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What are the academics like at your school?


All professors strive to know every students name. The class size is perfect. There is competition amongst students to excel scholastically, but it is not threatening, it's friendly competition. The departments are very helpful and easily accessible. The education is definitely in preparation for jobs and the real world. There are many opportunities and offices geared towards helping students find jobs and set up internships.


I feel that students do not study as much as they should. The biology department offers good courses that I feel are not offered at all other schools. I do not spend time with my professors out of class. I feel that Central does gear you towards getting a job.


I think that the academics at Central are very good and provide a good teacher to student ratio. The classes are of a good size and allow interaction instead of just lecture.


class sizes range from 15-200. average class size is 40. like any other college, some professors are great, others are terrible. i don't like how people think that any one can get into CMU. i work in the admissions office and last year our average freshman gpa was 3.3 and act was 22. it is particularly hard to get in but not easy. the teaching program is awesome...i havent had any complaints so far.


Central Michigan has really good professors who are willing to take the extra time out of the classroom to help you. They set you up with internships and give you really good resources so that you get the best out of your classes. The most unique class that I have taken thus far is a BLR class, the professor was an actual attorney so he was able to give us real live situations.


Teachers that can't speak english and properly teach a class should not be teaching. The number of credits for some majors are too low to set any standard for meeting the graduation requirement of 124 credits.


My favorite class that I've taken so far would have to be ENG 101 and ENG 201. It is because the teacher made it such a great class. Unfortunately, she does not teach here anymore. Plus, I just love to write and her class really helped me grow and become a better writer. I believe the education at CMU is definitely geared toward getting a job. For most majors, you have to have at least one internship and I believe internships really give you a sneak peek at what the real world will be like. It also helps you network with people in your career field so you can get a good word put in for you for the future.


No, not all my professors know my name. My favorite class is Communication Disorders 230 because it is the first class in my major. Yea we have intellectual conversations outside of class. More often wouldn't hurt though.


Not many of my professors know my name but thats because i choose it to be that way. My favorite class is my history class. My least favorite is chemistry. How students study depends on the class and the student. Class particpation is common in some classes and not in others. I dont find myself getting into very many intellectual converstaions, but I dont want to have them. Students are definitely competitive. The most unique class I have taken is fundamental motor skills. My major is health fitness because I want to get into PT school. I do not spend much time w/ my professors outside of calls. I feel that CMUs academic requirements are satisfactory. The education I am getting will hopefully get me prepared for getting into PT school.


Most of my professors know my name because I introduce myself to my teachers at the beginning of every semester. Some teachers, understandably, forgot my name due to the fact that they teach so many classes, and upon that, their classes may have about 300 students in them.


I don't think that many of professors know my name- I'm just trying to get in, learn what I need to, then move on. My favorite class would probably have to be HST 101, I really enjoy the dicussion group for that class. My least favorite class so far would probably be TAI 170- it's not a bad class, just not something that I personally enjoy. Competitiveness really depends on what the topic is- schoolwise, definently not. The most unique class I've ever taken would probably be EDU 107. My department is the education department, and I believe it is the best department on campus. I spend close to no time out of class with professors. I believe that CMU's academic requirements are high, but could be even higher. I would say geared towards both, but more towards getting a job.


Yes, all my professors know my name because of the smaller class sizes. Class participation is very common in all my classes; students are not afraid to actively work in the classroom, which helps everyone learn better. CMU's academic requirements allow for students to be more well rounded people when they graduate.


Great academics here at CMU! my teachers always offer if you need extra help and they want you to do well. I always go to class and it helps my grades alot.


the professors are great, most really do care and try to help you out where ever they can, as long as you make the attempt and ask for help. class participation varies a lot, depending on how interactive the professor makes the class and of course on how early in the morning the class meets. the biology department has excellent advisors and they really do have great advice about everything, ranging from which major will best prepare you for graduate school or admission tests (ie mcats), and which classes are the best electives, to which areas of research or volunteer activities to get involved with. i think education is pretty balanced, professors try to make it applicaple to career paths, but as always there are students who only care about getting the A so they might not get everything out of the experience.


Many professors will get to know you by name especially if you speak up in class or ask them questions. They usually don't mind helping a student. My favorite class was EDU 107H. It was an introduction to education and I loved the professor and it was an honors class so there were only 20 people in it. I hate geo 120 just because it is boring but I do like the map quizzes. Students aren't really competitive- except if you are a Leader Advancement Scholar like I am. Out of the 40 students who get the scholarship, some try to make it a huge competition. The most unique class I've taken is HEV 100H. It's intro to human growth and development- the professor tries to teach in a unique way. I'm going into secondary education majoring in social studies and triple minoring in history, leadership, and math. CMU is greared towards both learining and preparing its students for the work force.


There are very few lecture style classes here, most classes max out at 30-40 students. In an honors class, there can only be 20 students. My least favorite class since i've been here was Psycology. It was at least 250 students in a lecture hall at 9am. All the material covered was in the book almost word for word. I had no reason to show up for any class periods unless there was a quiz. I eat lunch everyday after my French class with a group of students and we discuss everything from life on campus to politics. My major department is great. The professors and advisors are very accessible and my major classes are only monday through thursdays. Theres a high job placement rate and they hold career days and job fairs to help us learn about and get in touch with people from our fields.


In smaller classes professors know your name, but in larger classes it is a lot less likely. That is one thing I miss from going to a community college. I've had a lot of great classes here, but my favorite right now is JRN 500-current issues in mass communication. I feel like this class is teaching me to be an informed citizen. I don't know how much other students study, but i study a lot because of my heavy course load. I really like the journalism program here, when I graduate I think I'll be well prepared to enter the job market.


The academic requirements are ok


almost all of them- ldr200L b/c i like to learn about leadership, chm101 b/c i hate science- depends on the student- in most classes- many do- yes- my leadership classes- im a double major in broadcasting & spanish & both departments are very helpful and offer a lot of opportunity for in class and out of class experience- when I need help i go to their office hours- i think some of the gen ed requirements should be cut if you took a similar class in high school and did well- geared toward's a job

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