Centenary University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider the small campus and classes the best thing about my school, because the students get more attention.


I attend the off campus location which is close to my home, the classes tend to be smaller 5 to 15, which allows for a more personal instruction with the professor.


I must say the best thing about my school that stands out for me is the compassion among the staff and faculty along with the student body. I truly feel like I have known everyone throughout my life. Everyone is so willing to help with the success of my education, which has made my first year in college an easier transition.


The best thing about my school is the close proximity of it to my house, and how diverse the individuals are there. I am a commuting student and it takes me 20 minutes to get to school; and it also saves me money from dorming. And the diversity is important to me because I tend to be friends with all sorts of people. I like that!


The professors are knowledgable and supportive. My classmates are very supportive, also. I received my bachelors from Centenary and am currently working on my masters. I could have attended a different college, but I choose Centenary College for the quality education I received, the faculty, and student body.


The best thing at this school is the small classrooms.


The Fashion program at Centenary College is the best thing about this school. On taking my freshman year, I learned how to put a garment together and more information about the inside world on Fashion. The professors in my field seems to want to be here and help me succeed. I also learned know to knit and felt hats, which was awesome. The Fashion department is the best department here at Centenary College and I am pleased that I chose to attend this school for that reason.


Equine Facilities


The best thing about my school are the small class sizes and the availability for extra help.


The best thing about my school are the students and professors who attend it. They are all helpful, extremely kind, and are always there if you need anything.


The professors are great. They are always more than accomadating and concerned with student progress. You can talk to them about anything not just academics.


I am an Equine Science Major. I want to concentrate more towards the medical aspect though the major deals with managing and training horses. Recently one of our professors and our veterinarian was able have a horse in which needed to be euthanised, donated. The veterinarian euthanised him in which we then used the cadaver and performed an necrospy. The necropsy was worth my thousand upon thousands of dollars of debt. Also my riding improved with the variety of school horses we have available.


It's a small school.


the help that they provide to all the students


I love the campus and the people on campus. Everyone here is so friendly and I don't feel like just a number.