Centenary University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Centenary University?


Someone who is overly conservative.


Someone who wants a big campus and alot to do on the weekends. Very boring.


Anyone can really attend Centenary College. But if I had to choose, the type of person that shouln't attend this school would be someone who is not ready to for a diverse community and a small school. Centenary is very open to differences in culture and race.


If they want big classes or like to have a lot of people on campus. There is not a lot of activities going on at all times.


Why not attend? Education is the best thing for you, regardless!


Someone who doesn't like a rural-type of atmosphere, where you won't be surprised to see some farms with cows or horses, or someone used to a big-city life, with everything you need or can get within a reasonable distance on every block.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is someone who lacks enthusism. If they are not happy to be going to school and attaining a college degree, they why waste your time and the time of professors to teach you something that you ate not passionate about? If you don't want to learn from some of the best professors, then it is best to go to another college that has your better interests at hand.


The type of people that should not attend Centenary are those who do not like small campuses, or would rather be in a city.


People who do not make an effort in school should not attend this school.


Anyone who is really shy or has social learning disablities.