Central Connecticut State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


At Central Connecticut State University it is very hard to get classes and the advisor process lacks emphasis on graduating on time. Multiple discussion forums were held on students' frustration on lack of proper guidance and class offerings. This caused students to spend years at CCSU trying to graduate. In my time at CCSU I had three advisors and I was only able to obtain my degree within three years because I advised myself. I stayed on top of the course requirements to graduate and stayed focus.


As a resident for three years, it was very frustrating that there was rarely anything to do on the weekends. Many residents, for this reason, would go home for the weekends also, meaning there were never even a large number of people on campus. If it is nice out, you could play ball on one of the fields or courts on campus, but on a rainy Saturday afternoon, the CCSU campus is unfortunately pretty dead.


I think that the most frustrating thing about school is feeling those cold winter gust hit my face when walking through campus from one building to the next but that is something I can definitely live with in New England.


The most frustrating aspect of my school would be the lack of student participation in activities around campus. The majority of students leave campus on the weekends creating a boring environment. I love my college, it provides a great atmosphere to learn in but the students could be more active.


The most frustrating thing about my college is the lack of nearby parking. There are at least two or three lots and parking garages that are nearly empty on a daily basis, but commuting students cannot park in them because they are reserved for faculty. The closest lots and garages are far from the buildings in which my classes are in, and this is very frustrating for students who commute like myself, especially in poor weather.


some teachers are highly unorganized and it makes it difficult to study for tests


I can't figure out what i want to do


The amount of smokers on campus and their disregard for only smoking in designated smoking areas.


Not enough music events.


The fact that they are not accepting the transfer credits in my education major from the first university that I attended. The credits transferred, but not to the education major - only as electives.


picking classes


Not a lot of hands on work. Also a lot of class to take to get a degree.


Academically I this school is incredible, and in terms of activities it is as well, but only Mon-Fri with the occasional weekend activity. But primarily the lack of entertainment on the weekends is frustrating.


Bad weather, too many people from home town (in-state)


there isnt enough parking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and some of the staff is stupid


Where do i begin? They give you the run around for everything. There is never anyone to help you no matter what the problem is.


lack of integration. The mentality of students makes college seem like high school all over again. ALso lack of teachers and the availibility of classes. THe size of classrooms are too small for the capacity of students in them. THere is also insufficient dorms for the student body.