Central Michigan University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I think that this campus is the perfect size. I would change MIP policies in the dorms. If a students gets caught drinking in the dorms, they do not get an MIP... I think they should. We do have a lot of school spirit, but I don't think anyone really knows what the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe stands for. Out town is a total college town and not many of the townies like us.


I wish that Central had a bigger town. I like the towns of East lansing or Ann arbor but the school are too big for me. I think it would be ideal if we had a bigger town instead of a seasonal hick town. I am very active so I spend most of my time on campus. I am either in class or studying or doing things for my sorority. THere is not much school pride. I loved St. Patty's day my freshman year I think that is one experience I will never forget.


I feel that Central is a perfect size campus. Most of the time that i spend on campus is in the classroom. Otherwise i would be eating at a dining commons or at the food court. Since i live off campus i do not spend a lot of time just hanging out on campus. I dont know if would concider Central a school that has a lot of school pride. There are people who love the school and the experience that they achieve, but i dont know if i would say that the athletics generates enough of a portion to school pride.


The best thing about CMU is the overall environment that the campus has. You can walk down the street and say hi to a random stranger and they will say hi back to you. The classes are small enough that most professors learn all of their students names and are helpful whenever a student has questions or needs help beyond what the professor is required to do. Almost all of the classes are taught by professors not their assistants, and just the college town environment that is present in Mt. Pleasant is great.


Central Michigan University can be summed up as this..... It 's not one of those big campus where you have to for class an hour before it starts. yet its not so small that you see the same people everyday. the city of mt. plesant is not your typical urban chic college town. in fact central michigan university is the town.


Central Michigan is in a rural town that is bigger than my hometown, and there is a lot to do around here. We have tons of school spirit (especially for our football team...FIRE UP CHIPS!). On campus, I go to the SAC everyday and workout. The most recent issue is the "noose" incident. Students here always complain about the poor roads and how poorly the salt works on the sidewalks in the winter...o wait....THEY DONT USE ANY!


The best thing about CMU is the atmosphere. This is great place to live and go to school. I think that the size of our school is just right, i dont have to walk 45 mins to go to class. One thing i would like to see changed is parking. I think its getting a little over crowded and its hard to find parking on campus without getting a ticket. I say i spend most of my time at my fraternity house. Yes, there is alot of school pride. Nothing unusual. A experience i will always remember is homecomings. It is a great time, alot of alum come up for it, and my family comes up as well.


Central Michigan is a very laid back college campus. I may be a little biased, but people are much friendlier at Central than any of the other major universities I've been to. Every place on campus is just a stones throw away. I'm from a very small town in Southwest Michigan, so I was the only person from my graduating class that attended Central. When I tell people I go to Central Michigan, they seem to think I'm doing all right for myself, being that I'm doing well in one of the top 3 biggest colleges in the state. I am really enjoying myself at Central, but I couldn't fathom being in Mt. Pleasant or the Mid-Michigan region after I graduate.


Central Michigan does have a pretty big reputation as a party school. When you tell people you go to school here, you can get a wide variety of responses. From oh, I went to some really sweet parties there back in the day, to oh, well some of my friends went there, but I went to _______. It all kind of depends. You can find a party almost any night of the week, and just like the other big schools, MSU for example has Grand River as the party street, CMU has Main Street. The parties get wild and you rarely can walk the streets without running into an officer. But all in all it is a pretty good place to recieve and education. I mean, at least its not Western.... :)


I don't go to Central. So I don't really have any suggestions.


I think the best thing about CMU is the Greek life. The sorority's are awesome and the fraternitys throw good parties. Its also not too big but not too small of a town. Also tailgating is so much fun and probably one of the best things about CMU and the best part of the year. I also just joined a sorority Delta Zeta so that was probably one of the best decisions.


I love the people at Central, also they campus is just big enough where you can tell you are on a big campus, but it still has that community feel about it.


The best thing about CMU is the size and the campus layout. One thing I'd change is the massive amount of money we spend on diversity. It's a waste. I spend most of my time on campus in my dorm room, in class or in the library. CMU's administration needs to stop being so politically correct and wasting so much of our time and energy on "multicultural/diversity" programs. School pride is very high considering we've been the MAC champs for a couple years now! Frequent student complaints: WAY too liberal. Too many diversity programs.


Like I'm sure it is anywhere, advisors are essentially useless, and you are often left to figure it out for yourself. It's been fine for me, but I could see how it's a concern for otheres. The town is small and there isn't much to do here, but coming from a small town, it's an improvement -- we can get pizza delivery, and that's something I couldn't do at home.


I feel like this school is just close to the perfect size. If it were just a little bigger, it would be awesome. Also, location is not a point of pride of mine as far as this school is concerned. I'd much rather prefer to be west coast, but seeing as Michigan will never be on the west coast, it seems to make more sense here :). Most of my time on campus is spent in the dormitories or with my fraternity brothers all about campus. The best thing about this campus, in my opinion, is the Greek Life. Without it, four years here would probably become unbearable. If I could change one thing, I'd make it so the school advertised its Greek Life a little better, because I really think it is one of the best selling points of the school.


The best thing about Central is the campus size. We have over 20,000 students but it only takes me 15 minutes to walk to the other side of campus plus I see 5 people I know along the way. If I could change one thing it would be a mascot. I repect the Native Americans near by but I wish we could all rally around a common mascot. One controversy that was pretty recent was the hanging of noses in a building. They were meant as a joke meaning "i would rather hang myself than do this project" and were in way racial. People took it the wrong way and it got blown way out of proportion. I feel like some people are always on the defensive and take everything to the extreme when there really is no need.


Central is the right size. It's large enough to get "lost" in the crowd when you want or to make a name for yourself. The faculty is helpful for th most part because the class sizes arent too big.


The best part about Central is the Experience. This has become a new home for me and I am enjoying every opportunity. There are so many ways to get involved and most of the students take the initiative to lead all the activities on campus. It is also the perfect size for most college students.


Central is amazing! For mid-Michigan it's a college town and there's a party scene to proove it. The campus is just right... easy enough to walk everywhere, but large enough to not run into the same 20 people every day. The food is pretty good too! Oh and of course, athletics. MAC champs two years in a row for football, our baseball team just beat U of M and our wrestling is known around the country. Go Central, then go Greek! =)


Community. Happiness. Caring.


Just Right, Central is great, friendly however the only thing is sometimes MANY people mis-inform you about important information. I lost out on all of my financial aid and I'm now paying for an outrageous loan and interest rate.


I love the size of CMU. Its not too small and its not too big and there are plenty of things to do around campus. When I tell people that I go to CMU, they usually react by asking me if I party every day of the week. Everyone here is extremely nice and easy to talk to if you have a question.


The one thing that I will always remember about CMU is being part of Sigma Kappa. I have made great friends that I will have my entire life. Sigma Kappa has made me a better person and exposed me to a lot of different experiences.


The best thing about Central Michigan University is the environment. When walking on campus I always have a feeling of, "this is where I belong." The campus is just the right size and offers an immense variety of programs and activities. One thing that I would change is the professors use of BlackBoard. I believe that every professor should utilize BlackBoard. It not only helps organize the course for the professor, but also the student. Whenever I tell people I go to Central, their response is always "oh I bet you party a lot," which I don't. There is no college town here, it is more like a town that is trying to be revamped to look like a college town. I believe there is a lot of school pride. We always have a huge attendance at our sporting events.


I think CMU is too small. It's in a relatively small town without much to do in town.


The best thing about CMU is that it is a small enough campus to make a name for yourself, yet big enough to meet new people and tackle new challenges on a daily basis.


CMU is a mid-large size school with roughly 25,000 students. The campus is small enough to get from one end to the other in under 15 minutes, but big enough to space the buildings out. The students are for the most part friendly and easy to get along with. Football games and Wrestling are the major sports that draw the biggest crowds.


This school is large enough to give a really good variety in education choices, yet small enough to have that home-town feel. The students/staff/faculty are very friendly and welcoming to everyone that comes here. The most recent controversy was related to a student who hung nooses in one of the technical buildings (this was this past fall). He claimed it was a joke related to Halloween. The main experience I'll always remember about CMU surround my time with Phi Sigma Sigma - the BEST sorority on campus!!


Central has a great atmosphere. It is a very good community. The campus is beautiful and full of friendly staff.


I love Central Michigan because of the classes offered, the programs offered, and the professors at Central. Most of the professors I have had are really approachable. Most students do not take advantage of this. The one thing I would probably change about Central Michigan is the parties that do occur on the school nights. This school is a medium size and is very perfect for me. Most of my time on campus is spent in the class room or dorm room. CMU's administration is kind of really unknown to me. The noose hanging were a while ago. Just things that are current in news. There is a TON of school pride. Everyone is proud to wear the Central Michigan University Chippewas on their shirts, jerseys, hoodies, zip up sweatshirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, hats, caps, shoes, pretty much anything that is wearable or can fit on a vehicle. Things that are unusual seem to be the "horror" stories about the buildings or well the haunted buildings. The one experience I will always remember is joining Alpha Sigma Alpha. Most frequent complaints about the students I would believe is that all of the dining commons except for the Larzelere and Robinson Dining Commons and the RFoC are closed.


The best thing about Central is the wide variety of RSO's their are to get involved in and also the size is perfect for me. I spend most of my time on campus in classrooms, I don't live on campus so I don't go more than I need to. Yes, I think there is a lot of school pride, at least from the people I know. The one experience I'll always remember is being in a sorority. The most frequent student complaints are parking.


I feel the school is the right size. People don't really act in any particular fashion when i tell them i attend Central. I spend most of my on campus time in class, at the library, or in my dorm room. Biggest controversy on our campus involves some nooses left in a classroom on campus. There is a lot of school pride.


The school size is just right; when you walk across campus it feels like you know everyone some days and no one on other days.


Our campus is very compact, which is nice because it does not take a long time to walk to classes. We have about 20,000 students, which I consider to be a nice median size. One thing I would change would be to have more lighting on campus, I feel it is very dark and unsafe when walking at night. Also, as a Greek, we do not have a large Greek community. The Greeks make up about 4% of the campus, and we are not strongly supported by the University. A recent controversy at our campus is the nooses that were hung in an academic building last semester, and Dennis Lennox fighting for the right to video tape.


Best thing about CMU is the small class sizes and the personal level at which they're taught. Beautiful campus, perfect size, located in a great town. School pride runs high at CMU, especially during football season.


As someone who is about to graduate, being asked to reflect on my experience at CMU is bittersweet. Mount Pleasant has been my home for the last four years and although I am ready to move on, it is hard to imagine it all coming to an end. With all of the construction and changes that have happened in the past few years, I can only imagine how different this place will be when I come back and visit. The best thing about this campus is its size. It is neither too large nor too small. I believe everyone if they try can find their niche. I think people are friendly and down to earth. My professors have been fair for the most part and seem knowledgeable in their field of study. In general I think it is a good school and I would recommend people come here.


We are Awsome Were better than Western. We have a campus that looks out for each other. We have a small school feel.


Large enough but small enough


I believe central's campus if the perfect place for your first year of college. the campus size is perfect to not feel too overwhelmed.


my school is medium sized school but it isnt very diverse but i still like it, its an alright school


Central is the perfect size, theres not too many people, nor is there too little. I spend most of my time at my fraternity house. Mt. Pleasant can be boring at times, but for the most part there is usually something to do. There is definitely a ton of school pride.


I think CMU is the perfect size. When I tell people I go to CMU some people say they heard a lot of good things about it and others compare us to UofM or MSU and say we are not smart or we are just a party school.


I love that the campus is big enough to be a campus but small enough so everything is in walking distance. When I tell people I go to Central they ask how much I party. There is a lot of school pride when it comes to football games especially against our rivals Western. I love Greek life so the one thing I will always remember is becoming a part of the Delta Zeta sorority.


The best thing about Central is the leadership minor and program they have. They're very centered on how leadership can go a long way. The size is perfect for me, not too big, and not too small. I spend most of my time at my sorority house and on campus, like at the library. The most recent controversy is when they found a noose in a science lab classroom, and the Dennis Lennox situation.


The best thing about central is the crowd i would change the cost increases every year the school size is just right they think im to smart to go there at my sorority house i think the administration is disatteched from the university students biggest recent controversy was the nooses hanging there is not alot of school pride


Central Michigan is just right, it isnt too big or too small. Every where you go you will most likely see someone that you know. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful.


My school is just right---not too big, not too small. The campus is intimate, yet there are alot of people who go here.


I love Central's small campus, however sometime I find it too small. I wish we had another food court on campus instead of just the down under. Also, the Sac becomes really crowded sometimes it would be nice to have another gym for maybe upper classman


The best thing about Central Michigan is that it is such a small campus that you really get to know a lot of people. Also the class sizes are small so that makes it nice because you really get a one on one with the professors. I spend most of my time on campus in the library or in my room doing homework or relaxing. Central has an amazing sense of school pride! We really love to support our athletic teams and we just love going here to Central.


I love CMU. It's a perfect place for me, I fit and and have found so many great friends. The campus is not to big and not to small, you always are able to meet new people, yet some how always manage to run into someone that you know. There is a lot of school pride, and students take care of our campus and it is very pretty any time of the year. My favorite experience at CMU was move in day my freshman year, I will always remember it and all the first impressions that I had, I would have never imagined myself where I am now.

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