Central Christian College of the Bible Top Questions

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Central is primarily supported by area churches. And as such, the school is also committed to providing free tuition to full-time students. This makes Central a solid, affordible Bible college. Central may be small, but it has a home-like atmosphere, and the professors are very knowledgeable and understanding. Central truly is a quality, very affordable school!


The class sizes are small, allowing a tighter, woven group of students. The professors have more personal relationship with the students. They are not only teachers, but friends, mentors, and counselors. The greatest uniqueness is that this campus has the full presence of God. Rules are established to help individuals grow in their walk with Christ. There are weekly chapel services that allow the students to grow.


My school has a large focus on missions. I am going to school to be a missionary and Central has offered me the knowledge needed to witness to others who don't know about that Gospel. Central is better praparing me to evanglize to the un-evangelized.