Centenary College of Louisiana Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who likes to be challenged with learning. Someone eho is not afraid to work hard. Someome who likes a diverse place,but is small in numbers.


Those people who are looking for a conservatory in the visual or performing arts. It is a college that looks for and builds well-rounded students. Also, this college is not for the city type.


A student who enjoys large crowds, having fun, and sporting events should not attend Centenary College. If a student is looking for a large school, Centenary is not it. Centenary has no football team and lacks the population for big fraternities and sororities. If a student is looking to have fun tailgating and cheering their team on to victory, they can not do that for a nonexistant team.


Someone who is loooking for a huge campus with lots of partying


Some one who doesnt mind attending a small school. It is a beautiful campus with students who are different and there to learn.


Those people who aren't hard workers or aren't willing to put forth the effort required to maintain strong grades and pass classes should not look into Centenary. Our school has a strong academic focus but students also know how to let loose without breaking too many rules. Our school is a liberal arts program so we are required to take courses out of our major field so that we can broaden our education and those who are close minded to different view points or learning new cultures and activities should not attend.

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