Central College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I tell my friends that Central is a small campus and everyone pretty much becomes family. Central is into environmental protection and we are only a few miles away from a lake and forested areas where there are many activitices such as boating and camping.


It is small.


My school is full of professors, employees, and students who always have smiles on their faces. The people are extremely friendly and nice. I tell my friends how awesome the soccer team is that I play on because we all get along and hang out all the time. Even living in a dorm where I was nervous of the people around me, I have found many great friends. Central College creates an awesome atmosphere to be a part of.


Central is a small college, but I definately do not see that as a negative thing. My teachers know me as a person, and not just a number. Class sizes are small, about 25 - 30 per class, and sometimes smaller. So my teachers are able to easily help me with any thing I may have questions on. Also, Central's campus is very pretty. It's not divided by many roads, and everything is fairly close to the dorms, and not to mention our football team is awesome! Go Dutch!


The thing I brag about the most about my school is how small my school is and how I get one on one attention from my professors if I need it.


We have a beautiful campus, a small-school environment with plenty of opportunities and one heck of a football team to watch on Saturdays.


I brag about my classes, especially the variety.


Class size is small, usually only 15-20 people per class.


The great friends I made, my chances to study abroad ( I went to Spain and Mexico), my caring profs, the homey atmosphere.


That I can play soccer here.


My favorite thing is that I can walk down the sidewalk and I will always see people I know. I recognize most students if I don't know them and it's a very beautiful campus.


The thing I brag about is the quality of education I am getting at a liberal arts school. With the core requirement here at Central, it shapes and molds you into a complete student and allows you to explore areas you might not have thought of exploring before.