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What is your overall opinion of this school?


I am a mother of two kids,Korean-American and decided to go back to college 5 years ago. I probably the oldest person in my classes. The education level of CMU was higher than what I thought. I had to study really hard to get A's and B's. I have a 16 month old baby and 8 years old daughter. It is very intense to go to school for full time, doing my assignment and the taking care of my family. I am going to be a senior on next school year and hope everything goes well on my school life.


It's in a bit of a cow town, so that sucks. Overall if you want a quality education from CMU and you know where to look and who to take, you can make it happen.


Just the right size...not so big that you get lost in the crowd, but not so small that you practically know everyone. Most of the professors i've had so far are pretty good at their jobs and always willing to help. The only things that are hard for me to handle are: the size of the town, and the fact that it does not have a real mall or commercial, working airport (you have to drive to Flint, Lansing or Grand Rapids). There also isn't much to do in Mount Pleasant, in the way of fun. You basically do all there is to do in your first year, and then do the same thing over again next year. So basically, CMU is a great school in a not so great town.


Just the right size...not so big that you get lost in the crowd, but not so small that you practically know everyone. Most of the professors i've had so far are pretty good at their jobs and always willing to help. The only things that are hard for me to handle are: the size of the town, and the fact that it does not have a real mall or commercial, working airport (you have to drive to Flint, Lansing or Grand Rapids). There also isn't much to do in Mount Pleasant, in the way of fun. You basically do all there is to do in your first year, and then do the same thing over again next year. So basically, CMU is a great school in a not so great town.


CMU's student body portrays a strong sense of school pride, especially during the fall football season. Now I did not attend one football game this year, nor did I face any criticism for my decision to focus on academics and volunteering. Football is just an outward facet of CMU, it has so much more to offer! CMU has an AMAZING volunteer center that offers incredible opportunities for students such as alternative breaks, lunch buddies, ssp, and more. I spend most of time during the week on campus, meeting with professors, going to class, working in my hall, and studying in the library. But on the weekends I am either on an alternative break, working in Detroit for my philanthropy committee, or attending a conference somewhere in the US. I am by no means confined to Mount Pleasant during the academic year. Recently there has been strife between the faculty and administration over the faculty contract, but the semester has progressed fairly normally despite faculty strikes early in the semester.


Its too small and all the people that couldnt get into msu go here


I think CMU has the perfect amount of students. Not too big that you have to get a bus across campus, but not too small that you don't get the full college experience. There's enough people here to give you new faces every time you're out, but the city itself is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, which limits your weekend activities. You want to know why CMU parties hard? Because there's not much else to do here.


If all you are worried about is having a good time, then CMU might be a good choice. Theres enough going on during the weekend to have fun. The classes are not too hard either, but this is probably because they are catered to a less intelligent group. CMU really doesn't discriminate who it takes in, and this becomes really apparent in small classes. A lot of my classmates are idiots. And the administration treats the students like children. tl;dr: if you wanna have fun, Central will give you a decent time. But don't expect to get the best education.


There is a lot of school pride on this campus. Everywhere you go you see people wearing school colors and shirts that say "Central Michigan" in some different version. I once had a friend come stay with me for a weekend and they said that they were so suprised that everywhere they turned they saw someone wearing Central Michigan clothes.


I love central. I really enjoy the campus and the student body. The campus is so beautiful and the classes are very easy to get ahold of professors and get help if you need it.


I think Central is 'just right' size for me. City life isn't very predominant at all -- many complain of being out in the country. Most of my friends go to U of M or other presigious schools so they probably look down on me for Central. Football games have a lot of school pride, but probably because most students are drunk and like to yell. On campus, I'm usually in the dorms either mine or visiting friends. I love the market -- I live on north campus and the munch is pretty scandalous.


I think we need more places on our campus to go and just relax. A place to go with a group of people and watch a game or just hang out.


I love CMU. I grew up in a very small town and I like how it's a close enviroment. It's not too close in the way that you know everything about everyone, but it's close enough to where most people have enough connections to get involved. The one thing I would change about this school is PARKING!!! I would like a few more parking lots where I can park as a commuter, and not have to pay a meter. The faculty have enough spots to fill, because I drive past those lots and there are ALWAYS spots avaliable.


We need to improve equitment for im sports, add more food places to use flex, bus system in winter from towers to other end of campus and back


CMU is small, and wonderful. Someone is always around to help you out and its really easy to get involved. most of the time is spent outside around town, because its such a small hometown atmosphere.


I think the size of our school is just right, but if I could change one thing I would take the big chunk of land across from the Towers right by the SAC and atleast make some kind of parking area. Parking is the only frustrating aspect of CMU that I have really run into.


The Best thing about Central is the size. Its not too small of a campus, however, its just big enough to be walking distance to almost everything. One thing I would change about Central is the process in finishing the Graphic Design Major. The portfolio judges are much to harsh for these students. I mean, when only 11 of 52 students are accepted, that usually means that they aren't learning anything in class...teachers possibly?


the best thing about central is that u can find whatever u are looking for. if u want a high level education we have that. if u want a place to discover who u are and what u want out of life that can happen to. if u want to party like a rockstar we can do that to. what ever u need u can find here.


I think that Central is the perfect size it is big enough to meet lots of different people but not so large that you feel overwhelmed. I spend most of my time on campus in my dorm. I think that Mt. Pleasant is becoming more of a college town with the opening of new bars and restaurants geared towards students.


The best thing about Central is the campus set-up and size. Its manageable and easy to navigate. Nothing is too far away and we (the students) and protected from the main road where all the traffic is. The one thing I would change is the hours the cafeteria is open. It closes at 7 but I think 9 or 10 would be better. I would also change the designs of the classrooms. They are too "institutional" and have cold personalities. Carpet, color, cutains and more comfortable furniture would be appreciated.


Central is a school for people who want the "college experience" without going to a large university where the professors wont know you and you will get lost in the crowd. There is also alot of events on campus and organizations you can get involved in.


Central is a school for people who want the "college experience" without going to a large university where the professors wont know you and you will get lost in the crowd. There is also alot of events on campus and organizations you can get involved in.


I like the size of Central everything is in walking distance yet its big enough to not know everyone that attends. I spend most of my time on campus or near campus working, attending classes or meetings. CMU has many resorces to keep active and keep academics high as well as clean fun. This school also includes an amazing gym area for games, working out and relaxing. There are many opportnuities to get active and any area of interest that people need to take adavantage of.


I love this school. I am from Rhode Island where I feel I was very sheltered and moving here has changed that. I realized I am fine on my own because Central has made my experience welcoming and awesome.


I like the campus size and the opportunities presented to get involved. The CMU promise is great. I spend most of my time in Pearce when I'm not campus because it has a lab and free printing. Not too many people are there either. I wouldn't really say Mt. Pleasant is a college town. More like a boring town. The worst part about CMU is there isn't anything too excited to do because it's a little town. CMU's administration is better than average. There definitely is a lot of school pride. The books are WAY too expensive.


I think the campus is a perfect size. I am proud to go here. I wish though that mount pleasant was more of a college town, there is not much to do up here and finding a job is awful. I also wish that the greek comminity got alot more credit


I think that the best thing about Central Michigan is the students for sure, all the way. Without the students, this school would be nothing. Well, any school without students would be nothing I guess. But I mean its the kind of people and students that we have here that matters. This school is just the right size. Sure, you obviously won't know everyone, there are a lot of students that go here. But at the same time, you make so many friends. And then those friends know friends who know friends, and eventually you meet a ton of new friends. I love it because I meet new people here all the time. I am always making friends. But you keep those friends and see them everywhere: in your classes, on your way to classes, in the dorm halls, in the cafeterias, at the different events going on around campus, etc. As far as the town goes, well its really not much. Mount Pleasant seems to really be in the middle of no where. We don't even have a mall here. The closest one is about 40 minutes away. But we make do. The stores and restaurants that we do have are still great and you can still make do with them. It's actually kind of cool because it makes you appreciate the things you have back home, and it also helps you learn how to live on your own and how to make do with what you have and ignore what you don't have. The people in Mount Pleasant that do live here are great. They are very friendly and helpful and I've never really had a problem or complaint at all with them. The town is pretty easy to get used to because you have one main road which is Mission, and it is right parallel to campus and is the main central point of the town. It gets you where you need to go, and its easy to remember and locate. The dorms are great, probably the biggest and best dorms that you will find in the state of Michigan. Dorm life is amazing, your dorm halls get really close and become great friends with each other. Security in the resident halls is awesome too. Not too strict but at the same time, they make sure that everyone is safe and take care of anything that slightly looks "fishy" to them. School spirit is not like omg CENTRAL! But the student's still love the school, no matter if the sports succeed or fail. They still support the sports teams, but its definitely not over the top like Michigan. The stadium is awesome, and students love going to all the football games. Tailgaiting is so much fun too, and everyone always has a good time. When I tell people that I go to Central the responses that I get are 50/50. Some are like, "Why would you want to go there?" Some are curious, some positive. I guess it just depends. But I always tell them that I love it and I think everyone should come here. Because I do! It's really an amazing school, and if you come here and don't like it then you aren't trying hard enough to make friends, get involved, and have fun. Central makes it easy, all you have to do is put some effort into it. As they always say, college is what you put into it.


Central is a decent size school and fits most people because its not too large or too small. The campus is very pretty in the fall and spring and the buildings are nice for the most part. i spend most of my time on campus in the dorms and on Main Street and my favorite thing about our school is the football games and tailgates before hand.


I enjoy going to school here. I feel that it is the right size because its not too big or small. I spend most of my time in my room studying.


CMU is a great university when it comes to engaging students in getting involved. The administration is here for the students and it shows in their dedication to helping students out. If I had to change something it would be the lack of diversity on our campus. We are working very hard to change that and it is a process. I just understand the importance of it on our campus. Since our football team has gotten better, our school pride has as well. We have more attendance to sporting events and people come ready to support our players.


The best thing is the friendliness of the people. I would change its location...I do not like the small town atmoshpere. The size is just right. People don't really respect Central Michigan as a good college. I spend alot of time in the library and at the UC. College town


I love Central Michigan. I love the size of the school because it is not too big but also big enough at the same time. Because of the way my classes are scheduled, I spend a lot of time on campus. In between my classes I usually hang out in the University Center or the Library.


CMU's campus is the perfect size; not too big or too small. The campus is very pretty, especially in the fall. The leadership program is a great asset to the university and is something that sets us apart from the competition. Greek Life is above the standards of many other schools and does a lot to give back to CMU and our community. I spend a lot of time in the library and studying at coffee shops. I do not like the expenses, but I do understand that that is something that will happen at any school. I disagree with the way money is spent to improve buildings on this campus that are not in horrible condition. Instead of renovating to make things more visually appealing, keep things the way they are, save millions of dollars and keep our tuition low, so more students can afford to attend.


I love the size of the campus. We are a very diverse school and I always feel at home. However there is not too much to do outside of campus.


Central Michigan has the best environment for a college student. Everything is in perfect walking distance and easily available


I think that the best thing about Central Michigan is that it is a fairly large school in a small town. I think this makes the college atmosphere more exciting, but the smaller town makes it less intimidating to come here as a freshman. Most people from home act surprised when I tell them I go to Central because I'm from Madison, WI and many of them have never heard of the school, or wonder why I picked it.


I think the best thing about CMU is the hospitality of the people who work and live in Mt. Pleasant. I think that CMU is just right meaning not to big or to small. It is small enough to where you can run into people more than once a month, but it is big enough to give you the full university feeling. I usually spend most of my time at the Delta Chi Fraternity House. The biggest problem I have with CMU is that they try to get as much money from you as they can fining you for insignificant things that weren't your fault. I believe that students have the most school pride during football season, it is a very big unifying event are the home football games.


Great place to meet people, always things going on, Campus is perfect size, everything is within walking distance.....wouldnt want to be at any other school.


The best things about central michigan is ccut and dry. The campus by far is the best put together in michigan. You can walk to all your classes and all dorms are in great locations. There is a main street were all fraternities are and a large areas for apartment and house living quarters




Central is a close knit campus, that has a home touch. It is a rather big school with roughly 20,000 students, however many buildings are close, and the campus is similar to a small town.


great school and campus with great people


The big thing about central is the football team and taigating. Also the casino is always a good time. The size of central is perfect. It is just big enough that there are a lot of people to meet and have fun sporting events, but also small enough that you can actually live by campus and relate to your professors.


When I tell people i go to CMU they ask where it is. Then i tell them it is by the casino.


I think CMU is almost the perfect school. It's a good size with a good curriculum and I think they treat their students well. There's a lot of pride, and our athletic programs are strong. Two things I would change, however, is that the tuition is too high for the prestige of the school, and I think the surrounding city isn't sufficient for the amount of students on campus.


I love CMU. It is just the right size, with just the right amount of people


The best thing about central is the campus size and close relationship between the profs and students. I would change the lack of parking on campus, and boost our academic standing. I spend most of my time on campus in the school of business building or the bar. Mt Pleasant is a decent college town, there are a lot of townies though. The CMU administration is a joke, I never hear from them and all they care about is the shitty football team. The biggest controversy is a string of robberies. I am proud to go to CMU and most of the other students and alum seem proud as well. The one experience i will always remember is going a fraternity.


campus is good size, town too small, location is awful, regge fest is cool, tailgating is the best


CMU is a medium size University that has a variety of colleges. It is in a small town, but still has a good social life. I am proud to be a CMU student. I spend most of my time in the engineering technology building as well as grawn when I am on campus. Last semester CMU had a problem with racial issues, which would be the most controversy I have seen this year. I will always remember the experience I have received from joining a the Delta Chi fraternity. The most recent student complaints would be parking and traffic on the main roads in Mt. Pleasant.


The best thing about Central Michigan is the greek life and the education program.

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