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One quality that attracted me to Central was the small class size and the student-professor relationship. At Central, professors are well-qualified, eager to answer questions, and driven to create unique relationships with their students. Another quality that attracted me to Central was the wide variety of things that I could be a part of. There is truly something for everybody at Central. The one thing that hooked me, however, were the people. No matter who it is, everyone at my college is helpful and friendly - something that I didn't see at any other college that I visited.


The campus is beautiful, and the people are always friendly.


I receive alot more one on one with my professors and less students and most important have more classes that I need


I believe that Central has much to offer their students. We are a private college, with a big heart. Here at Central we provide students with the opportunity to conquer the unbelievable. With a very well structured abroad program, which gives students the opportunity of studying overseas. Central also is a Liberal Arts College which can create a more fit for society student. By attending Central you can have the opportunity to form an open mind as well as became knowable in many subjects and areas.


My school has some of the best people I have ever met. Everyone is friendly, open minded, and hardworking. The first time I visited, every single person I passed smiled and said hi to me; they still do.


It is a liberal college that has small class sizes with professors that really really care. They become your friends and may even invite you to their house for dinner.


This school is much more conservative and strict than the other schools I applied to. At first I wasn't sure how I would like that, but now I have learned that I like it a lot. It helps keep me focused on my school work and it helps to keep me out of trouble that I may have gotten into at a larger, more liberal school.


Central college is small, with a close community of students and faculty, all of which work together to make one another feel at home. Each person is appoachable by another, and the small town of Pella lends a lot to the feel of security. The coursework is rigorous but effective, and should I wish to study abroad the school has an exceptional program for that.


At Central there is a really unique "community" bond that helps us all socially and educationally.


I chose Central College because it was important to me that the actual professors teach the classes instead of teacher assistants. Central also provides many opportunities to study aborad, which I will be taking advantage of next semester when I study abroad in Merida Mexico. Central also has a sureal friendly feel. It could be due to the small town atmosphere, or the shared school spirit. Central also hooked me because of the great extracurricular activities that I am involved in, such as being an orientation leader, co-president of the voluneer center. Central is like no other school.


The other schools I considered were all similar besides location. I knew the faculty here better and thought the education was of a slightly higher quality at the school I chose but I also knew the courses would be more demanding because of that.


The town that the college is in is very unique compared to others. Pella is a very friendly town and there are several things to do here. There are great restaurants and a movie theater. Tulip Time is one of my favorite times of the year. Pella has thousands of Tulips during this time and it is a very pretty town. I also noticed that the teachers here were very friendly and willing to help when I talked to them during a visit.


This school and people here are extremely helpful and friendly. Everyone makes an effort to make you feel welcomed and wanted. They also offer career/grad school ortiented workshops whicha re very helpful in finding jobs, internships, and ect.


One unique thing that Central offers is a vast number of extra curricular activities. Central is one of only two schools in Iowa to have a glass blowing studio. Also, all of our extra-curricular activities are open to any student. For example, many times at larger schools, students are not allowed to take say an art class or maybe be involved in theatre unless that is their major. At Central, students are encouraged to take what ever classes they are interested in regardless of their major.


97% of students who graduate are given their first choice of job or graduate school. Also the Education program is here is nationally known and other colleges model their curriculum after Central's.


Central Teacher Academy - teacher preparation program


The study abroad program at Central is a very important part of the school. Every student is encouraged to spend at least one semester off campus, and 95% of the students do. The school also helps to pay for a students semester/year abroad making it much easier.


The diversity of people that we have here on campus.


It's small, friendly, community based campus.


Small, high success rate, good teacher - student rate.