Central Michigan University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Academically CMU has a lot of great programs. There is a huge variety of fields that students can choose from and a wide variety of professors to help along the way. There are a lot of opportunites for students to expand their learning outside the classroom as well, with clubs and other organizations, debates and panel discussions about various topics there is always something going on. In the Spanish department there are professors who are native speakers as well as Americans who have learned the language, the clubs hold conversation hours which bring in more native speakers, and the professors that oversee the groups are normally very active in helping students with anything they need.


Academics.... class sizes very here, some classes are between 30- 60 while large lectures halls can hold around 300. some professors will make it their goal to learn everyones names as others expect you to put in the effort to intorduce yourself and get to know them.


I really like the academics here. The UP's are boring, but you cant enjoy everything in life. I know most of the prof's for my major, but the UP's I could really care less if they know me. Im just there for the good grade, and they understand that.


Most of my professors know my name. My favorite class by far is MKT 450 with Dr. Garver. It is a hard class but he makes it fun. Least favorite class was chemistry. I have been involved in numerous intellectual conversations with other students outside of class.


The only academic comparison I have to Central is my high school and the 6 credits I took at Kalamazoo Community College, but I find the curriculum here challenging, but not so challenging that you have no life outside the library or classroom. I'm majoring in Intergated Public Relations, and the majority of those classes have been in lecture halls and not in smaller class settings. I have enjoyed classes significantly more that were in small class settings, which correlates to better attendance and better grades.


The classes aren't too terrible. People don't usually study until the night before an exam and seem to do fairly decent. Personally I can study a few days before my tests and be fine. But there are some people who have to start extra early to get a passing grade. If its for a class that you don't really care about then chances are you can skate by with a C for minimal effort on your part. You are probably more like to hear a conversation about the party in Deerfield last weekend walking down the sidewalk than the Schrodinger Wave Equation, but hey... It's college.


I don't go to central.


Central has a really good Education & Business program. I don't think students study as much as they should be but most of my friends maintain average grades.


The professors are all really amazing, I have yet to have a professor that has not learned my name by the second week of class.


My least favorite class was a mandatory racism class. The teacher was terrible, called me a racist simply because I had other views than her. Class participation seems rather low and students study/do the bare minimum. The psychology department is fine, as far as what I've seen. I rarely spend time with profs outside of class. The biggest complaint I have about CMU's academic requirements is the required diversity classes. It was the biggest waste of my money yet.


Classes are small, and professors generally know who you are, and will notice you missing if your'e not there. Major and higher level classes seem to be more beneficial. Learning is often more practical in these types of courses, where in general education courses it's for the sheer sake of learning.


Many of my professors know my name, but it is mostly in the smaller classes that this happens. I know students who study all the time, but I don't myself. I like to feel the pressure, so I usually put things off until the last week to ensure that I work my hardest.


I really don't know any of my professors personally. I always thought that college would have been way harder than high school but my first two years have proven to be very similar to high school. Most of it has been review for me and I have been able to slide by.


I am a Business major. I signed at the end of my sophomore year and have enjoyed taking the courses related to general management. Each semester I have had at least one professor that I thoroughly enjoyed. They take the time to get to know your names and set up hours outside of class to help.


My favorite class are the ones that are not lecture. It is when the professor actually knows your name and pays attention to what you think. I believe that Central has a great selection of professors and most of the professors want their students to do well. I havent had one that does not care about my grade in their class.


You can't just blow off class and expect to get an education. Sure we're at college to have a good time, make some friends, and gain a lot of memories, but are our parents really shelling out a nice sum of money for us each year just for that? Go to class, do the work, take time to study, and you're time will be pretty smooth. However, it is helpful to build a relationship with your professors during their office hours. They are really accomidating and will help you with areas you may be struggling with, but it's up to YOU! Professors aren't going to come looking for you!


Student stand out and professors care.


Academics aren't that great, especially within the Greek system-you get awards and recognition for having a 2.5....unless my standards are just alot higher, I don't deem a 2.5 as a good GPA.


Most of my classes are pretty small and the teachers usually get to know all of their student's names. I've only had two lectures halls this year, and those professors still try to make an effort, especially when you come to their office hours. I really like CMU's academic requirements because it helps to create a well-rounded student.


The class sizes at CMU are not to big but not to small either. It takes some work so that the professors know your name, but it is really beneficial to the students that we do not have huge lectures. My major is biomedical sciences so getting to know my professors is crucial because I need recommendation letters frequently for medical school applications. The biology department at CMU is very strong and the faculty and staff are always willing to help students with issues or problems.


Currently, I am majoring in Communication Disorders with a double minor in Gerontology and Human Growth and Development. I love the classes that I take. My favorite class so far, however, is my HEV 213: Human Sexuality class. Its interesting and utilizes a variety of teaching mediums. Thats what I believe is a huge problem with professors at Central. They all lecture, that's it. It is beneficial to use other things to teach such as presentations, speakers, movies, music, etc. Classes are boring, and many students tend to fall asleep. Most professors do not know my name or even try to get to know my name. Class participation is always a struggle.


My favorite classes are through my major, real estate development. CMU is the first college in the state of Michigan to have a real estate development major for undergrads.


I could not have been happier with my selection of classes and professors. I am pleased with my education 100%.


Academics should be the #1 reason for students to come to college. There are students who are very competitive to be the best in the class and others that aren't. The class participation in undergrad classes varies on the subject, class size, time of day that the class is offered.


The education here at CMU is geared towards getting solid job opportunities once you leave. Internships are highly recommended, and greatly help in obtaining post-graduation jobs.


They offer Honors courses here which are more intimate than regular classes. Professors are more likely to know your name in these. Students can be competitive but it depends what course it is.


My favorite class right now is my Spanish 331 and 341 class. I am planning on majoring in spanish education. My least favorite class is Economics 281 because I have to take it for my UP class and I have no interest in the subject. Most students that I know study for at least an hour a day. In class participation, I believe is more common with the older students because they have gotten over the fact that they aren't the freshman and have more education I believe on subject matters. I believe students can have intellectual conversations outside of the classroom. Many know do. Students competitive level I believe depends on the class. The most unique class I have taken is Art 126 because to me art is usually always eccentric. I have spent small amounts of hours with professors outside of classroom time because I believe it is essential to get to understand the professor and what they expect of the students in their class. I believe that they are good. Some of the UP classes I believe are not really relative to my major or minor but I believe they can help me in the long run. I believe that education at CMU is geared towards getting a job.


I would say no, most prfessors do not know my name. My favorite classes were always my fashion classes. My least favorite class has been english. I think certian majors are very competitive but for the most part I wouldn't say this is a very competitive school. I don't like the way CMU does it's academic requirements. They have so many UP's that end up overlapping I probably have two or three from each category.


About half of my professors know my name. In my smaller classes they know but in my lecture classes they do not. Favorite class is my art history class. Least favorite is my 9 am biology class. Class participation is only common in the classes where the teachers ask for it. in the large lectures there is no participation, it is basically the teacher talks and the students take notes. The most unique class i have not yet taken but will be is a class on beaver island where we will be studying the great lakes and weather. The department for my major is terrible. I am transferring because there is only a pre-professional program here but the adviser knows nothing about the program.


Professors know your name and will often say hi outside the classroom


Since CMU is a medium size University, classes are able to be kept to a small size. When I was taking my gen ed's, classes were in lectures of about 150 people at times, but now that I am in the college of business taking classes for my major, I don't have classes over 40 people and my professors make an effort to know our names, most succeeding in doing so. Class participation in my area is common because our curriculum includes a lot of projects, presentations, and discussions in class. I think CMU's requirements are a bit much, there are so many prerequisites that some programs are 5 or 6 years, and it is the rarity that people graduate in 4 years.


Professors do know my name and all students are welcome in their offices at any time. Favorite class is finance because of the dynamic, entertaining professor. Education is geared toward getting a job and preparing students for the real world, especially in the College of Business.


I came to CMU on an academic scholarship so perhaps my views on studying and classes are somewhat warped. I have always prided myself on having good grades but know quite a few here who do not seem to care. Maybe it is the fact that they are away from their parents for the first time, but a lot of people struggle to adjust after high school. I didn't have that problem and have enjoyed my classes as much if not more than my social life here at CMU.


We have many professors that are leaders in their field that could easily be teaching at larger "more prestigous" schools


Good mix of classes and enough to keep you busy in and out of the classroom.


The classes sizes are perfect. The largest class is probably 300 max and it's just a lecture. Everything else you will most likely only have a max of 40 other students in your class. It's great to contact the teacher and also have great references for the future.


i love all the art courses they are fantastic and really help me excel in my art work


I chose Central because it has a top notch teaching program and has a high job placement after graduation.


For the most part my professors and I are on a first name basis. I fee comfortable talking to them and asking them for help or advice. My department is very close. IT is the Recreation department and everyone is very friendly and pretty much everyone is friends.


I think that the classes here are just right. The lectures are not too big or too small. I also like that some classes are 20-25 people in them. I like the professors I have and have had because they are very understanding and they email you back when you email them. Also, they are very easy to talk to. I think that Central has a very good advising program. They are always open to helping you out.


Most of my professors know my name, except if it's a lecture class. Since I'm a broadcasting major, I have one of the hardest major at Central. This is very difficult because my classes are created and set up so you fail, so academics is very difficult at Central for me but this is because my major is created so I succeed in the workplace.


the professors know my name, my favorite classs is a small size and there is alot of activeties


We have some very big classes for lecture and other classes are small. It is usually just right. The professors are very helpful in any situation.


Professors are really great here! Class sizes are generally medium, and I prefer it that way.


I have only had a good experience with my classes at central. My upper level classes are very personal and my teachers do know my name. I often have class discussions. I think the health fitness major is an awesome way to go and the classes are a good experience to prepare you for your internship. I wish the academic requirements were not so broad for University Programs.


I love the fact that all of my professors know my name! I think that is really cool because at most schools you are just a number in the class, but here they know you by name and really take the time to get to know you. My favorite class was my Introduction to Teaching because my professor really engaged us in the issues that are facing teachers today and I really am excited to start teaching when I graduate. My major is Physical Education with a minor in Health and I hope to teach at the elementary school level. I feel that the education at Central is geared toward students' success after they graduate from college. They are preparing us for the rest of our lives, by teaching us how to use the latest technology in our field, which I feel is what employers are really looking for.


Some classes at CMU are large and professors will not know your name, but most classes are typical size and professors do get to learn your names and get to know you. Class participation is encouraged along with attendance.


I believe Central Academics are very underrated. Most people don't even know that we have a honors program or honors groups. The class sizes very obviously depending on the class, but professiors are always willing to work with a student on an individual level if needed. I also like the variety of classes offered making there literally something for everyone.


SOme classes are competitive but only if you choose to make them that way.


Professors in my major know my name because I have them so frequently. My favorite class is biochemistry, and my least favorite is psychological statistics.

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