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It is close to where I live, offers a wide array of majors and the tuition can't be beat!!


Central Connecticut States University is one of the best colleges that are avaliable in Connecticut. There are many help sources that are avaliable at CCSU such as the Math Lab and the Writing Center. There are many clubs and activities over Central, which make learning more interesting.


Compared to other schools, CCSU, is unique due to its emphasis on its Education Program. For an Education major, having a school that puts a lot of pride into its Education Program is a blessing. Also, CCSU offers a large variety of classes for every possible major and provides an environment where professors and students can interact in a way that benefits the student's learning.


I'm not really sure, I didn't look anywhere else really. I just knew I was going to Central.


I applied to two schools when searching for a college. Central Connecticut State Univeristy which is a public state school and University of New Haven which is a private school. Central is way more diverse in people and view points and over all areas of study. I enjoy talking to people with different majors than me because it opens my mind to areas of study I know little about, which ultimately I believe makes me a well rounded individual. CCSU has a strong art community too, and their are murals throughout the campus.


I believe the most unique thing about my school which I take advantage of is resources its. There are so many opportunities that help you succeed such as the writing center, tutoring and the technology department. They help with any difficulties you encounter and best of all charge you no fee. I have needed tutoring with my math work and was able to receive help at the moment I walked in. With so many friendly faculty and students, I felt extremely welcomed and do not hesitate to visit any of the resource offices when I need help.


Central Connecticut State University has an outstanding education program. When I realized that I wanted to obtain my degree in Elementary Education, I knew Central would be the way to go. Many of my teachers from the past have graduated from CCSU and I have heard nothing but the absolute best from them. Individuals from around the country came to Central, specifically for their reputation for their education program. I believe that graduating with a degree recieved from a college such as the one I am attending will land me a job sooner than other colleges would.


I love that it is a moderatly small school and everyone i have encountered has been friendly and excepting. You never feel out of place having a conversation with someone in your building or in class, and professors are very personal. I feel like a student not just a number, my professors knew my name and email.


The teaching program at my school is considered one of the best in state. Connecitcut is known for having a very difficult teacher education program and Central really helps to make sure their students succeed. Also compared to other schools Central is fairly small. I personally prefer to have a small knit community college because I feel the professor get to know my personality. Two of the other schools I considered where very big and when I went to visite them I felt overwhelmed and lost. When I visited Central I really felt like I belonged.


it's close by home so i like it