Central College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing is the cost of Central. This year, tuition is about 41,000. However, the school does do a great job of offering scholarships through the school and that are granted just by attending the school.


The worst part of Central College is that it is located in a small town. When you come from a big city like Chicago transitioning to a small town is hard because if you need something specific you might have to go to Des Moines, which is 45 minutes away. But, there is a Wal-Mart which helps the students get what they need.


The is a large amount of kids that leave on the weekend. The school does provide things to do on the weekend like comedians, magicians, speakers, and some performing arts, but the small town of Pella has almost every buisness closed on Sundays and it is rather boring.


The visitation hours. It makes it hard to do projects sometimes.


I think the worst thing about this school is how far it is from different things to do. We don't have very good shopping or many well known restaurants in town.


The thing I consider to be the worst part about Central College is the welcome week. It was filled with a lot of meaningless activities and was longer than needed. The problems with welcome week are the information sessions we had to attend. Some were important but to fill that week with so many gave the freshman a bad start to the year. Most freshman skipped most of the meetings. That is sending a bad message. Right away they get bored and skip. What are they going to do when they get into a class they think is boring? Skip.


The worst thing about my school would definitely be the costs of it. With every scholarship and other money things like savings, I'm still paying over seven thousand a year. I have a great school, but I'm definitely paying for it.


the worst thing about Central is that the majority of studence come from upper class families and have a stubborn and elitist sense of entitlement. These students don't realize the amount of suffering the average person in the U.S.A. goes through in the course of "normal life"


Visit a lot of schools if you can. Talk to professor in the field you are looking into. Pick the school you want for your own reasons and don't let the cost be a factor. Keep an open mind about the people you meet and try to meet as many people as you can.


The worst thing about Central is the cost. It is an amazing school, but it is close to $3,000 per year. I believe that Central is worth it because of the great opportunities available and the education I am getting is excellent. The downside is that i will be paying off my loans for many years to come.


The worst and best thing about Central is that the professors know you and expect you to do well, which in turn means you are held more accountable for every action you make.


lack of diversity and distance from a large city


It's not very family-friendly, at least for the student parents.


Pella is a very small town so you have to go to Des Moines, about 45 min away, to do anything interesting on the weekends, there aren't a lot of stores open after 6 on any day of the week and so if you need to buy something a 11 pm you are out of luck, which can be irritating. Other then the location the only bad things about Central College are rather trivial.


The worst part is that there isn't always much to do on the weekends.


Central College is a small private institution. Unlike universities, we don't have an extraordinary amount of college students.


The housing. It's not bad but it could be better in some cases and I think more students who want to live off campus should be allowed to.


I don't like that we HAVE to live on campus all four years because that doesn't give us any experience for the real world.


The worst thing about this school would be the amount of activities off campus to do on the weekends. It is kind of hard to find things to do here on the weekends, but that is how people here learn to make their own fun.