Central Michigan University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Those who are looking for an open and accepting environment from religion and deaf culture to ethnic to LGBTQ, CMU's students and professors are very accepting and encouraging for them to be who they are and to help those who don't understand or haven't been exposed a way to ask questions in a safe and non judgemental environment.


Certain departments are better than others. The people who attend should look at how the program is viewed by employers. Teaching and most business majors are strong programs while others are more of an after-thought.


Any type of person can attend Central Michigan University. With it’s friendly atmosphere and close-knit community every student has many opportunities to get involved. Any focused student would be able to get the most out of this school both educationally and socially, as well as make memories to last a lifetime.


Hard working and determined individuals that want to make it far in life.


CMU provides a lot of opportunities to those students willing to seek them out. It is very easy to simply go through the motions here, skipping classes and focusing more on your social life than on your academic successes--however, for those students willing to rise above that temptation, there are some excellent professors on campus and plenty of opportunities to make yourself stand out above the rest.


Those seeking a decently large student population and a wide variety of social opportunities would like Central Michigan Unversity. Students who are not quite sure as to what they would like their major to be would find Central Michigan University accomodating, as there are lots of options. Finally, students that are interested in a teaching career would like Central, as it is has a strong emphasis on education majors.


Someone looking for a friendly and welcoming environment with plenty of opportunities for socializing, extra-curricular activities, and academics.


The kind of person who should attend Central Michigan is one who is determined and is serious about their education.


Anyone really. This school is very diverse and welcoming. I see a lot of every type of person here at Central from intellectuals, to hippies, to party people, to more shy or conservative people. And of course anyone that enjoys meeting new people.


Someone who wants a good degree but enjoys a smaller campus atmosphere.


Central Michigan University is a great school to get a good education with [for the most part] great professors. Central offers smaller classes for students to get a more personal learning experience, but is a big school so students still have the opportunity to meet many, diverse people. Central emphasizes taking care of yourself and the person next to you and building leadership. Any person who wants to get a good education, make lifelong friends, have numerous extracurricular opportunities, have advisors who really care, and grow to be a better, stronger, mature version of themselves should consider Central Michigan University.


A person who likes to party but can focus on school when they need to. A lot of parties go on all week so you have to be able to control yourself.


The kind of person who should attend this school would be a person who is looking for a postitive college experience, and someone who is looking to make friends and participate in an upbeat university setting. CMU would be ideal for someone who is looking to break out of their 'shell' or who is trying to 'find' themselves.


I feel any "kind" of person should attend this school. CMU has everything! From arts, to health, to education. I feel you will get a well wounded experience no matter what your major or personality is. You will leave Central Michigan University with a degree and a knowing of who you are as a person as well.


A student who values diversity, intimate classroom settings, and a small town atmosphere.


Somone who wants a solid education and is interested in leading an active campus life would enjoy CMU.


Someone that needs to take specific classes to transfer to another school...or someone that is graduating from this school that has an adult or expierenced student with them when signing papers. They changed paperwork on me without telling me, making me change my degree so I didn't have to attend another two years versus a semester. Elementary Education degree seekers...beware... they change your minor and major requirments so often your head spins.


Anyone who would like to recieve a quality education.


This question is fairly non-applicable to CMU. If you were to ask, "What kind of person SHOULDN'T attend this school," then maybe we'd be getting somewhere. From the football jocks to the marching band nerds, the four-point student to the slacker, the binge-drinker to the quiet novel-reader, this school is inclusive to all. It's warm and gentle - easy to get along with and vibes well. CMU is large enough to mater, yet small enough to care.


Someone looking for user friendly campus should attend Central. Everything is extremely accessible. I learned campus in one day. There are so many events free to students including all athletic events. The exercise facility here is one of the nicest I have seen and is free to students. There are many different living options and most have their own cafetirea. The campus is mid-sized and class size is great making it easy to keep in touch with new friends. A wide variety of classes are offered and students have complete control over scheduling. Central is easy to call home.


Someone who wants a challenge academically while still being able to pursue hobbies, interests and social activities should attend CMU.


Someone who wants to do something with their life. Someone who doens't want a big school, but doesn't want a small school.


Anyone that wants to get a great education and make a ton of new friends should definitely consider attending Central Michigan University. I was apprehensive at first, not knowing anyone coming into the college experience, but once I was here and meeting new people and attending new classes, I was amazed at how much fun school could be. While some of the work is hard, it's nothing like high school was, and I love the experience of the school.


Anyone who is looking for a great atmosphere.


Someone who is serious about learning


Someone who is friendly and enjoys working with other people on projects and in classes.


Someone who doesnt mind the cold and enjoys a medium sized campus.


Some one who is very involved and is friendly but ready to work for their grades and whatever they get. They must be accepting of all religions, sexual orientations and ways of life. They must also be very open to new things and ready to participate in an experience that will change their life.


People who want a good education but also like a social enviroment to learn and grow in.


Someone who enjoys partying and greek life. Always happy and doesnt mind an artic tundra in the winter.


some one who would prefer a small school but at the same time not to small and someone that wants to learn and enjoy college


Anyone and everyone should attend this university.


CMU is comprised 70-85% metro-detroit/middle class suburban children who either couldn't get into UoM or MSU, or chose not to go there because they wanted to feel intelligent. Another 15-25% are from smaller, poorer post-modern or kiche towns, and 5% are exchange students. Most girls go here to become teachers or accountants, but mostly just to become charming housewives. Most boys go here to get business degrees or engineering degrees so they can spend the rest of their lives in a cubicle. There are also a bunch of geeky, "trendy" artists too.


Someone who likes to drink alcohol. Who is fine with being at a place where you are not helped out in a desperate time of need. It is often boring if drinking is not your favorite thing to do.


Anybody-- decided or undecided on a career-- there are so many choices for a person to pick. Also, people who wish to be exposed to diversity and who love to volunteer.


Someone who wants to major in PT, business or teaching. Someone who is willing to work but has a little time for some fun. Friendly people who wants to meet a lot of new friends.


Anyone would fit in at CMU. It is a smaller school than State or UofM and less research focused, so anyone who wants that kind of atmosphere may not prefer CMU. There are many groups on campus and everyone will find somewhere to belong.


If you have a will to learn, then you would have a great time here and the atmopshere between school and relaxation is perfectically balanced.


Anybody who's looking for that complete, all-around, college experience. CMU has so much to offer. There are clubs, sporting events, intramural sports, a beautiful library and and many other beautiful facilities and programs to get involved in. The Michigan weather is a little tough to deal with, but the CMU experience is worth it. Also, the on-campus living and dining is some of the best I've seen. It's not luxurious, but it's comfortable and satisfying. The people here are also very friendly and the professors are very helpful and caring.


Most of the students that go to this school are European American, so they would be first. Also, people that are smart, strong, and can handle critizism.


Anyone and Everyone


Someone who has school spirit. Someone who is interested in getting a very good education in a strong field by working hard.


Someone who is honestly interested in furthering their education and is willing to work hard in the classroom in order to become successful after they graduate. Many students here are self-motivating and do well because they are genuinely excited about the career pathways they have chosen.


Anyone. Central is the right size, where just about anyone can find their niche. A lot of kids drink and party, but I don't, and I still love it here. It's not where you go so much as it is who you hang out with.

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