Central Arizona College Top Questions

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The classes at Central Arizona College are smaller compared to many other schools. This is good because it means more one on one learning and it helps to better understand the material. It means you can ask questions during the class, rather than having to ask questions after class, or not getting to know the professor at all. This intimate setting allows students to perform better in the classroom.


To be honest there really isn't a thing different. Every college has a range of age groups. What is to be expected from a student is the same as well. Come to class, do your work, do not disrupt. Its the same everywhere. The only difference between this school and others is location. In todays economy every cent that one can save is crucial. So for me, saving $35 dollars every week helps immensely.


I go to a learning center of the college in Apache Junction. The main campus is in Coolidge. It's a small campus, which makes things easier to find. The teachers, in my experiences, have all been well educated and are very helpful.