Central College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the close student to faculty ratio. This is so becuase it allows for more authentic learning to take place and an increased responsibility on the student - and the professor I suppose as well.


The social environment is what I consider the best thing at my school. Everyone is so friendly, students and faculty/staff alike. You find life-long friends here at Central.


I really like the small atmosphere and class size.


The friendly people, focus on academics and still being able to play sports.


That it's small enough to be comfortable in but not particularly tiny. I don't feel "lost" like I would at another school.


The best thing about my school is that it has a nice small size and many opportunities for involvement, you recognize people you run into here. The professors care about the students and a lot of students I've met care about more than their grade. They care about the environment, civil issues, and volunteering, as well as getting along with others (in general). Students here who have a passion for anything can make a difference in that area.


The people that you know. Playing a sport allows me to be part of group. Many of the students are athletes so they all have similar interests and are a lot like each other.


I really like the size because it made for a smooth transition from high school to college. I am able to know the other students in my class and talk to the professor when I need to.


The people here are amazing and so nice. Everyone seems to know everyone and get along great whether you are an athlete or a theatre major.


The environment of Central is the best part. The academic and social environment create a feeling of community that is hard to find any where else.


The best part of Central College is the close knit community that is created on campus. The campus itself is not that spread out so it feels homey. All the teachers are approacheable and will help you out if you are struggling academically or nonacademically. Building friendships is easy because the student population is small and interconnected through sports, clubs and events. Central College is a good place to build lasting friendships.


The best thing about Central is the atmosphere, everyone is friendly, even if they don't know you. With a high percentage of athletes, students also understand time constraints and self control, there is no pressure to do anything you don't want to. The professors will learn your name and even if they haven't seen you in a year they will still take the time to stop you and catch up on how things are going. It is an awesome atmosphere to live in.


I enjoy most the friendships you can create here. I have met some of the most awesome people here--people who care and are extremely nice and open.


It is a small school, but it has big opportunities. what i mean by that is that you have small class sizes, you have instructors know you by name, adn re available to help you one on one, if you need to. but Central has big oportunities, they are working with many companies and oranizations, so you have a vide variety of playces to do your internship or to study abroad. theyr also have many clubs and activities on campus, that can help you reach you potential in any subject or hobby.


I think the best thing about this school is the size. I love walking to class and knowing most of the people I pass by. The class sizes are small and each person receives individual attention if they need it. There are also many good resources for projects and homework. Our library and staff are very helpful and so are the tutors. The advisors here are very good at what they do and will plan out all the semesters and get you into the classes you need to take. The teachers are all accessable if you need help.


I would have to say the friendly community among not only the students but also the professors. That is one of the biggest advantages I think that Central College has to offer. When students come in as Freshmen, they go through orientation in which they are a part of a number of different small groups. This offers a great way to meet people and have faces on campus that you recognize. The professors also interact with the students on a regular basis. This I feel really enhances the sense of community on campus.


study abroad program academic focus and career opportunities emphasis on service and green living


The best thing about Central, is the spirit. There are so many students always wearing Central gear, if it's generic or or a club or for a sports team.


The study abroad programs that Central College offers. Athletics is another big thing that I would consider Central College.


The professors are helpful. If you are having a problem, they are available and willing to help you through it.


The psychology department is what keeps me here. The small class sizes, the helpful professors, the focus to help us grow as students and future workers in the field are all things I consider best about this school.


The best thing about the school is the people here because you know so many people and have such a huge network of friends on campus and the teachers are really nice and love to help you out.


It would be the friends that I have made and the teacher that I have gotten to know.


The class sized here are great. There is room for everyone to express their oppinions and for their ideas to be accepted. Also, the people here are very warm and friendly. Your friends here become your family and you get a great bond within the school.


The best thing about Central is the friendly atmosphere. It is not uncommon for a person to be greeted by others on the way to and from class, or even just being asked "how are you" by someone you may not even know. Central is a friendly place and I am very glad I choose to enroll here.