Central Connecticut State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish i've known before i came is that you have to take pointless classes not affiliated with your major.


Before coming to this school, I wish I had known a lot more about algebra, statistics and the other difficult math courses that come with a four year college. In addition, I wish I had started researching the professors for the list of classes to complete my Bachelors degree.


I wish I had known some students before I came to this school. I commute and driving to school gives me a limited opportunity to meet students and some of the students who were living on campus had activites prior to starting the school year and they got to know their roommamtes and other freshmen. I kind of hated it and I am a shy type of person so I kind of sucked not knowing anyone at all before hand. however I did manage to meet a few people throughout my stay here and they have been very nice .

Phuong Thy

Before attending to this school, I never thought how small the campus was. I thought it would be bigger, it turned out wrong. The campus feel like a community. We have people from different countries, background, cultures. Each individual is unique in his or her ways from ones personality. This campus had given me the oppurunity to have closer connection and interactions with many students on campus. Everyone seems welcome. This campus have many talented students from playing sports, performing,creating and drawing, calculating numbers, conducting experiments, communication and etc. This university is dedicated to learning and success.


I have no regrets about my prior obligations upon coming to Central Connecticut State University because I was always determined to work hard.


I wish that I had started my Freshman year by living on campus instead of commuting, so I would have known that that is how people meet their friends and the people that they hang out with the most.


I wish I had known exactly what it was I wanted to major in and what classes were transferrable before I came to CCSU. I was attending a community college before and had no idea what I wanted to do, so now I need to take more classes here at a 4 year university were the cost is higher.


I wish I knew how bittersweet 8 A.M. classes were. While trying to get out of bed on Saturday morning can be a major drag, the class I have to get up for (Public Speaking) pulls you right out of the coma! I also wish I knew how important getting a good teacher was. This, as it turns out, is most times more important than what the actual class is---so ask around and get the best!


I wish I was better prepared for research papers. Research papers are much different than the papers you are taught to write in high school, where the focus is essay writing for the SATs. Research paper writing also was not a main focus of any of my classes at my community college. During my first semester at Central Connecticut State University, I have had to do more writing than I ever had to do before.


That the social life during the weekends is very dead