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What are the academics like at your school?

Abhinay Reddy

For graduates i being an international student i had to get involved in 9 credit hours and classes are taught by excellent faculty.


CMU isn't really that challenging. I'm an art major and I am not challenged at all. I actually feel like I have gotten worse at art while here. I really like every professor I've ever had. They all are usually easy to get in contact with. They are also more than willing to give you any extra help. Some of my professors I will actually have conversations with after class about random stuff. They are very chill and relatable. However, I'm usually the only one in my class that is always asking the professor questions.


CMU is not at all academically challenging. Like most schools, the quality of classes depends on your major and class size. Classes in the honors program tend to be smaller and more interesting.


Some classes are small, so your professors will probably know your name in those classes. But in the larger classes, like any other university, you have to put in some effort to make your professors remember you.


CMU is unique because it's admission requirements are not very strenuous. but there are many talented and intellectual students that attend. Professors recognize that many students are here to "get a job", not to go to graduate school or advance to higher learning. However, for those students that do wish to go to graduate school, their opportunities to interact individually with professors are great. I currently am conducting a research project with a professor and it has been a great experience. She is a talented and nationally recognized professional and I have the opportunity to collaborate with her.


they have good programs but there are a lot of dumb kids here


It's pretty true that if you even make the effort, your professors will know your name and face. There are large lectures, usually for GenEds, but many of the specialized classes are small enough for personalized attention. Getting in touch with your professors (depending on who they are) is usually not hard at all, and most are willing to help you in any way they can. If you pay close enough attention, you'll get the education you're paying for.


The academics here are a joke. Every class is dumbed down, its amazing that anybody would fail out of this college. The school only cares about making money, not providing quality education. About half of the professors care about the students, and if you are lucky enough to get into one of their classes you might learn something. But a lot of the professors don't give a shit and you probably won't learn anything useful in their classes.


I think many students at Central Michigan are very competitive. We have many programs that are very competitive to get into, such as the athletic training program, where CMU only takes 15 students a semester, and the dietetics program. Many students also spend a lot of time with professors outside of class getting help. Every professor that I have had is very good with letting you know their office hours and that they are always available for your help. I think Central Michigan's academic requirements are pretty good for the UP requirements because it helps you to take other subjects so you can learn other things outside your specified area of study. The competency requirements also help students to get things in that they will need in the future such as English and Speech classes.


All of my education classes are my favorite classes. Everyone is eager to learn and participate. In the child development department we have many different opportunities for hand on experience. I really like the opportunities i have gotten at this university, i do think that the University Program courses are a little excessive.


As an Engineering Student, the program is brand new so class size is very small. We are in the process of being accredited, so under a lot of scrutiny at this time. There is a small population of students who are very intellectual, but from what I've seen, the most just go to class because they have to and are disinterested. I actually get along with most of my teachers, but don't spend much time outside class (with the exception of HON 120 -- my hardest class, but most interactive).


I started out by having a major in Heath Fitness. I soon changed it to Family Studies for a variety of reasons. One, the staff in the health department are not friendly and do not act as though they want a student to succeed. The staff in the Family Studies department are always warm, always willing to help if you ask for it.


make classes smaller, more office hours, business tutoring place iis needed


the hometown feel is great, proffessors are great.


I have never had a problem scheduling office hours with professors, I have heard other students complain about that and that their professors can't speak good English but I have never personally had a problem.


Yes I know my professor's names, however, some I wish I would have never stepped into their classroom. They don't even seem knowledgeable to even teach at the high school level. Besides that, academics are great!


high standards and lots of work


Very few of my professors know my name. My favorite class so far was business law because my professor was fair in the way he taught and graded. My least favorite class is business calculus. I study the minimum of eight hours a week.


My professor usually recognize my name (because it is one they don't see to often) but usually butcher the pronunciation. Classes are larger so interaction is minimal. Even in the smaller more focused classes no one is eager to participate. My favorite classes have been my German 101 class because it was fun, interactive and the professor used multi-media to teach. Another favorite was communication disorders because the classroom environment is more welcoming and comfortable and the matirial is very interesting.


Once you get through the 100 level classes and U.P's, the number of students in your classes drastically declines and the classroom is smaller. Most professors will know your name and be helpful if you ask for it. Class participation is moderate with the same outspoken students usually dominatig any discussion. Central's academic requirements are a bit over the top with the number of university programs, which can ditract students who know what their major is right away, from getting into their major and minor courses.


Once you get through the 100 level classes and U.P's, the number of students in your classes drastically declines and the classroom is smaller. Most professors will know your name and be helpful if you ask for it. Class participation is moderate with the same outspoken students usually dominatig any discussion. Central's academic requirements are a bit over the top with the number of university programs, which can ditract students who know what their major is right away, from getting into their major and minor courses.


I think that for the most [art acedemics are good, it think that some areas are growing so they are in the process of changing and making things better. I know that my major there are a limited number of professors so you tend to have the same people over and over...in some ways its good and other ways its bad, i think we need to have a varity of people teaching us so everyone has an equal opportunity.


My classes are great. My teachers know me and I actually want to make the effort to know them. I never took a business class in high school and I never thought I would. I am taking them now and I plan on going on to get my MBA afterwards because I love the classes so much.


Most my professors don't know my name. But I suppose that is because this is college not High School. I would prefer my teachers to know my name though. Favorite class- math. Least Favorite EDU 107- too much busy work, and directions aren't explained throughly enough.


I think the academics are fine. But I think the advising at central is awful!


Just because Central is known as a party school doesn't mean that the students don't care about academics or their grades. Of course we care or else we wouldnt be here. The people that party hard way too much and don't know how to handle homework and school at the same time will drop out in the first year. But we study and go to class and care about our grades. Central has a bunch of great academic programs. There is even a honors program that you can get involved in. The teaching programs is excellent, and we are finally getting a brand new building that should be open in 2009. All the professors here are very helpful, and if you want to talk to them or need help, they are always there for you. All you have to do is make the effort to talk to them, and they WILL get to know you. I believe that Central has a great program here for academics. The only thing that I don't like is that a LOT of students won't graduate in 4 years. Only like the business majors and such. But teaching, definitely not unless you take a bunch of summer classes and a million credits each semester. But thats okay to me because I love it here and don't want to leave!


There is a wide variety of professors on campus, from the ones who don't really care about you to the ones who really try to learn everyones names. But on the whole I feel that most of the professors are available during their office hours to take any questions that people miht have and try to answer them.


Only 1 out of 5 of my professors know my name. I study about 12 hours a week.


Our professors are here for the students. Teaching comes first, and then comes research. I really love the fact that our students can be engaged with our professors; it allows for a better learning environment. They are always willing to make sure students are feeling confident in their performance, and if they are not they do what they can to help out.


Yes, most preofessors take the time to know your name here. My favorite class was a finance class last semester, my teacher was very interesting and influential. I would stay that most students spend a fair amount of time studying for tests..it depends on the class and situation. I do not spend time with professors outside of class.


At Central, if you get involved in class and take an active role in discussion, teachers will remember you and your name. If a student puts in the time, then they will as well.


Some of my professors know my name, while others definitely do not. I enjoy the classes I am taking now because the class sizes are smaller, making them more personable and I am more comfortable and have friendships with most of my classmates. I like the technology available in all the classrooms.


I have had a decent academic experience so far. I have only been taking UPs so my professors have not been the best but I have enjoyed the classes thus far.


I love the professors in my major's department. Communication majors are fortunate to have such amazing professors who are passionate, kind, and approachable. I just signed my major this semester and already feel like I am friends with a couple of them. As for academic requirements, I think that ours are reasonable but many are not geared towards careers and there should perhaps be more practical courses.


All of my professors I have had here at CMU know my name except one, in a lecture class. To me this means alot because having good relaitonships with professors is important to me as a student. Most students are responsible and study the neccessary amount of time it takes to get the grades they want to receive. Class participation varies on the time and day of class. Mostly towards the end of the week, it goes down. I belive that CMU geared their education toward getting a job.


Great honors program!!! Professors in the program are top notch, better than at any smaller, more prestigious expensive school.


Great business and logistics school


The classes are not that large and you can really get to know people in your class and your professors


Spanish rocks!


The professors will many things to make sure you know what youre doing. There are also many opportunities for extra help, and extra caricullar activities.


professors are great and class sizes are nice


Academics are very underated at central. I think I have worked really hard for the grades i get and that they are difficult classes. Most teachers will get to know you if you go to their office hours and talk to them.


I love the smaller class sizes. I like knowing my teachers on a name to name basis. I believe what i learn in class is very useful for preparing for my career


Academics, as far as I know, are good. Some of the professors are out of touch, but I like the programs and haven't complained too much. The only problem I have is that not all the classes are offered when they're supposed to be.


i can compare CMU's education to any other university. You get good professors and bad professors.


Most proffessors know my name, as I advance in the class levels more and more know my name. Not so many in the freshman levels though


Most professors seem to know my name. The worst class I have taken is an english class with a professor how thought he was the shit because he went to bullshit oxford. Students seem to be competitive about there grades. The education is about 50 50 to get a job and for learning for its own sake.


class sizes vary, no one pulls allnighters, nothing is open 24hrs, not many people go to the library on a regular basis


My favorite class would be IET 525, which is a hazardous materials class. My least favorite class i have taken is the survey of Chemistry.


I highly enjoyed the physical education department and classes because it interacted me with many students that I could be teaching in the future.

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