Centenary University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Centenary is that the dormitories are run down and dilapidated. The school was built in 1867 and it shows…bugs throughout the underclassmen dorms, hardly any hot water, cracks in the walls and doors, and no elevators in a three story building (which normally I would not complain about but my father is physically disabled and I live on the third floor). I understand that the freshmen and sophomores are at the bottom of the food chain at college, but the living conditions are appalling. It makes me question where the $42,000 a year goes.


I'd say that the worst thing about my school would be the dorms for freshman and sophomores; they are really dated and really made me not want to live on campus. When they show you them on the tour you can see many prospective students feel a little uneasy about them. If they updated them, there would absolutely be nothing wrong with my school!


thr worst thing about my school was the lack of variety in food, no fast food resturants on campus like other campuses not even pubs or bars for those of age to drink


The absolute worst thing about the school is some of the students. There are low requirements for admisions, and it shows in the attitudes, lack of motivation, and sloppiness of half of the student body


Centenary College overall was wonderful and helped shape who I am today. However, my only suggestion would be to add more activities for communter students who may not be able to attend activities held in resident halls. Otherwise, school inclusion was high and I made a few close friends who I still talk to.


Not culturally adverse. Not at all accomodating to athletes. Cafeteria workers are not pleasant and the meal plan isn't good.


How small it is.


Equality seems to have an disadvantage here at Centenary College. This would definitely have to be the worst thing about this school because various ethnicities are being double looked. In my case, as a African American Female graduating from a performing art school, i work well with any race. To be exposed to different people and the way they live is not a culture shock to me. I deal with the fact that my skin is a constast from the average person attending this school, but the barrier breaks when it comes to education.


Too much construction at once.


The worst thing at my school has been the financial aid. They told me everything was going to be covered, but almost $3,000 was not and I had to come up with it.


The worst part about Centenary is that some activities happen late at night, and because I am a commuter, I tend not to go to them because it is too late for me.


The people act like they are still in High School.


It lacks diversity or an appreciation for diversity and the arts. There should be more programs that are extracurricular that involve integrating different cultures and the arts: like dance, drama, talent shows etc.


Inability of staff and faculty to communicate. I had to personally fix so many issues between the registrar to my advisor, to campus life, just because they wouldnt pick up the phone or go next door to the office and find out! The right hand rarely knew what the left hand was doing in terms of administration. Many staff members have "stepped down" or "moved on" simultaneously due to strange circumstances.


its expensive to attend


Our previous director of the Equine Studies Program was petty. She judged her students based upon money rather than character and willingness to learn. There was a bias in which the majority of the student body did not benefit from. This past year she "resigned". This now gives the rest of the student body a chance to progress and learn with being subjected towards her immature judgements.


Unorganization lack of communication between people in charge no one ever knows what is going on its like a big game of telephone.




The school needs life on the weekend.


The cafteria


I think that the worst thing about centenary college is the relationship between greek orginizations and some of the sports. I feel liek we all go to the same school and there shoule be more of a cohesiveness between each other.