Central Michigan University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Most students are white and most students drink a lot of Alcohol and party a lot.


A lot of people think CMU is a huge party school.


One sterotype that people have about Central Michigan University is that the school is a party school. People believe everyone here partys constantly. They think people just go here to party. It upsets me because it simply isn't true. If it was completely true whey would so many people apply here? People are turned away every year. I graduated with a 3.7 grade point and honors and chose to come here. I was accepted to other unviversites. I wanted to come here for my program, the beautiful campus, the great people, and organizations. It wasn't because I thought I could party every night. There are just as many parties here as one every other college campus.


That Central is a party school.


I'm not sure.


People who play sports don't care about their schoolwork and classes because the administration pushes them through no matter what.


cmu students party too much


Central is a "dumb" school, everyone here parties all the time


Many people think that CMU is a party school. That's not true. It's only a party school if YOU choose to make it one. I think that goes for all colleges!


Girls at Central have a reputation of being easy.


I've heard a lot of people say that CMU is a party school and all the administration cares about is football.


drunks, fat, lazy, promiscous


It's a blow off school where everyone just goes out and parties ALL the time.

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