Central Michigan University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is that some students don't take learning seriously, they would rather be here for other reasons than learning and growing as a person. Students always think it's necessary to cut loose, and their priorities get all out of line. It's fine to have fun, and go out during the week/weekend, but a lot of students don't understand how to find a balance.


Central Michigan University is located in a very-small town. There is very little to do on the weekends.


Long walks to classes


I feel that my school needs to cut down on the partying.


I'm not sure.


The worst thing about Central Michigan University, just like many other universities, is the expenses. A standard student living on campus with a meal plan, taking 12 credit hours is estimated around $20,000 per year. Without scholarships most students would have to take out loans which can be a burden later on in life.


There is not a whole lot to do in Mount Pleezy. Mostly, kids party because that is really al that there is to do. There is a good club, The Wayside, and then there is a hookah bar, called The Sixx. Thats about it. There is a very nice Student Activites Center, known to everyone just as the SAC were there is all kinds of rec games. If you are into fitness stuff there is a lot of classes to choose from; zumba, butts and gutts, pilates, and other fun workout classes.


I think the worst thing about Central Michigan University is that they do not clear the snow very well during the winter season. Students are usually walking in six or seven inches of snow to get to class.


The worst thing about my school is that they do not accept American Sign Language as a foreign language requirement. This means that I have to take an additional foreign language class to fulfill the university program.


There really isn't a horrible thing up here. The North Campus food isn't the best, but it's not terrible.


The worst thing is the price. These days it is hard to come up with money for college and students are having to take out more and more loans. This past year tuition went up slightly - not helping the financial situation. There are ways to pay for school through CMU and loans, but the prices for any college these days are so high that students stress out about money as well as academics.


The worst thing about Central Michigan University in my opinion is the cost. I expected it to cost a lot especially being an out-of-state student but the tuition is still on the extremely high end. Also the school charges a lot for the required text books. I was required to get a book/cd combo for a chemistry class that cost $238. Ninety of that was for the cd which gives you a 24 month subscription to an online homework website but I only need it for 6 month. That was the worst overpricing I've seen.


I can't think of anything negative to say about CMU. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there--educationally and socially!


I don't like that it is such a small town, and that there is no public transportation that enables one to visit other surrounding cities. However, the small community aspect on campus offers a less scary transitions to new freshman just getting out on their own.


I think that the worst thing about Central Michigan University is the lack of a nursing program. I believe this to be true because from my personal experience with being around people who are considering attending Central Michigan University, this has been one of the deciding factors. I also believe that if there was a nursing program available here at CMU it would increase the admissions greatly.


The worst thing about my school I would have to say is the weather. It is always very cold. Because the area is all flat, the wind hits you in the face both on the way to class and back from class. We get a lot of cold weather or rainy weather. It is not the sunniest place on earth. Therefore, I would say the weather.


The worst thing about CMU has to be the availability of parking. The unfortunate freshman who do not register their cars early enough have to park behind the football stadium, a good twenty minute hike from the opposite side of campus. But Central accomodates for this by offering those freshman who register their cars early enough during the summer the opportunity to park closer to their dorms. This is purely on a first come first serve basis.


I think that the worst thing about my school is that the snow makes it very difficult to get around. Being in mid-michigan, there is a reasonable amount of snow, and during snow storms, plows are sometimes unable to get all of the sidewalks. With snow on the sidewalks, it is very difficult to cross campus.


Its too big, its hard to connect with people and not feel overwhelmed by the student body.


My brother, sister and I attended the same college. The worst thing about CMU is that a school counselor gave my sister negative advice. My sister was not a student that kept on track or even knew what she was going to school for and when she finally went to get advice, the counselor deterred her by his/her words and she dropped out.


The worst thing for me is having to walk to class uphill in the snow in the fridgly cold weather. I can tolerate the snow but it is a little much when it snows everyday for 5 months straight.


How social events are mostly accompanied by alcohol. Not only can this be very dangerous, but I think it is important for students to learn how to communicate with others....sober.


I absolutely hate how so many people associate "Central" and "party school." I don't party or contribute anything at all to this stereotype, and it hurts me whenever I hear people talk about how my school is a party school. I love Central for what it is, for the city, the campus, the town; and I hate thinking people can't get past the fact that some students take advantage of the campus.


The camp[us police and area law enforcement, they overreact to everything and are very invasive


It is unfortunate that the economy has macdxe it nearly implssible yo get any music scholarships.


I can't think of anything wrong with the school. I guess the worst part is the location. There's not much available for shopping within walking distance.


The only thing that could be considered "not so great" was the basketball team.


I think that it would have to be a combination of the length of time my program is taking and the extreme finacial demands this length of time demands. The education program takes at least 5 years to complete without going in the summers, and during these summer "off" your working to pay for the next year. I would like to see some sort of a fast track program to cut down on time, and money for future students.


They offer Student Teaching abroad but it is very expensive and does not accomodate single parents


The amount of alcohol! CMU is widely known as a "party school"


CMU is in the middle of nowhere. The nearest "town" is 15 minutes away, and you can drive through it and not even realize you were there. It makes shopping difficult because you have such limited choices, but it forces you to be creative.


The limited amount of parking on campus for students that live off-campus. Not being able to find a parking spot on campus can be very difficult and frustrating during school hours.


There is much diversity in at Central. Most of the students that attend Central are similiar.


The overall quality of my education


Not enough emphasis on the academic part of the school.


The worst thing about my school could be that it is not the place for everyone. I mean, personality-wise. Central Michigan University is a very out-going, positive, engaging environment. Students are encouraged to get involved and usually do.


The winter weather because it makes it hard to drive to class and go places.


The cold winters.


Administration keeps secrets, a lot of things happen at our school that are kept low key. One faculty had sex with a quarter of the soccer team and they want to keep it a secret so he can get a job later?? CMU wants to put in a good medical school, but current faculty wanted to strike, they don't show it, but they are afriad it will flop because of the near strike fallout.


Lack of cultural events and intelligent discussion. CMU is your tupical midwest school in a pretty rural area where school is not hard to get through and time is spent attending the rotation of 5 or 6 various bars in the town 4 nights a week. It is not culturally or personally enhancing and now that I live in New York City I can see that. I was a full time varsity athlete and barely studied and still graduated with honors. I wish i was more challenged.


Lack of financial aid. There is only some available for certain races and ethnicities.


The reputation of drinking. A lot of people assume that just becuse you go to CMU, you are a heavy drinker/partier.


I can not think of anything in particular that I hate or even dislike.


I don't really know what I would consider the worst thing about my school.


I think that the worst thing about Central is the lack of financial aid available to students. Although there are a lot of ways in which to get funding, there are not a lot for regular students. There is funding available to various ethic and racial groups, but there is limited amount of funding through scholarships, etc for typical caucasion, low-income families.


How small the town itself is


The worst thing about CMU is the low level of diversity among students because we lose out on being exposed to and understanding different cultures and points of view.


The thing that I consider the worst about my school is the fact that it is not a a Big 10 school. I feel as though we are looked down upon so much because of that reason. Parents and students are often under the impression that CMU is a "party school", and they are unaware of the value and experiences one can really recieve from attending this school.

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