Central College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Central is really known for its study abroad program. Our study abroad program is used by several other schools, including UNI. We have programs in 8 different countries, plus a few other summer programs.


At Central we are know for our Study Abroad opportunities, as well as our many major expertise which include, Education, Biology, and Exercise Science. Central is a caring college with big goals. If you cannot find an interest there are plenty of opportunities of starting your own club/organization.


Central College is best known for its high percentage of study abroad participants. Nearly 50% of students study abroad while at Central. Central's Study abroad programs have been recognized as some of the best study abroad programs in the midwest. Many students from other colleges even go abroad through Central. I plan on going abroad myself, and if possible , more than once. It is one of the main reasons I choose to come to Central.


My school is best known for the Athletic Training major. It is the major with the most students. Also my school is known for their athletic programs, especially football and softball. The football team this year is undefeated still and have their first play-off game on Saturday. The softball team gets its recognition mostly from Coach George Wares. He is a great coach and is the main reason the softball program is so good.


Central is know for it's liberal arts education and study abroad program.


It's a small, private liberal Christian college. I would say it's known best for being welcoming to all, regardless of their faith, or any other potentially prejudicial aspect (I specify faith only because it's not something one can necessarily expect from a private Christian college).


Central College is best known for the liberal arts education that you could not get from anywhere else and the new character traits that new jobs are looking for.


Central college is best known for it's study abroad program.


A well rounded liberal arts education. Majority of students also participate in extracurricular activities.


Central College is best known for its study abroad program. With programs in Mexico, the Netherlands, France, Austria, England, China, Wales, and Ghana, a plethora of opportunity awaits any student wanting to study abroad and enhance their academic learning experience in a foreign country. In addition, around 85% of all Central students study abroad at least once during their four year college career.


Being located in Pella, Iowa- home of Dutch heritage and Tulip Time. We also have a very good financial aid program.


Our school is well known for being energy effeicent and as well as our study abroad program. One way of how I heard about Central, is for their scholarship program. Most students receieve some form of finacial aid.


Our varsity football team.


For hard working students who are dedicated to their academics and extracurricular activities. It is a college with high job placement and an emphasis on study abroad.




Central College is best known for its beautiful campus and nice facilities - building and improving to promote eco-friendly performance. This school is always working to improve for the future - working to create awareness in graduates to enter the global community and succeed in chosen fields of studies and careers.


Being Dutch and conservative. But not everyone is.