Central Connecticut State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Men's Basketball and Football Teams, even though they don't do well all the time. Being close to Hartford for the clubbing and getting drunk. Occasional Hall Parties.


To me, it is known for always providing a strong emphasis on teaching in the classroom and having professors who are very engaging and comfortable with the students, often available to meet or talk through email. The school also often is very involved in the New Britain communnity at large and CCSU students get engaged in the community as well.


Focused educational views and sports


CCSU is known for its exceptional education, engineering and nursing programs. It is also known for its determination to have their students fully prepared with the proper knowledge and experience needed to suceed in their chosen career.


My school is best known for the education and number of graduates that work for my previous high school.


The school I currently attend is best known for it's teaching program. Every Elementary/Middle/High school in the state admires CCSU's education program, saying that it has the best qualified teachers. It is also well known for it's buisness department.


Central Connecticut State University is best known for its psychology program and criminal justice fields.


Central Connecticut State University offers a number of programs, but specifically is known for its Education, teacher education, and elementary education programs. The school was originally a 'normal school' to produce teachers. Central is a solid school respected in the surrounding community for producing qualified teachers who meet state standards. The educational professional teaching program is fairly difficult and selective for a state university. Overall, it is a good school with many working class students who live off-campus and attend college to have a good stable career. Our school motto is "Start with a dream, finish with a future."


Our school is best known for their education school and the business school. They are also known for their vast involvement of organizations on campus.


Central has a really good education program for those who are studying to become teachers. It's also a state school so it's known to be easy to get into and not as difficult to succeed.