Cedarville University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about the school is that it is Christ-centered. There is chapel throughout the week, everyone graduates with a Bible minor, classes take a Biblical view on everything, and your classmates can build you up in your faith because they share that faith. For four years of your life, you have the chance to be surrounded by people who are passionate about the Lord. When you graduate, you will be grounded and ready to go out and serve the world in love.


The best thing about Cedarville is by far the people. The faculty, staff and students all mesh together well to provide an uplifting and encouraging "bubble" that is unlike any other place I've ever been. Everyone there cares for you legitimately and are adamant about helping you with the things you need helped with, no matter what. You make friends for life at Cedarville.


Due to the fact that Cedarville University is a strong Christian college, I feel that the best quality of Cedarville is the openness and tolerance that they express toward not only other believers, but to all. Cedarville is primarily Baptist based but I am not a member of the Baptist church, far from it actually. There are some major differences in doctrine between my church and Cedarville, but I still can express these differences and my opinion without fear of being told flat-out that I am wrong. Cedarville University is not hypocritical in loving and accepting just about everyone.


I love the community feeling that Cedarville University has. Everyone, including faculty/staff and other students, is very approachable and genuinely cares about each other. Professors are so accomodating. They will do anything they can to help you succeed and do well in their classes, even scheduling extra review sessions during their off hours. Students become very close due in large part to the very small town environment of the surroundings. Students spend much of their time with each other and even at professors homes. Students volunteer to rake leaves and shovel snow for professors and their families.


They are truely focused on Christ. He always comes first. I love having chapel everyday! It is an amazing chance to take a break from classes during the day and be together as one school worshiping our one awesome God! THe community here at Cedarville is exceptional, the professors care about there students not just in class but also on a personal level. It is just a great place to be.


The best thing about Cedarville is the Christian enviornment that is on campus. This enviornment is acheived by the way the students live, study and interact with one another. I feel that this is the best thing becuase this is what makes Cedarville unique from other schools.


The best thing is that it is a Christ-centered campus; the majority of my fellow students have one goal: to glorify God in everything we do! Also, there is always something fun to get involved in on campus such as, being in a discipleship group, volunteering for different organizations, playing intramural sports, dorm wars, friday night movies, etc. Cedarville is an amazing university with encouraging professors who want each of their students to be successful not only in their professions, but also in their walk with God.


Positive culture. Caring people who seek the best for the students.


Things to like/love about Cedarville: it's a Christ centered university, Christian worldview in classes, tons of events on campus, comfortable dorm life, chapel (Monday-Friday, 10A.M.) has great speakers and worship, inside jokes, Intramural Sports (ex: Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, Dodgeball), great workout facilities, wonderful music programs, chances for ministry, Bible studies, mission trips, the wonderful tasting drinks they serve at Rinnova, brother and sister unit bonding, beautiful small town campus with a lake, even sidewalks, the COVE tutoring, SGA study sessions, and "Brief Embraces" (hugs).


I fell in love with the small town community atmosphere on campus. Everyone was friendly, class sizes were generally small, and I felt the faculty and staff truly cared about not only my education but about me as a person.


The best thing about my school is the Christ-centerdness of it. All of my classes, including the sciences, are taught from a Christian, Biblical perspective.


Quality education based on biblical truth


The atmosphere. Everyone is usually very friendly, the teachers are always willing to help. There's a lot of opportunities to get into the arts: our theater department performs 3 plays a year, we have student art exhibits. There's a lot of sports game to see (though we don't have a football team). I've had perfect strangers help me carry boxes to my room. Hallmates are usually very open and kind; it's like the whole student population is a family, complete with the awkward, strange cousins you never really get (or want to get) to know.


What I love most about Cedarville is how it truly is a community. The academics are great, yes, BUT: People at Cedarville, students, staff and faculty alike, genuinely love and care for eachother beyond their professional relationships. It is not uncommon to see students having coffee with professors, or in the cafeteria with the deans. Students are constantly finding new ways to come together and help the community and the world. There's this great blanace of getting things done, making the world a better place, and enjoying life while you do it.


The best thing about Cedarville University is how much the staff and faculty truly care about the success of the students. Professors are always more than willing to stay after class to give extra instruction, and the number of study sessions and work groups available to students is high. There are many on-campus tutors who are willing to help you in any way possible. There is always some way to get extra help or input. The success of students is very evident by how much after-school academic time is put into the campus schedule.


Cedarville has given me many opportunities to utilize my abilities and education, including making videos from the day I stepped on campus, traveling as sound man with a music team, leading groups, organizing events, and providing connections with people that will stay with me for life!


The best thing about CU is definitely the opportunities for volunteering. Faculty, staff, and students all strive to create opportunities for volunteering. There are volunteer fairs and organizational fairs on campus to bring all of the opportunities right to each students doorstep. It is so easy to get involved at this school, the opportunities are presented right in front of you and you are constantly encouraged to take part.


The best thing about my school is its giving. The staff give education and mentorship to the students. The students support and encourage each other. The students are also involved in giving to the community, whether it is clearing people's yards after a storm, or helping at a homeless shelter. Cedarville University's President, Dr. Brown, is constantly giving of his time and energy to minister to student, staff, and visitors. The selfless attitude around campus is an encouraging and honorable characteristic. Cedarville University is more of a family than an institution of higher education.


With everyone comeing from the same religious background, you didn't have to explain certian things, but at the same time people came from different life backgrounds so we didn't all look at things the same way.


I really appreciate how open my school is. You never feel like you are out of place. Everyone is just really open with each other. Also, our school has chapel everyday which is a huge uplifting part of the day. The university brings in all kinds of speakers some are widely known, and others are just local pastors. Another thing I love about our school is that they are so outward focused especially on getting involved with the surrounding communities. I think lastly I love how personal our president is. We can email him and he will promptly respond.


the best thing about cedarville is that God is the center of everything we do. also the workout facilities with many activities to do including raquet ball and a climbing wall.


Chapel is the best thing about my school. We are a Christian school, and my schoold takes a firm stand on having chapel 5 days a week (monday through friday), and we are required to go on Sunday. We keep Christ the center of this University!


The atmosphere. The people are friendly and eager to help each other out. The people love God and want to serve him. This comes out in the way they live.


The atmosphere in general. Now that I'm done, I realize the importance of being a part of a community in relation to spiritual growth. There is community at Cedarville and people who challenge you to pursue God more intimately.


The atmosphere, classes, extracurricular activities, & faculty/staff work together to provoke spiritual growth. As a graduate, I miss the solid Bible stance, the probing questions designed to make you think & learn about God, the support of the faculty and staff, & being surrounded by grounded Christian friends, who share the same belief systems. The ability to grow & learn, experience & make mistakes in a place where you are supported, not judged, & LOVED, (BY ALL) is crucial to building a strong faith, not only in personal situations, but also in professional career settings. Cedarville prepared me for life. I loved my experience there.


Chapel. Daily chapel services where my classmates and friends get to worship God together and hear from amazing, well known speakers about things that matter in the world today.