Centenary College of Louisiana Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Though I may not have known everyone in my graduating class, I'd say we all struck the perfect balance between social butterflies and focused academics.


My classmates are all diverse from one another but are accepting and inviting and determined/driven to do well academically.


Centenary College of Louisiana is the perfect college for those looking for the small college experience. It is a small campus with a big heart. Those who are also interested in science related or business related courses should seriously consider this college.


Amazingly accepting, tolerant and open to different cultures, experiences and people. Its almost scary at how people did not act like how you would expect on a campus like Centenary, a rather elite private school with less than 1,000 students in Conservative, Northern Louisiana. Wow! Faculty just needs to be more diverse! Everyone thought that more diversity within the student body and faculty, alike was needed!


They are usually involved in the arts.


My classmates are very diverse and are mostly very helpful and friendly.


Mostly, Centenary is full of white kids from middle-class families. There seems to be more women than men. Of the men, there seems to be a disproportional number of homosexuals. Centenary is not in a great neighborhood, and Shreveport is majorly African American. So, it's a little weird for the school's demographics to be off, but things are changing I hear. There's a fair number of students dotting the entire political spectrum. Usually, if a student is political, they'll have a good argument for their beliefs.

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