Central Connecticut State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Central Connecticut State University?


CCSU had a lot of activities taking place on campus. Every week and every month there was something fun to do, from trips the University offered, to concerts, to on-campus sports and events. Often when the weather was nice the university would oganize for a free funnel cake truck, snowcones, popcorn, obstacle courses and etc. Did I mention it was all FREE?! There was so much to do on a regular basis. I even went snorkling in the Kaiser pool with certified deep sea divers and did extreme yoga! The social life aspect was great on and off campus.


The size, my friendships and opportunities, and the things I learn in my classes.


I tell them how great the professors are in my department. They're always helpful and interesting to talk to. Groups of students and professors even get together outside of class/school time.


When I talk to my childhood friends or family about my school, I talk to them the college friends I met. My college friends and I are well ambitious and entertaining.


Excellent social work department, awesome professors


I don't really brag about anything but if I did it would probably be about the great friends I made in the club I'm in and all the activities that we do in that club, the Christian Students at Central club.


I brag most about the great fitness classes we have at CCSU. Being fit and healthy is very important to me as well as getting a good education. When I am not doin school work I attend Zumba classes, Yoga, and other types of fitness classes, all which are free!


I usually brag about the faculty members and the dorms when I talk to my friends about my school.


Once you get involved in student lead organizations your social life is overrun with activities. You find the faculty you click with and they work with you to get your goals accomplished. It is becoming more GLBT friendly.


It is a centrally located school, the area has much to offer. The school in a community were you feel at home.