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What is your overall opinion of this school?


Central Michigan Unviersity is an amazing school. It's the perfect size for you can literally walk anywhere and everywhere. Although there aren't any huge malls and we are located in a smaller town, there are stores and resutrants of all types that have just about anything that you need. There are many spots for students to get together to hang out including coffee shops, a huge library with smaller study rooms, computer labs in very dorm building as well as a study lounge on every floor, a gym, and many more. I believe that students take great pride in our school, myself included.


I feel its just right, nice size student body and campus. Not too big or too small. Mount PLeasant is a little boring but we always seem to find something to do.


Our school is just right. It's not too big where I feel like no one, I can make a name for myself. I can recognize people and say "hello" to people while walking around campus. Then again, it's not too small where there is nothing to do. There are hundreds of ways to get involved. I spend most of my time studying, I have an intense major, dietetics. It requires strong study habits so I spend most of my time in science labs or the library. Mt. Pleasant is definitely a college/gamblers town. A lot of the people who come through are either here for college or the casino, or both. An experience I will always remember is Greek Week 2008 with Phi Sigma Sigma.


CMU is a very close community. It's very friendly and welcoming. There are many opportunities to get involved in many groups, not just Greek groups, but campus groups. The campus has a very "home-y" feeling to it. The teachers are very enthusiastic about teaching and are always willing to help the students.


Good size campus but not enough parking. The town is small and there is not much to do here. I feel like there is quite a bit of school pride but there could be more. The experience that I will always remember is my experience being greek.


I really like Central because it is a small school, but not too small. It is the perfect size for me because of the teacher interaction as well as the closeness of the campus in general. The campus is very pretty too and is fun to walk through on the way to classes.


Everyone at CMU is so friendly. I've never been on a campus where people smile at each other as much as this one. This is the only school to offer a leadership minor which is awesome. it is the perfect size-not too big or too small. there is a ton of school pride...the student section at football games is so much fun.


The best thing about Central is its atmosphere. It is a very friendly campus. I came from a very small town and it was no problem adjusting to this. The professors are willing to help you and its all together a homey environment.


I think that the school it self is over programmed with too many RSO's doing the same things. Our campus is too small for all the activities that we have going on


1. The Musical opportunities 2. Nothing 3. Just right 4. They think I am a big partier 5. In the Music Building 6. College Town 7. They do a good job. I have never had any issues with the administration. 8. The nooses that were made in the science building as a racial joke. 9. Yes!! Fire up Chips!!! 10. No 11. Singing the Alma Matter around the "Rock" at 10:30Pm with all my brothers 12. Parking issues and MIPs


I think Central Michigan is a great school. One thing I really like is our campus. All of the academic buildings are in the center of campus and are mostly all by each other. From the dorms, the farthest walk is only fifteen minutes. Another thing I really like is the dorms. Most of the dorms on campus have two bedrooms, one main living space, and a bathroom. Each room gets a bathroom, which means no community bathroom! You only have to share a bathroom with 3 other people instead of everyone on your floor. The newest dorms are also very luxurious for dorms. It is apartment style which means everyone gets their own bedroom and there are two bathrooms to four people instead of just one bathroom. The main living area is also much bigger and it is very nice! I believe CMU is just the right size as well. It's not so big that you have to walk twenty miles to get to the other side of campus, but it's not so small that you feel like you're still in high school. There are still a lot of people and you'll probably never get to know everyone in your grade. CMU is also a big college town. Most of the population in Mt. Pleasant are college students. There are a lot of elementary schools and a high school, but the college is what brings in the most people. I've heard that Mt. Pleasant is dead in the summer and on vacations like Christmas and spring break. CMU also has some really great academic programs. For example, the one CMU is most known for is our athletic training program. Another program CMU is known for is it's public relations program. Most people don't know about the PR program, but it's student organization, PRSSA, is nationally recognized and employers really like to see involvement in that on resumes. FIRE UP CHIPS!


The best thing is I'm happy here it is my second home. I never dread coming back here. One thing I would change is the way classes are schelduled for freshmen. I think it should be explained more that they have the summer to change their classes online. What they do at oreintation isn't final. My school is just the right size. It is big enough to meet a lot of people from all walks of life. You don't have to see certain people if you don't want to. It makes classes big and small. It isn't to small that you see the same people always. People smile and ask how it is going. Many people ask if I party. Most of my time on campus is spent in my dorm or in class. Mt. Pleasant is a college town. When the students leave the population drops more then half. I think our administration is fair. One of the biggest recent controversies was if we were going to have to make up snow days. Central has school spirit and pride. One experience I will always remember is the first weeks of my freshmen year. I went from hating it here to falling in love with college life. The most frequent student complaint is the price of books.


The best thing about Central Michigan is the people I've met and the oppurtunites I've been expose too. One thing I would change is to revamp North Campus. (which they are doing next year) The school size is just right for me. People are sometimes suprised that I chose to go to CMU. I spend most of my time in my dorm. Mt. Pleasant definately embraces CMU. Ive enjoyed most of the faculty at Central but there still are some professors I could do w/out. I dont know of any big controversies the school has experienced. There is definitely a lot of school pride. Central is a very involved campus something that is not always found around other colleges. An experience I'll always remember is everything I've done while being involved in LAS. THe most frequent complaints would be the icy sidewalks in the winter.


I like that Central Michigan isn't too small and it isn't too big. I like the variety of class sizes and the closeness to everything in and around campus.


I think that the best thing about CMU would have to be it's academics. One thing that I would change would be the elimination of stereotypes. I would say the size of the school is just right. Being from Indiana, most people don't even know that CMU exists, let alone know where it's at; the only exception is with athletics, because some of our sport teams are known outside of Michigan. I spend most of my time on campus either in my dorm or the IAC. I would say that CMU is a college town. For the most part, I'm happy with the administration, although there are a couple of things I don't fully agree with. The biggest recent controversy that I remember would probably be the deal with the nooses. I guess there's school pride, everyone seems to enjoy going to the tailgating for football anyway. I don't find anything unusual about CMU- it seems like a traditional college campus. One experience I will always remember is hosting the MAC Cross Country Championships at Riverwood last fall. Although it's pointless, the most frequent complaint I hear is people never getting enough sleep and then having to wake up for early classes.


Central Michigan is just right in size because you can walk just about anywhere on campus and see familiar faces all the time. Most of time on campus is spent in the Rose building where I practice gymnastics. Aside from that, you can find me at Grawn where all my classes are now. I think Mt. Pleasant is a college town within a town because there are other members of the community besides college students. I have a lot of school pride because I think CMU is a great school that provides a quality education to students, and I also have a lot of Chippewa pride because I am in athletics and I know how hard all the athletes work.


cmu is a good community. its just the right size and it is a great campus. everyone you meet is nice and friendly.


The one thing that I would change is that there isnt very much school pride. the only time that a majority of the students participate in athletic events or other school events is when there's pregaming and tailgating involved. it would be great to have more support at other athletic events besides football, especially since 9 out of 10 wrestlers are competing at nationals. there also isnt much awareness for events happening around campus, for example there were nooses hung in one of the buildings and very few people knew about it even though it was on the news and the school paper published numerous articles on it.


The best thing about CMU is the people. They make you feel welcomed. At other schools I looked at, I felt like a number in the system. I don't feel like that here. I wouldn't change anything. The size of CMU is just right. When I first told people I was going to CMU, they looked at me like I was crazy because they thought I was one who would fit in at an Ivy League school- they looked at CMU as a party school and that is not true at all. I spend most of my time on campus at the Student Activity Center working out or at the Leadership Institute. Central is in Mt. Pleasant. It feels like any other town that I've been to so I wouldn't label it a college town. The administration is great and will help you with anything! There is A LOT of school pride. Pride is a necessity when you become a part of the Chippewa family.


The best thing about Central is the greek life. I wouldn't really change anything, i honestly love it here, the campus isnt huge and we have a fairly neutral reputation that maybe leans toward party school. I personally spend most of my time in the dorms or at my sorority house. I dont have an opinion about the administration but there was a big deal made about the nooses found in the Engineering and Technology building. It's impossible to walk anywhere on campus and not see students wearing they're maroon and gold. I'm never going to forget when the entire city of Mt. Pleasant was blacked out. The thing that students seem to complain about most is that its cold and CMU doesnt keep the ice off the sidewalks well enough.


I like the size of CMU its a beautiful campus, and its not so big that you feel overwhelmed. I don't spend much time on campus, and the town is still developing into more of a college town. Mt. Pleasant isn't a big city, but you can still find things to do. I personally haven't had any problem with the administration here and most faculty and staff that I have dealt with are very helpful. CMU has a lot of school pride. Every sporting event that I have gone to during my time here has had its share of excited fans. The most frequent complaint is probably about parking, but I know that is the case at a lot of schools.


The campus is just the right size. You can walk from one end of the campus to the other is 15-20 minutes


there are limitless opportunities- i'd move it to a warmer location- just right- some are surprised b/c I turned down u of m to go here- dorm, probably- mt. pleasant, definitely a college town- pretty good- the hanging of 4 nooses in a classroom- FIRE UP CHIPS!!!- they offer a leadership minor- that one time w/ my sisters- recently it 's been that the side walks are too icy

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