Central Michigan University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


We don't really have any traditions here...


My school is probably best known for it's education program. It has one of the best teacher education programs.


Central Michigan University is best known for its party scene and campus life.


I have recently discovered me school is best for doing projects at finals time. It sucks at the time, but in the long run its very good real world experience. Because there is a very small list of options as to what to do in Mount Pleasant, most people just end up partying. Even though we party a lot, people are serious about their studies. We have top programs in the state and country. We also specialize in being technology forward.


CMU is simultaneously referred to as a teaching school and as a party school. Prospective students looking to excel in either of those areas can find that opportunity here, though perhaps one will take more discipline and hard work than the other.


Central Michigan is a nationally prominent university known for integrity, academic excellence, research and creative activity, and public service.


CMU's Broadcasting and Cinematic Arts program is pretty well-known, as is the Speech Pathology program. We are currently building a medical school, as well.


Central Michigan University is best known for alot of things academically and environmentally. To name them all is just as difficult as to name just one or two. 71% of CMU students volunteer or do community service, exceeding the national average for student volunteerism. This makes CMU best known for their friendly enviroment. Everyone is actually happy and they truely care about people and the enviroment in which they live in. CMU is also the first university nationwide to offer a four-year accredited athletic training program. Those students go directly on to become pro athletes or famous athletic figures.


It has a top notch physical therapy program and has been very good in its conference for sports such as wrestling or football. The campus is not too big and not too small, it's perfect.


I think Central Michigan University is best known for our marching band, The Marching Chips, and our football team.


We are well known for our education program, and our football team.


Central Michigan Univeristy offers a great education to students from all over the world. We have an amazing football team that is division one and you cannot beat out team spirit. We are a large school with a small campus feel that makes anyone feel at home. Many things to do around the area including the casino, tubing down the chippewa river and much more! Not only do students recieve a great education but also have a blast!


Our school is best know for our residence life staff. Our dorms are beatuful and our Resident Assistants are very active in building a very close knit community in the dorms


Central Michigan is best known for its educational programs. Many majors at Central Michigan are very hard to get into and are extremely competitive! If you are not willing to work hard and strive to be at the top of your class, there is a good chance you will not be excepted into your program.


Education, Football


For working in groups hard and never quiting when the going gets tough and never quit on on nobody. My Teachers always thought of me as a person with great potential and now i am finally realizing the goal to work hard and accomplish my goals in life thats what people will remember me by.


We are doing pretty well in football and being a music major, I'd say our band and choir department are growing rather well.


School spirit


An Education degree from this school is good in any state and many countries


Again, as party school.


My school is probably best known for its education program, health professions programs, and its football team.


The Education Program, Small Community with Great Relationships


Teaching degrees


My school is best known for its football team. We have won the MAC Championship the past two years. I think a lot of this is due to the previously mentioned school spirit. Everyone gets extremely riled up for the football games and to socialize with the other excited students, faculty, and alumni. It adds a lot to the college experience.


CMU is a teacher factory. Most people who attend CMU take introduction to teacher just to try it on for size, some don't go any further. CMU is also focused on perpetuating the American Dream by making future doctors, lawyers, and business executives. Finally, in the last seven years since I've attended CMU, there has been an increased effort to bring the football team into the sports spotlight. They seem to invest a lot of energy into teaching and football here at CMU.


Good teaching program, great football team, partying


My school is best known for its teaching programs in the past. More recently they have been developing great health care programs and are looking forward to establishing a medical school in the near future.


Drinking, Partying, Football Games, Thirsty Thursday, Happy Tuesday


My school is best known for the parties and the tailgating


Parties and our really strong football program.

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