Centenary College of Louisiana Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The cafeteria because it doesn't offer enough options or provide allergen information.


I don't really think anything is bad about my school.


The worst thing about Centenary College is the athletic department and the way it is treated. Centenary College is the smallest Division I school in the nation, but due to insufficient funds the school is moving down to Division III. As a private Division III school Centenary can not give out athletic scholarships. The school will not be able to keep its student-athletes and will not be able to bring in more.


The way students are allowed to treat each other. There is no reprocussion for hurting others physically or emotionally. The rooming situations were awful. If you were in a bad situation, there was little or no way out. The counselor does nothing to help people work together in a positive way. The counseling servies are horrible along with the career service department. Counselor does not truly care about any of us, and the Career Service head is no help and impossible to work with.


I don't know if i could name something I would consider to be the worst. For me, one of the hardest things was living at home and growing up in the city where Centenary is located. Living off campus, you tend to miss a lot of the activities that are going on nightly. And having always lived in the same city, things become a little mundane.


Homework and tests take up too much time. Students do not get a chance to breath and socialize like regular people. The focus on academics is so strong, that even learning is difficult.

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