Cedarville University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I would have liked to have had a better understanding of the academic catalog. I spent a lot of time in my junior year trying to figure out what I still had to take and realizing I had missed several requirements. I also realized I took a lot of unnecessary classes. I wish I had had a better advisor to sit down and talk me through the classes I should and should not take during my college career. Also, I wish I would have known about places like Half Price Books.




Cedarville University offers a wide variety of activities to get involved in. As a freshman I was overwhelmed with the numerous organizations, ministries or other activities I could participate in. I wish I would have spent some time talking with current Cedarville students about what activities would be beneficial to invest my time in. I have found some awesome things to get involved with, but with the help of current students I feel that I could be much more involved than I am currently.


I wish i had known what banks were in the town so I could have known which bank to join so that it would be easier to access my bank account.


I wish I had known that the dorm I was assigned to, Faith Hall, was so far away from the buildings where I have classes and the student center where the cafeteria is. The campus is small, so it takes about ten minutes to cross campus, but it is far to walk several times a day, especially in the bleak winter. I also wish that I had been told about the fact that roommates are chosen at random, unless a person specifically asks to room with a certain other person. That's what I wish had been shared with me.


It gets incredibly cold!


I wish I had known that the school had such a rigorous program. It has been very benefitial to learn new things at Cedarville, and they make a huge effort to help you find where you fit when it comes to majors.


I wish I had known that there was more to college than earning A?s, and I wish I had known that I could make choices to change what I did not like about myself. I passed up many opportunities to make friends and have fun because I did not have very good self-esteem. I hid in my room and studied for most of my four years of college. Of course, many students err the other way and party too much in college, but I would advise any new college student to strive for a happy medium.


I wish I had known how easy campus was to navigate. With roads on either side and a lake in the middle, you can't really get very lost before you find a landmark. The campus is a lot smaller than the map makes it look, and so I was way more nervous about finding my way around than I should have been.


I wish I would have been in the dorm I am currently in now during my freshman year.


I wish I had known how to study better. The work is very rigorous and challenging, and had I known how challenging it would be I would have worked harder right away at the beginning of my freshman year to learn how to study, but thankfully those first classes actually taught me how to study well, and so after my first year, I have only improved in preparing for classes and tests. I also wish I had known about the wind, because it's very strong and makes it difficult to walk in the winter :)


I wish that I had known more about technology.


The workload! I attended community college for a year then transferred. This school is much more challenging and the teachers expect a lot more.


I wish that I had known how well I would adjust to college so that I would not have been so nervous.


how hard it would be


I wish I would have been aware of how heavy the workload is here at Cedarville. Everyone on campus is very focused on their studies during the week and even on weekends. The students are expected to do their best and then go above what is expected. Discipline and time management is vital in comparison with other campuses.


Don't come to school expecting it will be perfect--it's not. But it is a place of growth and learning, and the school wants us to do a lot of both, and will encourage us toward our future goals.


I wish I had known that it would cost so much and that i would go in such great debt to go here.


There wasn't much I didn't know about Cedarville when I came here because my two older brothers preceded me. I was well informed about the classes, dorm life, and values. Thanks to the many good things I did know about Cedarville, I wanted to come here. There have been no unpleasant surprises.


How much the school invades in your personal life. Also, the lack of scholarships.


I wish that I had known how difficult the course material is for some of the sciences. People have said that CU classes are equivalent if not harder than graduate school classes.


The cost of loans after graduation.


I wish I had known that the best thing to do was to jump in and get involved as quickly as possible freshman year.


There are so many opportunities at Cedarville, and your time there is so short. Take advantage of every opportunity to get involved and develop relationships.


There is nothing I regret not having known before coming to Cedarville.


That your GPA doesn't matter as much as the friends you leave with.


How friendly and helpful everyone is! I was nervous coming in because it was my first time away from home but this school makes it so easy to adjust, fit in, and get help, and knowing that would have relieved a lot of my nerves.


Not to bring so much un important stuff. The Freshmen dorms aren't the biggest. But they have an awesome community spirit and really get the new students to build solid relationships.


How hard it was to do to much fun activities.


I whish that i had realized how much money i was going to need to borrow for schooling, and thought more about how long i was going to have to pay it off.