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What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that takes their work seriously should attend Central Michigan University. Someone looking for a very good education and willing to put in the work ethic to achieve it. Someone willing to apply themselves and dedicate themselves to their education. A person that is really looking for the college experience and great professors. Someone commited to their studies and ready to succeed.


Someone with a single-minded way of thinking shouldn't attend this university. If you focus on one thing you can ultimately become successful at one thing. If you branch out and focus on multiple interests/ ways to get involved you can really be something special with an array of ideas opposed to just one. Be great at learning by surround yourself with the right people, but never be afraid to venture off into different groups and better yourself. Come into this new experience with an open mind, and instantly watch yourself blossom.


The type of person to attend shouldn't be lazy or slack off. Hard work is necessary to pass the classes offered at Central Michigan. Students shouldn't be here just to party or have a good time. They must be someone willing to go to class at all times, unless ill or in case of emergency. The student needs to want to reach success and put in good study time.


If someone hates their school and has no spirit, or does not believe in drinking, they should not attend my school.


A person who likes to keep to themselves. Everyone is so outgoing and friendly.


Those who don't want to actually learn.


Someone who desires a small, close-knit, specifically focused community should not attend Central Michigan University. Those seeking a university that is extremely progressive, diverse, or environmentally focused may be happier elsewhere. Finally, those seeking a big city environment may not find their niche at Central Michigan University.


A person who is mean, greedy, disrespectful, not outgoing, and not willing to help others should not attend CMU.


A person with no self-control and a person who likes big cities with lots to do.


The type of person that should not attend Central Michigan University is an individual who is soley attending college for the purpose of partying and embracing the social scene. Campus enforcement does not tolerate students who abuse their rights, and professors do not tolerate students who do not perform to the best of their ability in the classroom. CMU offers hundreds of extracurricular activities and organizations available to students. Overall, it is important to possess the motivation to attend class every day, as well as possess academic integrity.


Anyone who is anti-social or has a phobia of being a round people shouldn't attend this school, because the whole time you are here, you will meet many many people. It actually might be beneficial at the same time because meeting the people here may make it easier to get out of a closed shell.


Someone who is more focused on academics rather than partying. But likes to party also.


A person who does not feel that they can focus on their school work and committ to it.


I highly recommend people who are just looking for a good time (partying), should maybe choose a completely different school. I personally believe that if you only come to college to party then you may be disappointed here. This school should be chosen solely on the multiple types of education it offers.


Someone who does not like to work hard. If you want to go to school just to party Central Michigan is not the place for you. Although Central is a good place to have fun, you will be wasting money. Central Michigan is not a school that you can slack off in class, not study, and expect to receive a passing grade.


If a person is looking for a large campus, CMU is not the school to attend because it is a smaller campus.


Anyone and everyone.


Students who shouldn't attend this school are people who aren't excited to be here, don't take school seriously, and aren't motivated. I also think that people that have no clue not even a hinch what they want to do shouldnt come here because you will use a lot of money figuring that out .


Someone should not attend this school if they demand a urban atmosphere or if they are not disiplined and easily distracted with partying.


There is not one person I feel would not fit in! There is a variety of people who attend Mid Michigan Community College. I feel that anyone would be able find a group of people who they would feel comfortable with.


Someone who doesn't like to pushed to acheive goals.


Someone who is not very serious about learning and or meeting new people. This school is a very diverse school, if this is something that you can not handle I would not recommend this as a school you attend.


If you are a person who prefers a small, intimate campus, CMU is probably not the place for you. It isn't huge, but 27,000 students can be a bit overwhelming at times.


Very academically inclined people and people who want to succeed but easily follow the crowd


Someone who has a vey snotty attitude. People are Central don't care for that.


A person who isn't ready to meet people and doesn't want anything to do with a social life shouldn't attend CMU because CMU has many kmany choices from early morning to late at night where you can be out of your dorm room and being with friends.


Any person who is interested in getting a decent education that is cheaper than many of the other schools located throughout Michigan should consider Central Michigan University. There is a good community here, especially if an applicant is interested in Greek community.


a friendly one who is open minded.


If that person thrives on competition and wants to be located in a thriving metopolitan area, Central Michigan University is not the place for them.


Anyone who is stubborn and doesn't want to change their ways


Someone who wants to only focus on school work.


If you are looking for a larger school, you may not enjoy the smaller scale CMU is on.


This school is for everyone! It has a small enough campus to be able to walk across it in 20 minutes, and the students are friendly. The classes are appropriate for the subject and level, and the professors are very knowledgeable. Fire up, Chips!


This university is appropriate for everyone.


A person should not attend this school if they don't want to be involved. Whether it be social or academic the involvement on this campus is apparent. Everyone is extremely spirited about going here and although there is some discrimination it's an overall friendly atmosphere. Students who shouldn't attend would be anyone who's prejudiced agains a native American tribe as the Chippewa culture is intertwined with that of the university.


Someone who doesn't like to succeed in life.


Pretty much acceptable of all kinds of people.


People who do not have an interest in attending this university, otherwise any kind and all kind of people should attend!


I don't think anyone that is passionate about school or their future should attend college.


If you cannot handle a party scene, or if you are not interested in progrgams like education, psychology, business, nursing, public relations, or recreation, then Central is not the school for you. If you like to be by yourself most of the time, and don't like to hang out with friends or get involved, then Central is not the school for you. There are many things to do on campus, and not much time is spent sitting in your room.


The type of person that shoud attend Central is one that is dedicated to obtaining a career, but at the same time, able to have fun. Central makes it possible to have both a social and acedemic life, even though the academic needs more care and takes up more of an indiviudals time.


If you are a person who has a very hard time getting work done without having someone 'over your shoulder', you will have a hard time getting the work done for your classes.


The kind of person that should not attend this school would be someone whos main goal is to fail. there are so much resources for the student to used to there success that you only choose to fail by not putting in effort to success in life. You learn so much more than just what is needed for your degree. long life lessons in friendship, in teambuilding , in relationships, in family, amd most importantly in Life. Socrates one said " the unexamined life is not worth living for a human being". At CMU you learn to enjoy life to the fulliest.


I think the kind of person who shouldn't attend this school, or any college for that matter, is anyone who isn't serious about their education. There are literally thousands of college dropouts in universities across the nation each year, because students are either too immature or irresponsible for the demands of a higher education. I think people who lack self control and self efficacy should not attend college either, because these people cannot balance their social lives and their academics. College life is full of opportunities to form amazing memories, but one must keep their priorities straight.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is one who is extremely academically focused, doesn't like to go out with friends on the weekends, very conservative, not open to new ideas or opinions, and prefers to keep to themself! CMU offers an engaging and energetic environment, and one who keeps to themself may feel out of place and uncomfortable.

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