Central College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Central would have to be the workload. Depending on your major, you could have so much to do with little time to do it.


The most frustrating thing about Central College is the size. It is a very small private school. Pella, Iowa is a very small town, and there is not a lot to do. The biggest city nearby is Des Moines, which is about 45 minutes away. When a field tirp out of Pella is necessary Des Moines is a good place to go.


There really aren't any major frustrations. I guess the only thing would be that since it is a private college and most of the students live on, or near, campus we still have to go to our classes even if it is snowing really bad. The only reason you wouldn't go to a class on the day it is snowing, or days following a bad snow storm, would be that your proffesor couldn't make it to the college.


It is frustrating that my school claims to be "going green" but doesn't seem to want to spend the money (or anger the Board of Trustees) in order to really make our campus sustainable and environmentally friendly. We have two LEED buildings, a fact which they use to advertise the college, but I have met with our facilities management team and while they support going green, the administration is very closed-minded about progressing toward a greener future.


The most frustrating thing about Central College is that there are so many activities with no where near enough time to do them all!


The most frustrating thing would be how our Trayless Tuesday in the cafeteria is set up. It is definitely forced upon students which immediately makes students go against it, and also, the system for dirty dishes is slow. People get frustrated waiting in a line to put their dirty dishes on conveyor builts, so often times the dishes are just left on tables. I find that very disrespectful of students.


The meal plan and system on campus is really frusturating. The times of operation, the number of meals on a plan, and the variability is poor.


One thing that frustrates me about Central, is also one of my favorite things, that is the fact that the classes are so small. I really like the small classes, because I really get to know my professors well, but at times it feels like high school. I feel like we are in college and if we need to miss class for some reason, we should be expected to make up the work on our own and if we don't that is our own fault.


I would say the scheduling of classes is most frustrating. A lot of freshman classes do not meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which leaves Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays fairly booked and busy.


Most frustrating thing is not having teachers who are timely when returning things.


I think that the most frustraiting thing about my college is the registration process because freshman register last and sometimes the classes I need to take are already full.


being with the same people day in and day out with all the same classes