Central Michigan University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag the most about my proffessors and their interaction with students. No matter how many students proffessor's have they always remember everyone's name within two weeks. They struggle in the beginning, but their determination is extremely encouraging, and worth the bragging rights. The friendly environment created in the classroom by so far all of my professors, makes learning and feeling as if you belong a positive experience. In a school with twenty thousand plus students, the proffessors are always there to remind you that your voice and opinions do matter.


Everyone at Central Michigan is very friendly and people really make an effort to smile at strangers regardless if they have met them or not.


My school is freindly. Everyone says hello and all the deskies know my name. No one is afriad to be exculed, everyone is welcomed and you fell your ideas will be heard.


I brag about the small town community atmosphere it has while still holding a division one college status because I love that about this college since I in small towns all over the state of Michigan.


I brag to my friends that there are a lot more people at the school that you can meet and it is a lot of fun on the holidays and at the games.


When I brag about my school to my friends it is always how Central Michigan University is home away from home. By this I mean I can be comfortable here. Everyone is close and nice to eachother and would go out of their way for others. My school is a close knit community and I love how everybody is willing to help. I'd have to say CMU was the best choice I've made because it's not as big as other public schools so I do not get lost in the crowd like some kids feel.


having fun, great social life, learning a lot about special education, housing is great, programing is great, events are fun


I tell my friends about how much fun campus is. There is always something to do, I never find myself bored.


Everyone is super friendly at this campus. You will make many friends and develop long lasting connections with the people that you meet at Central. The Honors Program is also amazing and really challenges you to be all that you can be even beyond academics.


When describing Central Michigan University to my friends the first thing that comes out of my mouth is the size. Central is a small school compared to many, but with the size being so small, you know almost everyone. The class sizes allow you to meet many new people and to occasionally run into them on the sidewalk. The size of Central being so small also allows you to get from one end of campus to the other within fifteen minutes, which can be very convenient.


I brag about our football team, because we are the best in Michigan! I also brag about scholarships and social activities.


What I brag about most is the music program my university provides. Central Michigan offers one of the finest music facilities in Michigan, with a bright interior, windows and pianos for each practice room, and a building shaped like a piano! The professors are consistently excited about music performance, history, musicology, and furthering research in their fields, and each commit himself (or herself) entirely to the students. Additionally, I am privileged to play saxophone in one of the most supportive studios in the country; these fellow students have contributed to my success more than I could ever have imagined.


the thing that I brag to my friends about when talling about this school would be, the educational oppurtunities that this school offers. Central Michigan is a small Division 1 school, but wack it lack sin population it makes up in size for the committed students that want to suceed in their careers. This is school is well known for many things such as Football program, Basketball program, Track and field, physical therapy training, and many more things.


CMU has an utterly fantastic teacher-education program, and a lovely new environmentally-friendly building to go with it. It's large, fairly state-of-the-art, and easy to navigate. A solid program, and great facilities. ...our football team is pretty awesome, too.


I usually brag about how good our food. The food is not only really good in the cafeterias, it is also good in the different stores and cafes around campus. I have been to many different capuses, but none of them can compare to CMU's.


There are no community bathrooms! On a more serious note, the best thing about Central Michigan University is the overwhelming amout of activities and events to take part in on campus. There is always some athletic event to attend, a play to see, or a club to join. However, the thing that makes this all possible is the student body. Students are always coming up with new activities and love to be involved. It all helps to create a community feeling, so that you will never feel alone on campus.


I tend to brag about the variety of the classes you may take here, whether it be art, astrology, biology or Ojibway (Native American Language). Also, the class sizes and variety of guest speakers Central Michigan has on campus are very diverse.


School spirit


Football, campus size, doorm room.


That we have alot of great facilities that we can get into free with our student ID.


Everyone is incredibly friendly and enthusiastic. People strive to be respectful of all groups. Negative usage of the words "gay" and "retard" are not appreciated. Class sizes are smaller, so the professors often know your name. Also, classes are challenging, but not beyond what the students are capable of doing. As one professor told my class today, "This class was desinged for you to succeed. It was designed for you to get an A."


The campus life is so freeing. You get to live on your own and make your own decisions all while meeting new people. Everyday is a new adventure you get to dive into. The campus at CMU is not boring at all; there is always something to experience, join, or enjoy!


For the most part I brag about the apartment I'm living in, the roommates and friends I have and how well our football team is doing this year.


Our football team is amazing! And the school and the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe have a great, respectful relationship.


There is tons of school sprit on campus and everyone on campus gets along. There are no rifts among social groups and people are very friendly. The friendlyness translates to the classroom as well with the professors and the administators. The class sizes are just right as well.


As an undergraduate, there are a lot of opportunities to learn and have fun. Most of the teachers are really smart and enthusiastic and care about the students especially if they have questions. It?s a pretty open minded community.


How good our football team is and was during the time I attended school.


It's a beautiful and friendly place, and you can learn a lot - not just inside the classroom!


There are a lot of activities so if you look hard enough you can always find something to do


I absolutely love the curriculum and the professors, and all the students I meet


The family atmosphere, The new buildings going up, and our athletics programs


That I have a 3.36 GPA and that I have been juggling school and work to finish my degree. I am working very hard to finish school and I am barely getting by but I am doing it


Nice professors, good parties, great football team, nice apartment


I always tell my friends that people are always friendly and there is always things to do on the weekends.


I brag most about the football team. We have won the MAC Championship 2 years in a row.


The football team winning back to back MAC Conference titles and going for their third this season.


The Parties


How the school is so broad and big that you can do anything in any field that you want. The opportunities are endless.


How great the courses are. You learn a lot


The sports, the technology, and the opportunities.


How much fun we have while still getting a quality education.

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