Central Michigan University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Central Michigan is amazing. The size is just right, people are nice and friendly, for the most part, and there is always so much to do here! The most recent problem that I can think of is not salting or plowing the sidewalks. It was really hard for most people, especially the disabled requireing wheelchairs, to get to and from class. Other than that, CMU is a great place to be full of school pride!


a great place to meet life long friends and get an education that will excel your future.


I love tailgaiting, I like the education that I'm getting here, there is always something fun to do.


The best thing about CMU is the campus, its the perfect size for me and generally the people are really nice and friendly. When i tell people I go to cmu they usually think that im not that smart and that i go here because i couldnt get into state. I spend a lot of time in the library or in the HP building when I'm on campus. I like CMU's administration but i think the counselors arent that helpful a lot of the time...


I think that Central is a great school and that it is neither too small or too large. One thing that I am displeased with Central is that it is sometimes hard to get into the classes your need to get into. Offering more classes would be a good idea.


Mt. Pleasant is not college town that I imagined, especially since there is no competition between stores. There are only two bookstores, one which monopolizes all the customers, the other which seems to have to fight for their customers. I think that the city is working to bring more of a college town feel to it, but it is still a long way from achieving it.


The friendly atmosphere and out going community. There are a lot of ways to get involved and to enjoy the campus. The town is smaller with little shoping options. The atmosphere is a college town atmosphere and the people in town are friendly. Controversy is all in the eye of the beholder. I will always remember how Leadership Safari got me aclimated to the college atmosphere and opened my eyes to my new surroundings.


Central is the perfect university for a person like myself, it's not too big, yet it's not too small. When walking around campus I often see familiar faces, which makes me feel at home. There is always someone to go get coffee with, study at the library, or to walk to class with.


Coming to CMU has been one of the greatest decisions of my life. I feel as though I fit right in and am comfortable. Joining Sigma Kappa has made my experience even better. The Greek system here is a great organization and has helped me grow in many ways.


The campus is the perfect size. From one side to another, it takes only about ten minutes walking time. The classes are a good size compared to over colleges and universities. The professors and graduate assistants are personable and extremely knowledgable for the most part. They are willing to do whatever they can to help students succeed in their studies. Central offers a wide variety of majors and minors. It is a good school for students who are not exactly sure on what they want to study.


The best thing about CMU is the way the campus is set up. It's easy to get to classes. Another good thing about CMU are the people here. It's a very friendly place. When I tell people I go to CMU they react as if they know I like it there I spend most of my time at my fraternity house I like CMU's administration. However, they could be a little more open minded towards Greeks There is a HUGE amount of school pride at CMU. People who go here are proud to say they're a CMU Chippewa The one experience I'll always remember is Leadership Safari freshman year.


The best thing about Central Michigan is the campus, the size is just right and allows for you to really become fimiliar with your surroundings. I love the size of the student body here, I love the fact that I can meet new people everyday, but at the same time I see alot of fimiliar faces. I spend most of my time at the Delta Chi house off campus, but the library is awesome here, its the perfect setting, calming and quiet.


Central's campus is awesome in that everything is grouped together and easily accessible. Many colleges have campuses that are so large students have to take a bus to get to class. Mt Pleasant is a nice, safe community with lots available for students attending CMU. The amount of student pride on campus has seemed to grown since my freshman year here. More students attend sporting events and wear CMU's colors.


The best thing about central is that it is large enough to feel like a college but small enough not to be over whelming. They teachers here care. The food in the dorms is amazing. There is so many opportunities to be involved. The football games are so much fun even if we loose. I spend a great deal of time around campus during the day because I live off campus. I love how I can go pretty much anywhere on campus and be comfortable. I love spending time in the library, labs around campus, or random study rooms. They are great places to study and don't usually have very many distractions. I'd like to change tuition rate. I think that central should offer more scholarships. I wish there were more job opportunities.


The best thing about central michigan is its classes. I really enjoy some of the teachers that I have had. If i could change anything I would make it a bigger town. My school is just the right size for me. I spend most of my time in the library studying. CMU's administration is okay. I dont feel like the advisors are very good. There is some school pride but not as much as there probably should be. I will always remember St. Pattys day my freshman year.


The community is the best part of CMU...people seem to be genuinely caring and nice!


I like CMU because there aren't huge lectures. You get to know a lot of your professors, which I think makes you a more successful student. I think the school is just the right size to get the college experience without getting lost in the crowd. When I tell people I go to CMU, they usually ask me if I'm going to be a teacher or if I party a lot, but you probably get that one at any school. I spend most of my time either at the library or at my sorority house. I don't know much about the admin. at my school because not much is really brought to out attention. The biggest recent controversy was the nooses in the ET building. There is a ton of school spirit on campus. A lot of people go to sporting events and participate in school sponsored activities. I'll always remember living in the dorms my freshman year. It's a great experience. The most frequent student complaints are the icy sidewalks.


One of the best things about Central is the welcoming atmosphere one experiences when entering our campus. It is the reason I chose to attend Central and the reason I plan to stay here. People are generally friendly and you can always find help if you need it.


When I tell people I go to Central they automatically come back at me and say, "Oh, the party school." Yet, I think that every school is a party school and think you see the same amount here as any other school. I think that Central is just the right size. However, I do think there could be a lot more diversity. I think racism and discrimination might be an ongoing controversy at Central.


Central Michigan is amazing! I think it is just the right size. When I tell people I go to central, they are not surprised. It fits me. I spend most of my time on campus in Grawn and Wightman. I think the administration is helpful for the most part. The biggest recent controversy on campus might have been the whole "noose" thing. I think everyone has incredible school pride. So much better than high school. nothing is unusual about CMU except we do not have a mall and that makes some people frustrated. I will always remember the day I moved to campus my freshman year. I wouldn't take that day back for a second. It was when my most exciting and happiest moments of my life started. Most frequent student complaint is the parking at central. There is always a cost to park everywhere. and for students that live close to campus, it is hard for them because if it is storming and they want to go to the library, they just have to hope they a.) have quarters to stay for the appropriate time length, and b.) hope they can find a parking spot at a meter, as close to the library (or desired building) as possible.


The best thing about Central michigan is that it is a smaller community of students. You can walk to class within 20 minutes of being on campus, you know a lot more people, and it is easy to know the town well. Also there are many different types of events, groups, ect that you can get involved in


Exactly the right size. Not too big, but big enough. Dorms are a good size. A lot of people like how the dorms are set up. I feel safe here. Faculty are very nice for the most part. Everyone is welcoming, especially to freshman. The cafeteria food is good.


The best thing about CMU is that it's a pretty large university but with a small university feel. People who are not from Central always feel very welcome when they come here and enjoy themselves (unless they're from Western). The biggest recent controversy on campus was the noose incident. There isn't that much school pride, but I feel that the study body is shifting in that direction with our vastly improved football team and with our new basketball arena being scheduled to done in 2010.


The best thing about Central Michigan is it's location, size and friendly atmosphere.


Central is a great school. It's the perfect size. You can't go anywhere without seeing someone you recognize. There is a mediocre amount of school pride. There has always been controversy about the mascot. No one can have fun with it because, being a Chippewa, it's a serious offence to dress up as an Indian or or do anything that has to do with it. There's always a lot to do, a ton of different events to attend like the Threads fashion show, or the concerts, comedians, movie nights, Greek week, speakers, etc.


I really enjoy the atmosphere of Central Michigan University. The overall feel of being in this town is although sometimes boring and depressing it can be quite enjoyable. The one thing I would change would be the parking although not that terrible it is frustrating walking over 200 yards in the freezing cold to class once finding a parking spot. When I tell people I attend school here their response is usually "oh thats cool" or "how do you like it?" usually nothing negative come from me telling them I attend school here. I spend most of my time on campus in the Health professions building because that is where my major is based out of as well as where i can complete the majority of my homework. I believe the administration is doing a good job besides earning a six digit salary. I think it would be a difficult task running a large university and they are doing a respectful job. I do not believe there is a lot of school pride because of the type of people that go here it's certainly any in particulars fault. My experience I'll always remember is Mock rock Performances in Greek week.


The best thing about Central Michigan University is the amazing friendships that I have made. The location is great. School pride is outstanding. I would like to be able to lower tution prices if possible. I believe that it is extremely expensive.


Everyone who goes to CMU is always complaining about CMU's administration. Trying to resolve a problem with CMU's staff is always a headache. CMU's administration spends too much time worrying about their image and appealing to bring in more people (more money) to the school. The administration spends too much time pushing diversity programs on all the students and while it can seem like its doing a lot of good and on paper, looks great for the school, it makes a lot of students upset. The school spends so much time, effort, and money on diversity awareness and programming that it takes away from nearly everything else. Diversity isnt something that should be taught. Its hard to "teach" someone diversity. Learning to be more accepting of other people is something that people learn best through experience and getting to know different types of people, not by seeing a presentation about why they should accept other people and their culture and lifestyles.


Central has a campus that is perfect in size. There is not enough adequate parking though. We get raped on book prices and sell back as well. The SAC is an absolute JOKE - the facility is going down hill (broken machines every other day that dont get fixed for a week), and the hours are TERRIBLE. My freshman year the ENTIRE building was open until 12 AM. Its as if trying to stay healthy is a task anymore. A lot of people used that facility at late hours.


Central is a very fun campus that encourages its students to become involved in many ways.


Fun, many things for many different type of people. I would change parking. Perfect size campus. They say im lucky because we are the best school in the midwest. At my house or the fraternity house. College town. Awesome administration. Controversy is always about girls or professors. Yes because out football team is awesome. Nothing unusual. I will always remember welcome weekend. Parking is the worst thing on campus.


The best thing about CMU to me is the size. When I went on a campus tour to MSU the first thing that I thought was that it was way too big. However when I came to CMU it was a lot smaller, but it was still big enough that I felt like I was going to a college and not a glorified high school. I like the fact that all of the buildings used for classes are really close and that you can walk across campus within 15 minutes.


Central and Mt. Pleasant is just the right size. I spend alot of time either in my room, or at the fraternity house.


I would change the size of the campus it is too small.


I chose to come to Central because of the campus. While it is a large university with around 27,000 students, I can still walk from one side of campus to the other in about 15 minutes. The residence halls are nice because I don't have to use community bathrooms and I have my own room in the new halls. Mount Pleasant is definitely a college town that offers a lot stores and restaurants for students to go to. There is a lot of school spirit, especially during football season. Since we have had a winning team the past few years, there has been an increase in support for our athletics. I also think it is great how students do not disrespect the Chippewa name by representing them in inappropriate ways.


best about central- the variety of extracruculars. I'd change the town atmosphere though- find more things to do than just go to the bars on the weekends.


I think the size of CMU is just right, campus is the perfect size it never takes more then 15 minutes to walk from one side of campus to the other and there are just enough students to not know everyone but still recognize people on campus and in classes.


I think the size of our school is perfect. I think some of the other schools like U of M and MSU are all too big. I like the fact that everything on campus is walking distance it makes everything so much easier.


All in all, CMU is a great school to attend because it has so much to offer coarse wise and also has many extra cirriculars to choose from. The school's size is just right because it's big enough so that one doesn't feel closed in, but small enough to get to know a lot of students on campus. CMU also exhibits a lot of school pride when it comes to sports and school events as compared to other schools.


i love the campus. its the perfect size. not too big but not to small


The best thing about CMU is social environment. Most students around campus and even off campus are very accepting of one another. There is little violence or controversy. Everyone for the most part is looking to learn in a positive environment and have a good time while getting a high quality education. When I tell acquantances or strangers that I go to Central they all seem to have positive responses. Very rarely do I ever here anybody downtalk CMU.


I love the size of Central. It is not too big and not too small. But I would change the location to more of a popular city where there was a mall. I spend most of my time on campus in my dorm.


I believe Central is the perfect size at least for me anyways. Many people look down a little on Central if they go to U of M or MSU because those apparently are distinguished schools. Yet, at MSU they had 4000 drunkards in the streets and started riots at Cedarfest. Therefore, I believe Central is quite more classy than MSU. Our food on campus is great compared to other institutions. Yet, some people still complain, but that is because they have not gone to another place and tasted what other people are forced to eat all the time.


I'm glad I went greek. I couldn't imagine my life here at CMU without my brothers. They have helped me through some tough times and have made me realize I could find a bond with guys I never thought I would ever connect with.


I think we have the worse mascot ever and it makes us look dumb. Our campus is pretty good size, but needs soooo much more parking. We need more things to do in our so-called "college town", and fast food doesnt count.


I love Central, it is the perfect size for me, not too many students and not too little, and the class sizes are good for me. People don't really give a reaction when they hear I go to central, I spend most of my time in classes. It is a college town. I believe there is a lot of school pride. My best experience has been going Greek at Central.


Central Michigan is in Mount Pleasant, which is a smaller town 2 miles in any direction from campus and its probably going to be farm land. It's nice living in a small town though, the downtown is a nice strip of family owned shops and family owned restaurants. Tailgates are really fun at Central Michigan because I always run into friends that I haven't seen in a while, its always nice catching up with them.


The best thing, that I love about Central Michigan, is its friendly atomosphere. After being here for two years, I can honestly say that I have only run into a handfull of people who weren't friendly and who were not willing to talk your ear off the moment you meet. I have a twin sister who goes to State, and granted they are a bigger school, many of the students there a cold and don't care about getting to know you. I think our size is just right; I enjoy seeing familiar faces and friends while I walk to class everyday, its comforting. When I am here on campus I spend a lot of time in my dorm, at classes, involved in outside activities and groups, and with my sorority events. I think that Central has a lot of school pride, and we can all say we are proud of the football team and all they have accomplished in the last few years.


The big picture is that Central is a wonderful school. It is not to small, nor is it too big. The campus is beautiful and the people at Central are absolutely amazing. The education that you receive here is great compared to other MAC schools. We do get the same if not better education than coming from bigger schools such as Michigan. Also CMU is not that big of a party school compared to what it use to be. Yes there are partys, but that doesnt mean that it has changed that CMU hasn't changed.


The campus is small, no one attendance sporting events, they just tailgate and go home to party more. there is a lot of school pride but no one supports the athletes. usually hang out at the bars, and clubs. the blackstone, wayside, and the pub. i love homecoming week and the scavenger hunt.

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