Central Connecticut State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Central Connecticut State University? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the students who attend basically just to party. College is supposed to be a place to grow as a person and discover who you are in this world, but in my observations many students just enjoy the fun aspects of it and completely disregard the fact that higher learning is going on all around them. They may disturb those who are actually there to learn. Worst of all, they are wasting their own valuable opportunities to aquire knowledge and develop as an adult in this world.


The worst thing about my school would be the fact that most on campus events happen at night time. As a commuter, this is very upsetting because I do not get the opportunity to get involved on campus.


The worst thing about Central Connecticut State University is the fact that it is a commuter school. If living on campus, not many people are around on the weekends except for the atheltes.


From personal experience, it would have to be the Math Lab located at the Cpoernicus building. When I used to take Math 105, I always get a math tutor who is unqualified to help me because of their lack of experience with the subject. I personally think they should hire older canididates because they have the maturity and the experience needed for those who are struggling with material given by an older professor.


The worst thing is the diversity. Not Enough events that accomadate a certain group.


Administration at our school gets into trends and ways of doing things and resist against change a lot of the time.


The worst thing about Central Connecticut State University is the food services that the school obtaitins. At my school the food tastes bad and does not look apatising. Also there is never a large variety of foods for students, it seems as thought they are serving the same things everyday. If the school were to improve it's food srevices, i would suggest expanding dining hall hours, producing better and a large variety of food.


No one stays weekends!


The worst thing would be the lack of encouragement towards student activities. The campus could do more to get students excited about what is going on. There is a strong sense of apathy when it comes to activities on campus.


The worst thing about Central is walking in the snow in the winter, because the dorms are far from the classes