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What are the most popular student activities/groups?

Abhinay Reddy

Most popular student groups are International student organization and being an Indian my Indian student organization.


CMU really lacks in tradition. The phrase "fire up chips" is our biggest 'tradition'. There really isn't much to do up here so I joined a club and I went greek. I would say that greek life is the most popular activity here, next to drinking that is. If you don't drink there really isn't anything to do besides go out for dinner.


A lot of students end up in sororities and fraternities. Halls usually have activities to help you meet and get to know your neighbors. There are also quite a few opportunities to volunteer.


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Greek Life on campus will get you a reputation (but it's up to you to make sure that reputation is a good one!). The Greeks tend to be the more well-known students on campus, though there are exceptions here and there. I was involved in the Delta Chi fraternity which has a great reputation in the Greek community. Also, as I got older, I got involved in Public Relations Student Society of America (a MUST for PR majors!) which was a very professional organization to prepare you for post-grad life. Overall, two great RSOs to be involved in.


There are a lot of student RSO's at CMU. The greek system is decent, but is not supported by the school at all. The dorms can be hit and miss, some of them are really open and lively while others are really quiet and closed off. There's a big volunteer program, and alternative breaks seem to be a big hit with students.


There are a lot of student RSO's at CMU. The greek system is decent, but is not supported by the school at all. The dorms can be hit and miss, some of them are really open and lively while others are really quiet and closed off. There's a big volunteer program, and alternative breaks seem to be a big hit with students.


The most popular groups on campus I would say are sororities and fraternities. You see their letters everyday on the bags and shirts of students walking to and from class. I think the football team and the cheer team are also popular teams on campus. I am involved in a sorority -- Delta Zeta. We are a sisterhood that raises money for the speech and hearing impaired. This is how I met some of my closest friends here too. In the dorms, a lot of students leave their doors open depending on the building that they live in. I think as the year goes on, more people tend to shut their doors. Athletic events are very popular at CMU. Majority of campus goes to all of the football games in the fall, but I don't think as many people go to the basketball games and I don't know why. Intramural sports and club teams are a very popular thing here. Rugby is a big thing here and so are the intramural volleyball games.


I am involved in the greek life through my sorority. This gives me many opportunities to volunteer all over campus. I have helped out with the Stop out stigma walk, our annual crown classic run, and sibs weekend each year. There are so many things to do at Central without drinking. There are many bowling alleys and movie rentals and dinner places and the cinema. I love going to the animal shelter and walking the dogs or going to the nursing home and visiting with elders. I think there are so many different ways someone can have a good time without drinking at central!


I'm involved in Tri-Sigma. The greek life is a very positive atmosphere here, and it's a great way to get involved on Campus. Not many people get involved with guest speakers or other events on campus unless it's a famous singer or band. People party a lot, and unlike most stereotypes, I'd say Greeks aren't the major source. Apartments and off-campus partying is huge. Not much to do on a Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking -- movies (SUPER expensive), tv, maybe a guest speaker, go home, or entertain yourself/


To anyone that is in the Greek community, I think it would be easy to say that Greek life is very important. However, we only have about 11 sororities and fraternities on campus, so Greek life is not a huge priority. I love Greek life and what it stands for. I believe it makes a person go through experiences that they would not ever have without Greek life to make them into stronger individuals.


football is it for athletic events, new dorms doors need to be open, faternities and sororities are very important




The social life here can be a lot of fun, sometimes it's hard to balance social time with study time because there is never a dull moment at CMU. Getting involved with the Delta Chi Fraternity has definitely gotten me more involved and aware of all the potential that CMU has to offer. Personally, the activities and social life will be one part of CMU I will probably miss the most after my time here is done.


I believe Greek life is the most popular group on campus. We run many philanthropies and other events that atrract many central students. Students in my Hall always had their doors open. On the other hand, I heard that other halls did not leave their doors open. If I am awake at 2:00a.m. on Tuesday, then I am either writing a paper or probably out partying. People party on average Thursday-Saturday, however there are others that drink on the weekdays as well.


what ever u want. safe fun, crazy fun, chill, loud, or something off the wall.


I think that Greek Life is the most popular groups. I am involved with Sigma Sigma Sigma and we do everything from philanthropy to socials. Students in certain dorms are more likely to leave their doors open then in other.


Central has a pretty popular Greek life, and everybody loves football. Depending on which dorm complex you live in, there are very different dynamics. Even from floor to floor, some floors are more social, rowdy, active and some are introvert, quite, studious. Program Board and On the Fly are two major public relations committees and they do a great job bringing comedians, speakers, and events to campus. There is something to do, see, or experience everynight! Main street = Greek row so if you want to party you can go there. Also the apartments around campus usually have parties going on too. But if you don't want to drink, you can go to the Pub to dance, or CoCo Joe's for some jazz interactive piano music.


Greek life is pretty dominate on campus, as well as club sports. Students are pretty friendly and you can meet alot of people living in the dorms on campus. A large number of people attend sporting events, especially football, however alot of off campus events and things to do on the weekends involve drinking.


Greek life is pretty dominate on campus, as well as club sports. Students are pretty friendly and you can meet alot of people living in the dorms on campus. A large number of people attend sporting events, especially football, however alot of off campus events and things to do on the weekends involve drinking.


some people part every night of the week, but you will get there anywhere you go. there are many other things to do thought, work out, go bowling, movie nights, speakers on campus, sibs weekend, sporting events just to name some.


I love my sorority SIgma SIgma Sigma. We are a great group and i know people several other groups who are awesome as well. I reccomend going greek to everyone. Dont be alarmed though there are SO many ways to be involved and social even if you arent greek.


NO! Students in dorms don't leaver their doors open! Not in Beddow @ least. That is why I wanted out of the dorms! It was way to quiet and boring. And unfortunately, most Saturdays (and Thursdays and Fridays) involved drinking. I REALLY wish there were more things to do on the weekends rather than drink. I would like to do something more important and beneficial with my weekend, but it's hard when there's nothing else to do.


My sorority keeps me very busy in my social life, and not all of that includes drinking.


There are a lot of groups here on campus that you can get involved in. I personally am involved in Greek life and love love LOVE it! There aren't a ton of people that decide to go greek, but the ones that do get really really close to each other. All my friends are mostly greek! But I have friends that arent greek too and either 1. Hang out with the greeks all the time, 2. want to go greek eventually, or 3. think that greek life is not for them and that is fine with them and me. People say that greeks dont really have that great of a reputation here, but we are only like 25% of the student population, but that is just a random guess from me. I don't know the exact number, but its not a big one. We as greeks are trying to make our reputation better, but honestly I have no idea why we even have that reputation in the first place. The Greeks are the most involved, busiest, and most social people that you will ever see here at CMU. We care about our school, our friends, our academics, our involvement, our chapters, and our philanthropies. Last weekend I was with my sorority most of the time. We went to Grand Rapids for State Day which is when all the tri sigma alumi and college chapters come meet up together in one place on one day. It was pretty cool. I also went to a fraternity party saturday night, and because I know like everyone there it was a good time. Oh, before the frat party I went to a bday party in one of the off campus apartments. It was just a small get together, nothing too big or out of control. That also explains the frat party as well. There weren't THAT many people there, but we still made it fun and not crazy at all. In the freshman dorms, people leave their doors open all the time, and halls get really close to one another. Thats where you make your first close friends. Dorm life is fun and never really boring.


I think that Central has a good greek life and is what im most involved with. Greeks give back to the community a lot and help keep our school a good place. I think that it depends on what dorms your in as to whether they keep their doors open or not. You know coming in as to whether the dorm your in will give you time to study or not.


I'm a member of Alpha Gamma Delta. Greek Life is not that big here but seems to be growing. Students never leave their doors open in the halls. If I am awake at 2 am on a Tuesday i am probably writing a paper or studying for a test.


It is a great experience living in the Residence Halls. People are very welcoming and keep their doors open most of the time. I meet my best friends in my hall my freshman and sophomore year as well as in my Fraternity. I feel that being a Greek student is a big deal. There are so many good things that can come out of being in a fraternity/sorority; you just never hear about them. You always hear about the horror stories. Off campus we go to movies, eat at the local places, and travel across the state.


I think that professional and social soroities and fraternities are very popular here. I am involved with Sigma Sigma Sigma and think taht it has really broadened my perspectives on alot of things. Students in my dorm did leave their doors open but that was only when we were bribed with door wars. I met my closest friends by getting ivolved with my sorority. Alot of people party 3 or more times a week, however I would say that they are in the monority. Most people probably 2 or 3 nights a week. Last weekend I had a few meetings on campus in the library and in the UC. Last weekend off campus, I went to the casino and to the movies.


Some of the most popular groups on campus are fraternities and sororities. There are so many different chapters so many people are able to find one that fits them perfectly. I am an active member of Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority and absolutely love it. Going Greek was the best thing that has ever happened to me and I encourage everyone I meet to look into GreekLife. In residence halls, it depends which one you are in if the doors are open. Every dorm is pretty good about it at the beginning of the year but is not so later in the semester. Some residence halls are really good about having their doors open and interacting with others on their floors or halls whereas others will not have any open doors as you walk down the hallway. It really is just the people who live there, the atmosphere and location of the dorm on campus.


I am a part of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority, and that keeps me involved in other things on campus as well, including meeting other greeks, volunteering, etc. When I lived in Beddow my Freshman year, most people in the dorms were not friendly and kept their doors closed in my hall at least. I enjoy going to atheletic events and speakers that I'm interested in. I try to maximize the free shows and productions that CMU host.


I love the Greek Life on campus. They are one of the best things Central has to offer.


I think that Greek Life is growing more and more popular on this campus, and should continue growing, because I think that it greatly contributes to the community, and helps build strong leaders on campus. As for athletics, football is the big one, but not so much others as for who attends. I think you see fuller stands at other Universities.


I think that the football team is very important on campus. During the fall, the turnouts for tailgates are huge. One group Im invovled with is Delta Chi. This has been the best decision since coming to college for me. The relationships ive established will last lifetimes. Towards the beginning of the year most everyone on my floor kept their door open but as winter approached and it got colder, this happened less and less. Now no to many people keep their doors open anymore. Athlectic events are the most popular I believe, but there are good turnouts to the concerts and comedians that come to campus as well. The dating scene depends on what class your in. It seems the older the people the more "dating" is done, as for the younger students, it seems they all just go out for fun not neccessarily a "date." I met my closest friends through Delta Chi. If I am still up at 2a.m. on Tuesday I am probably coming back from a party or doing homework. My room is up untill 2 a.m. on average about every night. Searching for the medallion is one tradition that I thought was very enjoyable. People party every night, there aren't to many dull night at CMU's campus. I think that Greek life is not for everyone but I love every one of my brothers and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Last weekend I went out to parties. On Saturday's the univeristy usually has a speaker come to campus or some event going on, also you can go work out or bowling or play pool at the SAC.


Social life is great! Always a party going on somewhere on campus!


The 2 biggest bars on campus are 18plus which is a big help, and if you dont like the bar scene there is always house and apartment parties going on all over town.


Football games are the greatest apppeal and as well as RSO's on campus


More famous guest speakers please!


The social life at CMU is great. The greek community is a great way to meet new, people, socialize, and even network.


a lot of places to have fun


Fraternity life is great. I think uit can help out academically and socially. There is a lot of opportunities that people dont see through greek life that can help out a lot after their college careers.


The social life on CMU's campus is great. Being in a fraternity i have meet many new people. I also participate in other organizations that allowed me to meet many people. There is a never a dull day on CMU's campus.


This is a very active party school, and you will never be out of somethign to do. Drinking is a huge issue on campus, but I think it only becomes a problem when these students decide to drive. Basically everything social I do on the weekends involves drinking, unless its athletics or an otherwise planned social event.


Being a member of the delta chi fraternity, I would have to say that Greek life here at Central is awesome. I have also heard that many business organizations cmopete as some of the best in the state.


The most popular group on campus is zta and delta chi. The football team seems to be pretty popular as well. Athletic events are king no one cares about anything else. I meet my closest friend at delta chi. 2 am on a tuesday i am either doing homework or leaving the bar. Off campus i fly fish and hike around the city.


dorms are nice better than most college dorm, greek housing is small, no open homosexuality, only a few bars, jesus dogs are awsome


The fraternities, sororities, the football team, the wrestling team, and the baseball team.


Of course Delta Zeta!!


The social life here at Central is VERY busy! There are hundreds of student organizations to be a part of. Sororities and Fraternities make up the majority of the "social life" I would say. They are a pretty big part of CMU. Weekends always have a lot going on, usually in the name of a party. If you wanted a night without drinking though, there is bowling at the SAC or a movie theatre less than 10 minutes away, or even a speaker!


always something going on! Fraternity life, SAC, disc golf

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