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Central Michigan University is a place where one can learn, be social and make firends to last a life time.


Anything on campus is within a 15 minute walk and Central had an Entrepreneurship program for anyone who wants to start a business.


The thing that I found to be unique about my school compared to other schools is that contrary to the fact that my university is a Division One school meaning that our population is much larger than some yet also smaller than some other Division One schools it seems as if we are much more close knit like a family. Coming to the school I would not expect that because of the large size but I am grateful to attend a university where people treat you as if they are part of their own family.


My school is just the right size to me which allows there to be a connection between the students that larger universities seem to lack.


That I can take my classes online and there's also smaller Central Michigan Universitys around so it's simple to find a location


It is more cohesive. The people that go there are proud to be there. I love the friendly atmosphere. It isn't a big town, but it is big enough. Professors know your name, and are always willing to help you out in any way they can. School spirit is what it is all about. Oh Ah Proud to be a Chippewa!


The campus is much smaller than the other schools I looked at. There is a lot more hands on experiences available and a lower teacher to student ratio. This allows for more personalized instruction which, for me, is very important. It also allows the teachers to get to know the students a little more.


The ammount of school spirit and the strong bonds created


The unique part about CMU is the sense of community you get from walking around campus or being in the classroom or dorm room. Even though the college itself has thousands of students, it feels like a close-knit community because of how small campus really is and how nice the people are. Another thing that's nice about a smaller campus is that everything you need is within a comfortable walking distance. Plus, even if you can't find something everyone is always nice and willing to help you with anything you might need.


At Central Michigan we have a lot of students so you get that "big campus" feeling, but we are put together on a small campus. I can walk from one end of campus to the other in 15 minutes, but we can fill up our 15,000+ football stadium easily. It's awesome and something you can't get from any other college. It's perfect.


What is unique about my school is that we have an exceptional curriculum and most alumni’s succeed in the career industries. I’d personally choose CMU because they are one of the few schools to offer a degree in Community Development, for working adults. The school also offer accelerated course to help you finish your degree in no time. I’d applied to other schools but the programs offered wasn’t as board as the Community Development Option at CMU.


The unique thing about Central Michigan University is that it is a very friendly campus filled with lots of love and friendships. It is very easy to make friends and build relationships at CMU. Everyone treats others with respect and are very outgoing. There are also more than 250 registered student organizations on the campus that vary from volunteer work to white water rafting, so there is something for everyone and chances for every single student to get involved with a positive organization.


First Central Michigan University has a big campus, yet at the same time the campus is not so big to where you cannot get around the campus in time for classes that are back-to-back. Central Michigan University also has a lot of oppertunities to help you out to succeed. They have tutor periods for all classes and have people to help you out when you need help. Also all of the sporting event at Central Michigan University are free of charge to all student attending. Those are some of the things that makes Central Michigan University unique.


I am an Athletic Training Major. The program here at Central Michigan is one of the best in the state! It definitely set this school apart from the others that were on my list. The program is very competitive, but if I succeed, I think I will have an advantage in the real world. I have very high expectations for myself, and I believed Central would push me to my full potential. I am really happy with my decision so far!


The dorm rooms on Centrals campus is different then many other dorms in Michigan. A majority of the dorms at central have two rooms in one room and they are larger then most of the other dorms at other colleges.


Central Michigan University is a large college, but unlike other large colleges it provides every student with outstanding resources. The dorms are very spacious compared to other large colleges. The residential halls also have fitness centers so you don't even have to walk outside to get a work-out. Another important feature about CMU is leadership safari. This program allows freshman and transfer students to get a feel for the campus before everyone else moves in. Plus it is a great way to make new friends! This is unique to Central and only adds to the great atmosphere.


Central's campus is small enough for people to seek out the aspects of college life that appeal to them while being large enough so that there are always new people to meet. Central Michigan University is a great school because it gives you a chance to get involved with the groups that you care about most.


It has all the best feature of large universities and small colleges. The professors are nice and understanding and helpful. The classes are small enough that you can focus and get one on one attention from the teacher. The library especially is my favorite. It is large and open and has lots of little areas to just sit and study or just ready a good book.


What makes this school unique compared to other schools I considered is it's reputation for producing high quality teachers. In the state of Michigan, more currently employed teachers are graduates of Central Michigan University. It also has very high tech classrooms, which allow teachers to use many different means of teaching. The final thing that makes CMU unique is the campus wide "Going Green" project. All facilities are cleaned using "green" cleaners and there are recycling centers everywhere.


Central is a mixture of academics, school pride, and is a good transition into independence.


Well i didn't have that much choice of going to a 4 year i was lazy in high and now i am trying to turn over a new leaf and going to a community college in mt.Pleasant to help me in the fututre now i now if y work hard get things done.


It's bigger and more racially diverse.


Everything on campus is a walking distance away!


I used to go to Michigan State University, but ended up transferring to Central Michigan University because the classes were too hard. I was pleasasntly surprised with how much I like CMU. The classes are a lot smaller, which helped me learn the material a lot better. The teachers know you by name in most classes, which is completely different from MSU. The campus is small, so you can walk to all your classes within 10 minutes. They have a lot of different programs to choose from and many couselors to help you figure things out.


CMU has a very good business school.


The quality and size of on-campus housing and the resources available for the major I was pursuing at the time.


A combination of a lot of things; the sense of community for the size of the school, there is something for everyone


What's unique about my school than any other I believe is its emphasis on building strong relationships between not only students but with professors, the staff and your major of study.


Central Michigan University is unique compared to other schools because they keep building on to their campus and adding new programs all the time. In recent years, they have add a Health Professions building and are currently building a Teacher Education building. They also have plans in the works to building a Medical building with Medical programs for students. CMU tries to give all students the education they want and need.


I think the most unique thing about Central Michigan University is the cleanliness if the campus, and the amount of work the University takes to make this campus look great!


CMU offers an education like one would expect from a much larger university. The great education you want, without having to hike across campus and being treated like just a number. At CMU, you have a name. Your professors even know it. You can get a good job with your degree, and you have so many opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities, it's like you're at camp. It's all one great package, and you end up with a great education.


I did not really look for many other schools, though Central Michigan pulled me in by meeting some students who were already enrolled and the welcome feeling when meeting the advisers.


I like the size, it's not too big, yet it's not too small either.


From the moment I stepped on Central's campus, I felt like I was at 'home'. The environment is so welcoming, and there are so many people willing to help, whether it be by offering a smile, or directing you to one office or another. The community Central has built definitely sets it apart from any other unviersity I've visited.


My school Central Michigan University , is a great school. It has a great atomsophere for the young adult that go here. I personally visited a couple other school before choosing CMU and found out that CMU was the great fit for me it was not too big that you could get lost in all the surrounding. you have teachers who care about your success and friends that are always there for you in times of need.


I still keep in contact with many of my professors from CMU. I felt very comfortable building relationships with my professors. CMU is very welcoming and the perfect size.


Diversity, and the way the professors make you learn


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Need better im equitment, bus is needed to go across campus




Alpha Chi Rho AXP CROWS


I think that many people do not give Central a chance. It is a great school and everyone should look into it when considering a school in Michigan.


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Overall I am pleased with my experience at Central thus far. Sigma Sigma Sigma


Overall I am pleased with my experience at Central thus far.


i think that the types off food need to change they need to add a little more varitey to that.


I love Michigan :)


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