not have a car on campus, therefore it is hard ro get anywhere.


The most frustrating thing about the school is the curfew on the weekends. I wish it was extended.


I began my studies at Cedarville in the beginning of the year (spring semester). Therefore, it was difficult for me to find a group of friends for me to become close to. After 2 years, I finally connected with the girls in my education classes.


In my first year at Cedarville University, the most frustrating thing for me about my school was the laundry room. You had to stay right on top of your laundry or else someone might take your clothes out. I can't tell you how many things of mine got lost in the laundry room because of that.


The only frustrating thing is that there are some rules since it is a private school but they are not that strict and it's easy to get used too.


The most frustrating thing about the school is that every class requires a lot of reading, but you know that coming here beforehand.


One of the most frustrating things about this school is actually just its location! It sits in the middle of corn fields- though there are several cities within reasonable driving distance- and the wind sweeps across campus like it is a wind tunnel. The rain and snow do not tend to fall vertically, but blow horizontally instead! It is a walking campus (we aren't permitted to drive to classes between 7am and 5pm) so this can make for some interesting, cold, and wet adventures to get to class. It does, however, tend to build a bond among all here!


There is too high of an emphasis on relationship-finding a spouse. I do not know if that is student produced, or the school. The nursing program could be more organized and up to date.


There is not enough financial aid at all.


The amount of time you spend in class and the cost.


It's in the middle of nowhere.


the location (hard to get to places without a car, and it's cold and windy).


It's expensive.


How much it costs to attend and the financial aid workers are not very helpful in my experience.


I never really find myself frustrated with school about important things. When I am frustrated, it is usually about things that I knew were in place before I enrolled, and that will not change. It's usually things like dress code and curfew, both of which our school has. I understand why, and the benefits of these things, however, curfew and dress code can be far more frustrating for a theatre major during tech week who hasn't slept- than it is for a business or engineering major.


There are a lot of rules, but they are only there to help you stay focused and make sure you're not doing anything you shouldn't be for your age.


One of the most frustrating things about being a student is paying for school. The education that is given is worth the expense for its own sake, but reaching your career objectives could involve internships, investments, or trips, all of which can cost more than you can afford. You may also experience some conflict when you express ideas with which other students disagree.


The lack of financial aid and the cost to come to such a great school.


I think maybe the only frustrating thing about my school is how tough it can be. You sometimes feel like you can't get ahead, and that you are always lagging behind. It's a very tough school especially the nursing field.


There really isn't anything that bothers me about Cedarville. I think the biggest things I would change would be shorter winters, and maybe a few less cornfields surrounding us.


It is very costly & doesn't offer much financial aid help.


All the rules. Sometimes the school is legalistic. Also, even though faculty are very helpful and nice, the staff is often rude such as campus safety.


I think the most frustrating thing about Cedarville (and probably college in general) is that I am learning so much, having so much fun, growing a lot academically, spiritually, and otherwise, but the semesters fly by. In short, life is so fast-paced, it feels like in no time this wonderful experience will be over.


It is extremely expensive compared to the State University that I could have attended on an almost full ride. It is near 30,000 dollars a year, and Cedarville is not known for its great financial aid!


There are some rules that I whish didn't exist, but I understand why they are inplace, so they don't bother me all that much.


There is little finacial aid available in my opinion and the finacial aid people were less than helpful. It also has very strict standards of living.


Sometimes students are unwilling to dialogue about issues. They tend to think that the way Christianity has worked in the past is the way it always must work. I just wish that more students would be open-minded and willing to at least think through issues.


The most frusturating thing is that Cedarville is located in the middle of a corn field and that it takes 20 minutes one way to get to something small like a walmart. There isn't much to do because of the rural location.


It is in the middle of nowhere. The school is not very receptive to change.