Centenary University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would definitely tell myself to not rely on friends to take classes with me. I would remind myself that I am taking classes to learn, and I do not have to talk to anyone, or socialize at all if I do not want to. As someone who has struggled with anxiety disorder for most of my life, that bit of encouragement would have helped me a lot going into college. I would also tell myself to drop classes instead of just not showing up anymore! I would have spared myself some worries if I had dropped classes so a failing grade did not affect my GPA. I would have also reminded myself that all the good jobs require a college degree, so to stick with it, and I would be able to get the job I wanted.


Dear Kelly from the past, Take those AP exams for the eight AP classes you took. You would have gotten the scores needed to get credit for the college courses that you need to take now, which would have saved a lot of time so that you can take a few classes for fun. Also, learn how to actually read the textbook, it will definitely help you study. Don't worry about what other people think of you. If they think you're boring because you don't drink then they're the boring ones who need alcohol for their dull personality. If they think you're not a nice person because you keep to yourself then that's their loss for not actually getting to know you. One more thing...long-distance relationships don't always work out and it's going to hurt when it doesn't but you don't need a man in your life right now to make you happy; as long as you have your friends, family, and you continue to get good grades, anything is possible.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would absolutely tell myself to try much harder when it comes to my grades. The better your grades are, the better chances of you getting a scholarship and getting into advanced programs at your school. I would have told myself to go to community college first, instead of my parents telling me I had to go there. Going to community college first was absolutely something that helped me save money and progress as a student. While I did not want to go, now that I have gone, I would tell any one to save their money and go to community college first and then transfer. It is a good learning experience and the harder you work at community college, your future four year school will see how hard you have tried and that you have goals of making it to their school.


Don't worry about sports. Exercise is important and a good diet, but make sure your main focus is reading.


To my high school self, take the time to get to know who you are! Use the summer before college to pray, fast, and make some attainable short term goals and expect to reach them. Be anxious for nothing and leave all pride aside. Humility is your best friend in the world and it will help you in more ways than one. Be not discouraged, ask all questions and speak up when things are not right. Put school first and also try to stay focused. Have loads of fun, but remember your purpose and what you stand for. Pray everyday! Be willingto acccept change and people for who and what they are. Step out on faith and try new things. Try to find a studying abroad program and travel. Save money do not become wasteful. Be encouraged and know that you will GRADUATE! Most importantly, know that it is not a race but merely a marathon.


The advice I would give myself as a High School senior would be to have fun and realize that this is one of the greatest times of your life. Stop stressing about SAT scores, and homework, and whether or not a college wants you. You get into a great school, and love it there so do not worry. Go to every football game, basketball game, and choir concert, anything and everything to remember high school. There truly isn't any other experience in your life that will feel like the moments you are living in now. Help the freshman, make them realize that all the information that there teachers tell them in freshman year matter come senior year. Take your AP classes, your SATS, pay attention on your HSPA, don't get in trouble. All these things matter in the big picture, and what color shoes they bought that weekend, or what crazy party happened, doesn't matter. This is your future, and how you shape it is up to you.


I would have created better study habbits, as well as time management. You really need to study at least a couple hours a day to truely learn what is necessary, but that can be hard when your living at school and trying to keep a social life. Time management is really important while being away at school, you are on your own with no parents to tell you what to do and when to do it. Creating a schedule of your classes, work, your free time and when you have time to study will really help keep your college career go smoothly with less stress. Another thing is to have fun and be social, because these are the best years of your life and they'll go by before you know it.


I would tell myself to do a lot better in high school. Later on in life you will actually go to college. Also, plan ahead of time of what you want to do. Because, you will live your dream of studying abroad. And make something of yourself. Never let anyone tell you that you can't make it. Your the only person who knows how you'll succeed.


Meeting myself as a high school senior, trying to make my younger self away of the pitfalls and mistakes that I knew I was going to fall into; that would be an extremely difficult task. I don't know if my younger self would believe me. The kind of person I was then needed every single trial and tribulation, required those pitfalls and failures, unrequited loves and broken dreams in order to become the person I am today. I am proud of the person I am today. I am on the right course, a path to success. It took my younger self to build a foundation of "doing it wrong" in order to finally get it right. I sometimes think and reflect back on the days of my youth when I was so angry at the world, I wanted to rage against it. I blamed everyone else for my problems, and stubbornly refused to hear or see reason. It took that to finally gain the wisdom of defeat. In those defeats, I eventually found calm and stillness. In the stillness of contemplation, I found peace of mind. In the peace of mind, I found the way forward.


If i were to go back in time, and talk to my self as a high school senior i would let myself know a few things. The first thing i would let myself know would be to know what i want to go to study when i attend college. I would let myself know that it could be a waste of time and money if you go to college not knowing what you want to study. Another tip i would let myself know would be to study as much as possible. You can never study too much.


I would honestly tell myself not to spend any money that I recieved that year, because college has alot of unforseen expense that will surprise you if you're not careful.


Everything that is going on in high school right now will soon be a thing of the past. Always keep your head held high and keep looking forward toward the bright future you will have. The roles in drama club will come in time, and the fences you jump at the barn will become more than just ground poles. Enjoy every moment of high school because it goes faster than you think. Remember all of the little things that happen throughout your days at Hazen. Treasure those moments spent in the Auditorium with all of your friends. Remember all of the shenanagins that went on backstage during Cinderella. And remember the sleepless but fruitful nights typing away on your laptop trying to finish an AP English project. Remember how hard you studied for AP Bio tests and how good it felt to walk out of there with a 98 as a test score. Some memories may be hard to think about but they all contribute to what your high school experience was. And no matter what happens in this world always remember what Sierra Boggess said. You are enough. You are so enough. It's unbelievable how enough you are.


I would have attened college much sooner. I was not disciplined enough my senior year to commit to college. I do regret that now. I'm proud to be attending college, and hope that will help with career choices. College is a very important chapter in one's life, I realize that now. I completed my AS degress and it was a great feeling of accomplishment. Ican only imagine how it will feel completing my B.S.B.A.


The advice I would give myself is to attend all events. Especially as a freshman coming in the have specific evens gared to you during orientation and its soley to help you socialize and make new friends.Missing out on these events is missing out on a opportunity to meet and network with amazing new , mutlicultural people. Theser events are fun they allow you to be yourself and allow other people to see what a wonderful personality you have. The worst thing you can do in college is to go to class and back to your room, you become antisocial, you start doubting if college is right for you and it makes you depressed. You cant complain if you never really given the campus a chance to wow you. So get up, get out and get noticed. it will be wll worth it. doing so helped me meet 4 of my forever friends. You really do meet your lifetime friends in college.


I feel I am a phenomenal candidate for a scholarship because I desire to make a positive difference in the world around me. I I I am a 47 year old mother of 7 children and 1 granddaughter. I have overcome many obstacles throughout the years. I am currently a full-time student at Palm Beach State College. I believe by obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice/Social Work, it will allow me to help others and truly make life better for others. I know life can be tough and I have learned by experience, sometimes you just need a little help to get through tough situations. I want to be able to do this for others.I believe, by given the chance through this scholarship, it will enable me to make a difference in the many lives of the less fortunate. My goal is to never give up and always do my best. I know it will not always be easy, but I will stay focused and remain patient and continue to do my best. I am prepared to make sacrifices to meet these objectives, but none that will negatively affect my own family.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self I would tell me to go to college and focus on my education rather than focus on working multiple low-wage jobs. Throughout high school and for about four years after, I worked multiple jobs and moved out on my own at the start of my senior year. I thought I would "be ahead of the game" by developing a good work ethic and taking on adult responsibilities, but this lifestyle got me nowhere. If I could go back I would tell myself that going to college right away would develope my work ethic even better than low-end jobs because the college environment is one which focuses on the future rather than the present. I would also tell me that college is one of the most rewarding responsibilities that one can take on. Finally, I would tell the high school me that I should listen to my teachers and believe that mean what they say when they tell me that I am worth more than minimum-wage jobs and that I have potential.


If I were to apply to college again and move on into the life of a college student, my advice to myself would be to live and choose a major or majors that you want to complete. Your college experience is for you and no one else. I would have told myself that I shouldn't listen and let my parents dictate what majors I allow myself to apply too. I would also tell myself that being who I am is something that I should never lose. I would also tell myself that college is something that you have to do no matter what financial issues you have. Everything is possible if you apply yourself to do it.


I would tell myself to get involved from the begining. I would of made more friends if I put myself out there from the begining. Also start saving money back in high school since college costs a lot of money outside of paying for tution. As an Education Major I could have a lot more resume building the summer going into college. Networking would of been great the more time you are out in the field the more marketable my resume would be.


Hey there you! So you totally won't believe this, but... tada! Yup this is the future you! Congrats, by the way; your senior year is awesome, and you will love every minute of it! I know that you are so excited for the fall, and I do not blame you in the least! This is a huge step, and you have so much to learn. I do not want to give too much away, but I will let you know that this coming year is going to be a little rough. It is much harder than you think to be so far away from home (especially with a secret, future, home-based boyfriend in your future *winkwink*). You will reach a point where you cannot take your roommate, neighbors, faulty car, or long rides home any more. You will want to pack up one night and never look back, but I promise, with all that I am, that everything works out. You will have some of the best friends in the world and will love your program. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will learn from every last thing that you do! Have a blast, girl!


Listen here my friend, as I see you now, I was back then. Make the changes that will count, do the things that will lead you to success, never give up, and keep on going when the going gets tough. Always remember that sometimes things need to fall apart so better things fall together and always be ready to let your guard down. Learning is changing and change is amazing. Put your head deep into the books and never forget that you are the change you see and education is the key.


So far my college experience has been nothing short of fantastic! I love Centenary College, love the small environment, small classes, wonderful professors, and great friends I have made here. It is an extremely educational institute and all of the faculty and staff are concerned with our future as students. There are many workstudy opportunities and everyone is super friendly! I would highly recommend Centenary College of New Jersey to anyone who asked; I told my brother and cousin to attend, and my brother currently goes here and my cousin might be, too! It is extremely valuable to attend Centenary College; the school is very expensive, which is probably their largest downfall, but it is worth it! I have learned so much here, and I plan on learning a lot more. I have great lifelong friends and the faculty and staff know me personally, which is helpful to me. I love Centenary College!


At Centenary College I was able to grow on a diverse campus that had many different cultures and people. What helped me the most out of everything would have to be the campus size, and the size of the class. The campus is small therefore making class sizes twenty-five students or less. With a small class I was able to connect better with professors and get opportunities to go on the radio, and grow to better understand the topics. I have also developed great leadership skills that I would have not gotten had I not attended the college. Overall, I have grown as an individual and have taken a step towards my career goals as well as the successful person I am meant to be.


While I attended Centenary College, I gained valuable experience in Communication, building a foundation to my future. Public Speaking enhanced my verbal expression with others, and participating in two on-campus clubs helped me improve decision-making skills, become more assertive, and strengthen my self-confidence. Additionally, volunteering helped me feel fulfilled and enriched while I helped my community and made a difference in other people's lives. In my future career as a Medical Office Assistant I will use my foundation in journalism, writing, and customer service skills.


I found that no matter how long you have been out of school, or how much you think you know, theories and technologies are always changing. Its a good idea to take the tools out of the tool shed from time to time to sharpen them. Ive wanted my Masters since I graduated in in 1987. Each year I find another excuse - time, money, job, etc. After having put off for 23 years and having alot of false starts, I am definately back on track and will achieve this old but so important goal.


Coming to Centenary College has been one of the best decision of my life. I first attended college in North Carolina where my father was from than for the b est of me I decided to come to Centenary do to recruiment of wrestling and yet because of its known education and avalability in help for student who want to achieve the most they can at. I'm currently a member of the fraternity on campus and joining it was one of the best decision in my life because of that now i have my family and a new one for the rest of my life . Being involve in the fraternity has made me become such a strong person do to all the involvement of the fraternity on campus activities we plan or the board of education (faculty) ask us to do since we are very involve. This current year do to my hard work i was awarded one of school's all year around award that is awarded to a student who very involve in the community and service the "Douglas Wolfe Turrell Award". Do to my involvement i have gotten to know alot of great people on campus.


College is valuable because it is one step to many that a person takes in life. As kids we would often choose a profession because of how fun or enjoyable it looked , when we get older and once you attend college you get the chance to experience the careers you want and decide if that is really what you want to become. Going to college also helps one meet many new people, make good friends and network. You are working up to a goal and really are learning something new everyday. The college envirement is very different from a high school envirement which takes some time to get used to but is very nice to have. College is an experience you can have at any age but is the best experience the sooner you get in. Going from high school straight into college you have more of responsibility and learn to take that responsibilty and apply it to your daily life. Classes may be hard or expensive but there are many scholarships, if there is a will there is a way to make it.


Although I have only been here for less than a year, i find that Centenary College meets my needs as a student perfectly. I have obsorbed a lot out of my college exerience, from education, sports, social events, and so much more. The classes that I am taking are extremely relevant to my major and I enjoy hearing what the teachers have to say; many form real world experience. Also, the sports programs have helped me meet new people and discover my talents. I have learned how to manage my time better and that hard work does pay off in the end. My educational experience at Centenary has been very important and valuable to me, because I have begun to change into someone I am proud of and I feel worth becoming part of America's teaching work force. I do not think I would have made the same personal and academic advancements if I had chosen our Community College or another local collge. Centenary College has shown me the value of education and our part in the world as humans.


My college experience thus far has been not only rewarding but a learning experience as well (who would've thought?). I've learned to be responsible for myself and my actions, and I've also gained the freedom and independence to be the adult I need to be. It has been extremely valuable for me to attend college not only to succeed in my goal to become a teacher, but also to learn to provide for myself away from home. Though I know my ultimate objective, to become a teacher in an urban district, will be a difficult path, I hope that my education will help me to reach for the stars and do what I've always dreamed to do - help those that are less fortunate than me. This makes attending college an invaluable experience that I never thought was financially possible. Overall, college has opened many new doors for me, leaving me with a college experience that has only just begun yet is already shaping me into the responsible adult I one day hope to be.


Going back in time 2009 senior year I would say was the most important time of my life. First and foremost the best advice I would tell myself is stay focus and not fall into the senior trap, push and accomplish to the end. I also must say that listening to my mother and understanding that independency is very important in college transition would definately have been a priority to focus on. Last but not least is organization not procrasination is a very important advice I would give myself, looking back I should have understood how important these simple things can make college transition easier. Best advice overall is hold your head up high, stay motivated, stay focus and the transition to college will be very rewarding. Always believe in yourself "Behind Every Dream, Is Success".


If I could go back in time to being a high school senior, I would tell myself to explore all options before choosing a school because there are so many different kinds of schools out there. Also, I would tell myself to not be so worried about fitting in because it is easy to make friends, especially when you play a sport. As far as the transition to being away from home goes, I would tell myself that once I get to school, I need to go out there and try as many different things as possible to make myself a more well-rounded person, as well as make friends. Overall, I would definitely make it a point to tell myself that no matter what, college is about having fun, learning, and discovering yourself, so trust your instincts and follow your heart and in the end, everything will be just as it should be.


I think I transitioned very well considering I went out-of-state and knew no one. Everything I would tell myself would prepare me for after college, when I graduated to hopefully produce a better outcome. When you begin your first semester definitely apply for work-study. Apply not only for financial reasons, but also so you'll have a long lasting work experience on your resume. Also, heading into your junior year research and apply for internships for the upcoming year or soon after. College life is different for everyone, for me it was a great learning experience not only educationally, but socially and personally.


If I could go back in time and give my high school senior self some advice, it would be to work hard and achieve your goals no matter the troubles you may have to go through. My senior year in high school, I was an average student. I maintained my grades, but I wasn't doing the best I know I could have been. I know that if I worked a little bit harder in school than I would have had a higher GPA and a better chance for a full scholarship. My family never had much money when I was growing up, and had no money to give to me for my college education. So, working hard to get what you really want or need is important. I would have told myself to study harder and apply myself more because in the long run it will be well worth it.


I would tell myself to be more outgoing when I reached college and to make more friends. I would also tell myself to keep in touch with the friends that I have left behind and still do my best to keep old relationships alive.


If I could go back in time and give my high school senior self a pep-talk preparing me for college life, I would tell myself to dorm on campus and get involved in sports and activities on campus. Although it is saving my family and me money by commuting, if I could do it over again I would dorm on campus, at least for freshman year, because that is the time when you make the most friends and meet the most people. I would get involved in sports on campus because that is also where you meet people and make friends. I also love sports and if I continued participating in them throughout college I would not have gained my freshman 15. Being involved in campus activities more so would have gotten me better acquainted with more people on campus who shared the same interests as me.


I wish I valued education in high school as much as I do now. I love to learn and wish I had appreciated education at a younger age.


I would have tried a lot harder in high school. In high school I honestly did not care because I felt like I did not need that to do what I wanted to do. Now in college I have a 3.9 because I feel like I am going to use this in my everyday life. I try extra hard and communicate with my professors.


I would tell myself that i need to very hardworking and not procrasinate when there is work to be done. I would tell myself to start to netwrok now with people who are going to the same college so it isnt as ackward for the first year.


That I can do anything if I put my mind to it.


If i was to go back in time and warn myself about what college life can bring, it would just life for the moment. This summer, I attended a program where i stayed on Centenary College's campus for six weeks and prepared for my freshman year. This program helped me grow as a person and as a college student. To live as an independent person really showed me how reality is. To not be around my family and my friend for majority of my summer hurt my heart, but i realized that I had to go through an obstacale. I was on a timed schedule from seven in the morning until nine at night. My daily routine was to go to breakfast, two classes which consisted of two and a half hours, lunch, another two and a half hour class, a leisure class on a special topic, and then three hours of study hall. To top that off, I had to write an essay every day on a quote with bookwork from the same instructor. This program really helped me prepare for my freshman year because I am more focused than ever.


I truly would advice myself to be more goal oriented in my studies other than being all over the place. With most of the stuff in college especially Freshman Year being more associated with the things that we do in high school. It is the penultimate year in which you can build how your college experience going to be. Therefore I would put extra effort so that I will be able to master the many concepts I will be taught in school as I will at some point in college will come across them once more in college. More so I will try to keep away from bad friends and avoid peer pressure. In other words I would be more resolute to my own personal needs and what my future goal is going to be. Conclusively I would make my high school senior year as the foundation of what I am going to achieve in college. It is going to be the constructive year of positive thinking and being a visionary.


Life at Centenary is very different than the way I'd envisioned it. I always saw college as a bustling place with endless activities and rambunctious but focused classmates. Instead I came to Centenary and found that next to no one attends campus activities and that most people go home every weekend since most students live within three hours of the college. At first I let this get me down. I heard about my friends from home going to tons of activities like S'more making, football games, trips to New York City, and joining constructive sororities. The key to getting by this slight depression is the most important thing I could tell myself as a high school senior. My major is Equine Studies because horses are my passion. All I really needed to do was go out to the barn and visit the horses, work in the barn, and ride to remember that I came to college to learn how to create a successful business in the equine industry and that as long as I maintain my focus and my goal, I'll be happy with how my life is going and where my path is leading me.


It is all going to be alright. No matter what college you go to close or far from home you go to get an education. It does not matter if it is not the top school in the country or and IV league school what matters most is where you feel right. Take the chances and meet new people talk online over the summer to make an easier slide into the college lifestyle. Everyone finds their place aventually some earlier than others. Everyone is here to help you get through the tough times so, just take a step back breath in the fresh air and relax. College life allows one control their actions but also learn more about themselves and transistion is not much different from middle school to high school but, there is one thing that is a plus ninty percent of the time you can start new and clean your slate from the old high school mentality. You will enjoy it but you have to let yourself enjoy it to have a smooth transition into college life.


I would tell myself to not be afraid to be myself and take chances. Instead of waiting for people to approach me I should be brave and make the first move into making new friends. I would also tell myself to get involved; join clubs, go to events, ask professors for help because they want to help and become your friend. I would also warn myself to practice time management skills senior year so I will be used to the workload when I get to college.


There are a few things that I often regret or think about when I had first started college. I disregarded my financial aid, thinking it would always be there. I failed out of a few courses because I never withdrew. The main things I would tell myself are to stay and finish the courses and if I absolutely had to leave the class, to withdraw. I took a break from college to pursue and business career. I regret this move because I am so far behind in my college career. The money I was once awarded is no longer available to me now and I am just struggling to get through these last years as I know they are crucial for my success in life.


The advice that I would give myself as a high school student is to get involved. Although, in high school, I was in many clubs, sports and organizations, I believe that I didn't do enough to prepare me for college. If I was more involved in high school, then as a college student now, I would be more willing to help others in a field that I do not know much about. I believe that it is important to get involved because when you are working with others and learning about them, then you are learning more about yourself, as well. Some people go through their whole college careers without getting involved or helping others, and by the time that they are starting to work in the real world, they won't be as adabted to the social life you may need in a career choice. So, for me, getting involved more would be a very important aspect I would tell my high school self.


I have thought many times about this particular topic, and I have great advice for myself. I would give myself three pieces of advice. The first thing would be that my schedule would get more hectic. I have recently taking an intern opportunity, that I have to make fit into my college schedule as well as my home schedule. The second piece of advice would be to ask as many questions as I needed to, so that I understand anything that I need to. In high school, I was more quiet than I am now in college. I feel more comfortable to ask questions. The last piece of advice that I would give myself is to have fun. I tend to be a very stressed out person because I like to be a perfectionist, and I have learned to relax and have fun.


I would have learned better study habits and got involved in a lot more things. College is a wonderful experience and you should get the best out of it all.


I would probably tell myself "it's time to escape!" Being at college you will realize what it's like to be away from home, and it will be incredible. More independence, responsibility, maturity and social life. Just don't slack off! Classes may be small and quite simple but don't let it fool you! Make sure you keep those grades up so your horse, Willa, can come to the school! I think we know that's a pretty great reason to do well! Also, don't take for granted the friends who truely count. You will never know when one of them will leave your life instantly. If you meet a girl named Kaeli, make every second with her, amazing. Let her teach you everything there is to know about being selfless and kind to every living thing. Take as many pictures as you possibly can, so you don't forget your memories when you wont be able to make anymore. Treat her like the angel she is. Other than that, good luck, and be yourself! PS: DON'T WORRY ABOUT BOYS. You don't need them.


The only things I can really say is that students, you should really pick a place where you want to go you can't let your parents pick for you cause they aren't the ones that are going to have to be going to school there, you are. Pick a school that meets your interests, a place where you feel comfortable, whether you are a big campus person or a small campus person. Find a school that is highly recognized in your field. Also, if you have any kind of worries about the campus that you are selecting then keep looking, there is no harm in applying at other places. When it actually comes down to finally picking which school you would want to attend, sit and think about which one stands out to you. Try and narrow it down to two choices and sit and make a list of pros and cons of each school. Then pick which one you think you can handle the cons over than the other. You will be sure to be happy with your decision in the long run.


make the decision together and decide as a family what you all believe would be best. do not try to over power each other and make sure you take campus visits before hand.