Central Bible College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would have taken High school a little more seriously. I would advise myself to prep for my Freshman year of college and not to stress about the upcoming year.


The advice I would give myself if I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior is it is never to late to dream big. There may be struggle up ahead and I may not know what I want to do in the future but don't worry one day I will know what my dreams truely are.


If I could talk to my senior self I would tell her that college is not as scary as you thought. The first couple of weeks are weird because the transition is hard, that I will not lie about. I would really recommend a webcam and Skype because with those items you get to call your parents anytime and look at them and get to see that they are proud of you and it helps you to keep going. I would also tell my senior self to try harder to lose weight. I am overweight and I have been losing weight but only because I am in college now. If i would have started in high school I would be skinnier and healthier. I am not unhealthy now, in fact I am fine but I am really overweight, like 150 pounds. I am already down at least 30 pounds. Losing weight is giving me confidence which in turn is making me able to go to college and meet new people and let people into my life without the fear of them making fun of me. I would tell myself that no matter what, God and your parents love you.


I recently graduated highschool in 2010 in Texas and continued college at a community college for a semester completing 12 credit hours. However, my family and I moved to Georgia becasue of my father's job, and because of that I am currently taking this semester off from school. I am hoping to contninue my college education at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I feel that this school can offer me a place where I can obtain a valuable education in the field that I chose. It would also be close ebough to where my family is. So far, I haven't gotten the most out of my college eperience because of the short time i've been in college but I have learned what it takes to make it in the industry i want to be in. it is valuable to attend college because it is the bridge that will help you get to where you want to be in life.


High school was always a drag for me. We all walked the halls like zombies, just waiting to move on with grade school. Attending HTC then up to LSC, my life couldn't be more fuffilling! I had knee reconstruction at the end oh high school, expected to never play football and to never have a strenuous job. Being a firefighter has inspired me to overcome personal adversity and defy all odds against me. LSC's AAS degree will be my proof to all those doctors that will-power still exists in today's youth.


At college I have learned how to effectively manage my time and I am learnign how to effectively manage my money. I work 20-21 hours a week and take 16 credit hours and have to maintain a 3.25 GPA. I love the challenge and oppurtunity to do better and be better than I was before. I learned how to challenge myself and hold myself to a higher standard. The most important thing, though, that I have learned at this college is that success requires sacrifice. I learned that in order to do all that I need to do I must be willing to not go out and have fun some nights, or to take extra hours at work even though I have an exam the next day. To be better I have to try harder and that is a lesson that no one can put a price on.


I have begun to build a great academic and spiritual foundation for my ministry calling. There are so many people that are going through the exact same challenges and struggles that I am. We are able to walk hand in hand and to prayerfully encourage one another to succeed. I believe this sets my college experience apart from that of another school. I am gaining a practical education along side of a great academic one.


Before I came to college, I made-up my mind that anything I want to do is possible--no matter how big somethings seems compared to me. My college experience has re-enforced that decision for my life because Central Bible College has given me the confindence to face and over-come life's challenges. The teacher's lives and stories give me hope that even though I will face battles in my life--I can be victorious! Out of my college experience I have learned that only those who choose to walk alone get lonley, that sometimes lifes greatest adventures come by stepping-out in faith (into the unknown), and I can always count on my heavenly Father! Central Bible college has been valuable to attend because it taught and is still teaching me to be prepaired to help hurting people in their life and how to connect with people beyond the acquaintance level so that Jesus can help them. I enjoy learning from missionaries and pastors who have experience in leading churches and communities in the happy and hard times in life. This college (CBC) has taught me that trust is the most important thing in life.


I would tell myself to take my first two years of college more serious. I would say to find a group of wise older people and ask questions and learn from them. I would tell myself not to take out more money in financial aid then i needed, no matter how bad I thought I needed it. I would tell myself that school needs to be number one and working will come after college. The end result of college is not to have worked alot but to of earned a good egree and not put off to earn money. I think in the end i would sugges to myself that i not worry about image, money status, and friends. I need to worry about the education and not the social life. I would tell myself college is going to be hard but it is worth the preperation for each class and test; that school makes all the difference in the end.


I would tell myself to work harder at school. All the kids here on full ride scholarships got that way because they worked very hard during high school. I'd also tell myself to save more. It's hard to truley appreciate the value of a dollar until you get to college and realize that you have no money and you owe almost five hundred dollars each month. I'd tell myself that while growing up early isn't always fun, it would make things alot easier on the college version of me.


I would tell myself to set my priorities straight. Unlike high school the professors expect a lot more from you. I would also continue practicing self-discipline. And just learn to have a balanced life. There's time for fun but more time needs to be dedicated to school work. This goes back to having your priorities straight. If your priority isn't to get a good education than wait to go to college.


Just pick the right school for you


Find a school that you can put faith in their professors as teachers that are well learned in the area of expertise and that has a healthy campus atmosphere. Take your studies seriously and complete all assignments and reading due on time while providing time to have a social life and be involved in school events and group hangouts, and keep up with your physical needs as well as your mental needs; go to the gym once in a while, ride a bike, go for a jog, just get outside.


Students need to go with their gut feeling. Dream big and do not place limitations of themselves. They only get one chance to go to college, and they need to make the most of it. Go to a place where you will be intellectually stimulated and eager to learn. Study hard, and do not waste the money you are spending. To make the most of the experience, live in the dorms. You will build relationships that will last a lifetime, and the dorm is the best place to start. College is a fun experience. Its a lot of work, but it is worth it. Parents, your child will need all the support they can get. Encourage them and support them in everyway you can.


Dont' attend college days. That does not adequately show the "real" experience. The food is always better during this time, and they make an extra effort to make the college look appealing. When I was looking at schools, I always visited them when they didn't have a special event taking place. I felt like I got a better picture of what it would be like to attend the different schools.


My advice to looking parents and students is to research the alumni's approval rating as well as notice the quick or slow responses of the school as you contact them as this can be a determination on the organization and stability of the enrollment offices. Once you have a chance, be sure to ask detailed questions to the financial aid office such as loans, scholarships, and end of the year fees. Be sure to research the percentage of drop outs after the freshman year as this can also be a determining factor in students who are unhappy with the school's function. Be sure to see the dorms, my experience was not a good one as our hall had cockroaches and mice in it. Visit the campus when it is not a college days time. Perhaps in the middle of the week if possible to see the atmosphere and culture of the campus when they are not hosting a large group of people. Lastly, be sure you want to invest a large amount of money into that specific college because there may be a better option where you will get more for your money at a better institute.


Going to college is more then a sheet of paper but its about growing to be the man or woman that makes their dreams into reality. College is about knowledge and friendship, pain and experience, college is about self discover and exploring new terretory.