Central Connecticut State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person looking for a degree, and doesn't mind taking classes they don't need.


Someone who is very focused on doing well in college and working hard academically and not too concerned about parties, clubs, or out of the class activities but enjoys academic activities, such as visiting speakers, seminars, presentations and conferences as well as activities in the community.


Middle class students, often blue collar, especially those interested in practical fields such as education, or in a reasonably priced undergraduate degree in arts and sciences, should attend CCSU. Many students live off-campus, yet there are a variety of clubs and interesting courses. Some of the professors teach similar courses at very elite schools in addition to the courses they teach at CCSU. Overall, it is a good practical school for middle-class students to work to better themselves and work towards educational and career goals in a positive community environment.


A student who is willing to work in their classes but becomes involved on campus. In order to meet people it is a great idea to become involved in activities. Students should expect to obtain a job on campus easily and be able to work in hours around their schedule.


Someone who is interested in making a positive impact in solving world problems and who can take what they learn and use it in a practical way.


a person who is serious about school and wants to be in a safe constructive enviroment. Somone who likes to have fun but enjoys doing it safely and while interacting with other students. A person who doesnt want to go to a school that is to big or small central is rite in the middle you could make alot of friends and still not know everyone and feel safe in the community the school forms.


To attend CCSU, you should be comfortable with the idea of constantly being surrounded by noise sand energy and people. Central is so named because it is the central hub of action and energy; at the center of many main cities in Connecticut. The school is right next to the state capitol, and is a very urban setting, you should be happy with the hustle and bustle of city life. I think you should genuinely like being around people in order to be successful at Central, because along with getting an education, you'll be making connections for the future.


Anyone who doesn't want to attend a college that is huge would love this school. Its a comfortable size and there are a lot of friendly people and alot of places to get help if needed. It however is kind of a comuter school so some of the friends you make might not be living their.


Someone who is going to be living on campus. I hear it is a totally different experience and in that case it really does make school more fun. If your parents give you everything and are paying for your schooling than it's easier to have fun


You definitely have to be friendly and tolerant -- I would describe my school as very diverse.


Someone who is intrested in changing the campus through grass roots organization


Anyone who wants an affordable education and learn alot. This is a very diverse college anyone can attend


the kind that hates their life already.


People who are not very bright or people who are very bright and wish to slack off. People who don't care about there education or people who care a lot but would not suceed elsewhere.


Anyone who is goal driving and willing to be able to work hard and deal with course loads and the work involved in it. Common fulltime students should enjoy this school while getting a commendable education.