Central College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Those who want to attend Central college should desire a smaller teacher to student ratio. Also the Pella comunity is a major supporter of Central College so someone who can respect the campus and comunity is desired. We also have a dry campus policy. We have both all women, all men and coed dorms and language houses.


Someone full of enthusiasm and that will be involved on campus. A big part of going to a small school is enjoying getting to know everyone and participating in the fun activities that the school provides for the students. It is important to be involved and to be friendly. Central takes academics very seriously and you must be willing to work hard and study to maintain a good gpa.


I think anyone would feel comfortable at this school. We have a variety of races and ethnicities, we have artists and scientists, and we have older adults and younger adults taking classes. This school offers any type of undergraduate degree you could dream of, so everyone's interest is addressed. This school does expect you to work hard, show up to class, and do well in all of your classes. For students who are struggling, there are numerous opportunities to obtain help. This school works with students who have learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and medical disabilities.


Someone that isn't afraid to work hard ,but at the same time is not proud and willing to ask for help when it is needed.


Someone who is open to new things, hard working, willing to think outside of the box, and interested in doing well in their field.


Any one is really welcomed at Central College. You will see a wide variety of personalities here and you will always find people who you can relate with. Upperclassmen are welcoming and help you feel at home.


One who is ready for challenge and fun. Any one can fit in on this campus, but they have to be ready to commit to their class work, because the professors are serious about their classes.


I believe someone who is looking at a school where they can be challenged in all areas of education and personal growth should attend Central College. It is a liberal arts college that will test your abilities in every way possible, but it sets you up with the tools to succeed. Anyone looking for a life of value and success should come to Central College--because this is where you will be given the tools necessary to accomplish your dreams.


I think any type of person would be welcome at Central. It is a very diverse campus, personality-wise. Any type of person can find their group at Central.


A person who is willing to work hard and do extra work for a good grade. A person who is friendly and likes the small school environment. A person who knows who to make his or her own fun and likes being in a smaller town. Anyone who wants to continue participation in sports, this a good school to be able balance your school work and a sport you love.


Anyone who likes to learn. Especially anyone interest in the environment and sustainability.


Someone that enjoys a smaller, more liberal experience. The small class sizes help students who want to form a closer bond with their professors and other students in their major.


Someone looking for a small personable school who is willing to work hard in school.


A person who enjoys smaller town living - an environment that is very open and friendly. A small town with small class sizes - creating an opportunity to connect with professors and peers. Very nice facilities that promote health and wellness and high academic performance. The smaller setting also allows for athletes who would not be able to play in a bigger school to participate, improve and perform successfully.


I believe that any kind of person can fit in at Central College. Everyone will be challenged by Professors in thier classes, as well as by students when it comes to thier beliefs and background. That is a good thing. I believe that everyone can find the best of friends at this school, as well as prepare themselves for their careers.


The type of people who come to Central are one's who are serious about their education. With the high tuition cost, there isn't really much time to be screwing around. You need to apply yourself to your studies and realize that this is your day job until you get your degree and head out into the real world, which I think Central does a great job of preparing students for.