Central Christian College of the Bible Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would encourage myself to apply to Central Christian College of the Bible, it is a good school and has great music program.


I grew up homeless on the streets of New Orleans and fought my way into a GED and then a diploma for Apprentice electrical Lineman. I worked in that field building up a life for myself until hurricane Katrina destroyed everything I worked for and displaced me, resetting me back to the beginning. I found myself in VA where I decided to fight further for a more advanced education. My advice for young students: Don't wait to begin college waiting on a deciding factor of what you WANT to become. Starting a college career will help you find the answer because unforeseen choices will present themselves in a higher academic environment. If nothing else, pursue a degree in general studies and by the end of that you will have some idea of what you want. The only wrong move that can be made in terms of education is not making a move at all. Never settle for less simply because you are unsure of how much you wish to achieve. Put a foot forward and see where it leads, because in the end you can never be sure of where you'll end up.


As an "older" college student I would be able to give my high school self some wonderful words of wisdom and advice. First of all, I would tell myself to go straight to college after high school. The longer you wait to go, the harder it is. I waited 32 years to go for a degree and it is much more difficult to juggle a spouse, children, job, etc. with the demands of the educational learning process. Second, I would tell myself to take school seriously. Schedule it as you would a "job" or a "date" and keep your appointment. Commitment to learn. Third, I would tell myself to balance all areas of my life. Be serious about your education, but ensure that you make time for fun and relaxation.


Take grades and scholarship opportunities seriously as school costs a lot of money that you will have to repay eventually.


As you go on this journey to college, talk to your parents-a lot. Don’t let them wait until the week before you move to pour out two years of emotions. If you talk to them now and work through their fears, your life will be so much easier down the road. Don’t be afraid to try new things or to move away from home—some of the scariest experiences of your life are also going to be the best memories and growing experiences. Keep studying hard, but don’t study so hard that you lose yourself or that you neglect having fun and enjoying life. Grades are good, and doing well in school is good, but do not become consumed with academic excellence at the cost of all else. Love deeply; you never know how much time you have with people. Forgive and accept quickly; life will change fast in the next few years, and acceptance of new people and a genuine love and interest in them will save you a lot of trouble. Be patient with your parents and remember this is hard for them, too.


My college experience has just beganbut has given me the experience of a lifetime. The school I attend is a christian college and I have examples of Godly men everywhere on the campus.I have learnedmany life lessons in and out of the classrooms. The thing that I have learned and am still learning is that the only way to lead is if there is a following otherwise you are just walking and doing what you are doing for nothing. There are many examples of Godly relationships on the campus. The world we live in today promotes divorce. This campus shows us as student how we should live our lives and how we ca be a good spouse to whoever that person is. The last thing that I have learned is that we are all God's children no matter what background we have come from. Everyone no matter what deserves respect. As Jesus said, Love the Lord God with all your heart, and Love your neighbor as yourself.


Don't go to college unless you are ready to learn, and have a desire to put forth the effort, which is worth it, to accomplish the goals you put before yourself. But don't for one moment shy away from the benefits of a life better built with knowledge and a sound foundation for your life to come. Don't wait to start, but be ready for the endevour as it is more than you are used to.


Don't hesitate to ask questions on your campus visit--about everything! Sit in on a class--dialogue with the professors and students. Sit in a social spot and observe the student interaction. Taste the food! And then choose the school that fits your wanted list the most! Be confident--you can always transfer at semester if you don't like it there. But DO make a decision, and DON'T wait 'till the last minute!


I would tell myself to think thoroughly about where I want to go to college. I would tell myself that maybe it would be a good idea to take a year off before going to college and work. It would not only help me to earn money but also to truly get a grasp on what I want out of life. I would also possibly have a better idea of where I would want to go to college instead just choosing the one I thought would be cheapest for a year.


Be yourself and always strive for your dream goals. Do not worry what others think of you.


I would tell 18 year old Whitney Souders to ... "Whitney, you are going to face some very difficult classes and difficult subjects that you will have a hard time understanding. I really want you to know that you can totally do it. Please focus and do not give up. Also, friends are vital to college survival. You will not be abel to make it through hard times without them. Don't forget to stay in contact with your family, they miss you very much. Don't waste your money! That is something that you have always struggled with. Please try to be a better steward of your money. Remeber to keep your relationship with God the main priority. He is the only one who can get you through the next 4 years of your life. Cling to him, and not friends, boyfriends or anything else. Also, do what your dad said, and check the antifreeze, because at some point your jeep is going to overheat and it will cost $400 to fix it. Keep you chin up! You've got this!"


First, I would tell myself to not graduate early. As I was enrolling for classes next semester, I found that I can't take some classes because they aren't offered next semester. Also, I would tell myself to step-up in my focus for school. I wasn't ready for school when I came here; I was really immature. Another thing I would tell myself is to apply for A LOT of scholarships.; it gets hard to pay for school. Focus is another thing I would do. My focus wasn't exactly in the right mindset. I came to a Christian school, but my first semester I was still trying to figure myself out.


I would tell myself that Central Christian College of the Bible is the place to go, and that High School classes seem pretty pointless for the most part, but it helps to shape you into who you will become. I actually owe a lot to my High School teachers who taught me not only knowledge, but also maturity and growth. I would tell myself that I need to take my assignments more seriously but still not miss out on friendships and building relationships with people because that is how meaning full things occur between people. Share your life with others. Share Jesus with them. Life is short and Jesus is great! I would say that it is ok to look silly sometimes but there is a time and place for fun and goofing around, but still do not be serious all the time. In essence, I would tell myself to enjoy the blessings that God has given me and share with and bless others through God's grace and love!