Central Michigan University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to apply myself and focus on my studies. I would tell myself to take this last year serious because it only gets harder from here on out. I would prepare myself to become more independent. I would tell myself not to get lazy because you cant be lazy in college.


Assuming I could go back in time, I would tell my high school self to keep doing what your doing. You may feel as though you don't havce things figured out and that you're in some way or another being left behind, things will fall into place as they should. Stick to the plan, go to community college for your general education classes and figure out the next step for your education from there. One thing I will say is that you should find a job closer to home; working at the shore was nice when you were 17, but now is the time to start saving and becoming the adult that you need to be when things change for the better later on down the line. Otherwise, keep doing what your doing, it's only a matter of time before you mature and have everything figured out.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself one thing and that's "Don't worry so much". I would explain to not worry about the future, because if you always focus on how things will be a year, five years, ten years down the road then you will never really be able to enjoy a moment. You will make plenty of new friends, your friends from home will do the same, so don't worry about losing them because you wont. You don't have to know what you're majoring in right from the start, it will all get figured out. Just understand that everything will change but eventually that change will become normal. All of the thoughts of uncertainty dissapear and you will realize that being happy is something that comes from within yourself, not from the kind of people you attract and get to know. Enjoy the moment, enjoy every day before you leave for school, enjoy feeling like a kid and being with your bestfriends everyday this summer, but don't be scared to leave. Change makes us who we are, everything works itself out if you put the effort in.


If I could go back in time and talk with my high school senior self, I would tell her to be open to the new experiences in college. There are so many different types of clubs and orgainzations here that I wish I had gotten involved with at the beginning of the year. Adding ont o that, if I was more open, I could have made many more friends than i already did and would have just come across as a friendlier person that more people would eant to get to know and maybe even hang out with. Additionally, I would tell my past self to actually focus on her school work instead of messing around and sleeping. Getting good grades is vital in being able to persue whatever field of study I eventually want to go into


Taking more core college courses while in high school and taking advantage of the Study Abroad programs.


Senior year of high school is supposed to be one of the best years of your life.Senior year isn't just all about fun and games though; it is about determination and motivation. It should be one of the most successful years of your life as well. Although students get accepted into college in the early year of the school year, your grades still need to be on track. Do the best you can to receive the grades you deserve, and have fun while you are at it. Go to school, experience being a senior, going to prom, attending football games, competeing in the school spirit week, but remember, grades should be at the top of the list. Don't slack off and lose that academic scholarship you earned at the beginning of the year. Push yourself to do your best, and this will help your success in your college years. Don't let senioritis take over you. You'll do great!


Calm down. Everyone is in the same position as you on the first day of class. Be ready for a change of atmosphere. Things are so much different than high school and for the better. Start getting in the school spirit and make connections and friends before school starts. Just get ready to meet so many people and be open to their experiences and background. You can take and learn something from everyone so make those connections, put yourself out there, and have fun!


Advice I would give myself as a high school senior is to never be afraid to try new things. Connect with the community in the school and make it your own. Make friends not because you have to but because you want to and they will be your support and encouragement throughout college. There are many things you can discover new about yourself that is what is so great about Central. You don't have to stick to what you know. It is healthy to discover what more you can do just by trying and experimenting. The classes and professors are the connections to your career path. Always talk to your professors and accomplish your tasks in the classroom. The work they give you in the classroom is different that the work they give you in high school. With this work you are learning how to function in the community and your career path and preparing for your life ahead of you. It is important to keep yourself busy, but not to the point where you are overwhelmed. The key thing you have to remember is to keep moving forward success or failure. Always move forward.


The advice I would give myself is to not worry so much. I worried so much right before I went away to college. If I knew that I would be sucessfull in college and that I would make firends I feel that I would have had a better summer. Also then I would have been more like my self and not hidding my true personality, thus if I would have shown people my true personality ealier I would have had an even better time in College my freshmen year.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would first sit myself down at a table with a blank piece of paper and a pencil. I'd divide the paper in two. One half would list all my mistakes, while the other my successes. Knowing myself, I'd have more mistakes. Sitting across from myself I'd state: Why is it your list of mistakes is longer than your successes? You're so stuck on not being able to successfully climb the largest mountain, that you don't feel proud of all the hills you have climbed over. Grade school, the first eighteen years of your life have consisted of successfully getting to the top of so many hills, and Megan, you need to be proud of that. Don't allow those hills to be a reminder of what you haven't accomplished, instead have them encourage you in continuing forward towards your goal. That mountain is never going away, it will always be there until the timing is right and you are ready; so don't stress, and don't dwell, just breathe and continue to climb those hills.


Everything about college has opened my eyes and broadened my viewpoint on multiple matters. Being that in high school I thought I had the rest of my life figured out in a ten year plan, I would go back and tell myself I was an idiot followed by a few important tips. Firstly, you WILL cry at some point during your first week, whether it's the minute your parents pull away after moving you in to your dorm or when you realize your roommate smells like bad fish. Second, going to parties is a great part of college life, but don't drink yourself into the toilet bowl, or so to speak. No one wants to party with the pukey, whiney chick. No one. Third, there's a reason why in fairytales Prince Charming doesn't wear bro tanks and Sperry's. Finally, have fun being yourself. High school is over and no one cares if you were on Homecoming Court or not. College is for expression and invention of a life you can be proud of. So let go of expectations and just do your thing. There's no mistakes, only opportunities to learn.


The best part of my college experience has been the people I have met in my journey. The only reason I was able to meet them was from the choice I made to leave my comfort zone. I have grown so much as a person and have focus towards the goals for my future. If I could give advice to my high school self, I would tell him to leave his comfort zone earlier and more often. By gaining these networks of friends and skills from trying new things he would be suprised from the growth in just 5 short years.


I would tell myself to not worry about my roomates. I would say these girls are going to be your new best friends. You will laugh and cry with them, mostly laughing, and they will be there for you if you need a hug or someone to talk too. Don't worry about leaving home, your parents are going to be ok and nothing bad will happen. I would tell my old self to become more organized, dates can get lost in your head if you don't write it down. Also study more and be more fouced yes school can be easy for you but if you want above a 3.5 you have to try harder. Don't worry about making friends, you will meet people who think you are amazing.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition from high school to college I would inform myself that it is important to make goals, keep a positive mindset, and not procrastinate. Before entering college I had no clue of how important it was to make goals and keep a positive mindset. In college goals will set you in the right direction and keep you on track along with those goals a positive attitude is needed to motivate you to continue and push to acheive those goals. With this advice I believe I would be motivated more to accomplish things that I do no think I can accomplish. With goals it will motivate me to start assignments that I unfortunately wait until the last moment to do and stress over yet pull through. Advice such as that would have made my first semester mush more smooth than it was and because of what I have learned my second semesteris going well compared to the previous one.


The advice I would give to high school me would be to take as many advanced placement courses as possible. They boost your GPA as well as give you the opportunity to recieve college credit for a very cheap price. You have a lot more free time in high school to so this would be a good time to study for those AP tests. I would have also taken more classes at the community college before going away to a university where college credits are much more expensive. Also, now that I am in college, I realize how taking the harder or more challening classes in high school benefit you in college. They really help make sure you are ready because college classes move at a much faster pace. In high school, I wish I would have also taken classes that would have taught me entirely new skills or classes that didn't interest me at first because you never know what you are going to like or enjoy and this will give you the best idea of what you want to do in your future career.


I would advise myself to start thinking of the future. I wouldn't want myself to give up, even temporarily, on my dreams. I would assure myself that I will be able to make it, and that everything will be okay. I would notify myself that actually doing homework is important, and procrastinating doesn't help at all.


Hey Kyle, It’s your college-self talking…Well writing. Don’t even think about not finishing this; I have something important to tell you. Are you ready? You need to put more effort in college than you did in high school. Don’t lie to me, I know that high school was easy for you, and that you didn’t have to study for tests, do the readings, or go to class to get good grades. College is different though, and a lot harder. Don’t skip classes, even if your proffesors don't care. You need to study, and read your textbooks! You're paying for these classes and those books. Don't waste your money. Once you graduate high school, you have a scholarship waiting for you also. You don’t want to lose it do you? You know mom will never forgive you if you get it taken away, especially if it’s your own fault. So you had better get prepared to make some changes Kyle. You can do this! Don’t be lazy! Don’t think you can pass effortlessly! Stay motivated! And Kyle, enjoy college. It truly is a great experience.Love Kyle


Ah, if only I could go back and knowing what I know now about college, and just life in general, I would have made many changes. I would have put more effort in discovering "who I am" as a person, rather then leaving it for after college. I would have followed my passions that corresponded with a monetary future, because as hard and cliché as it sounds money does make the world around, and a good career takes you around the world. It's simple, while you are in school, make sure to pour all of your heart and soul into becoming someone, somebody and don’t wait to make this decision after school. They say it’s never to late to turn your life around, well sometimes something’s never change. So stay young, stay wise.


I should have started earlier aplying for colleges, and scholarships. Homework is called homework for a reason, and I need to learn to balance my life.


I would tell myself that even though it took us a little longer to get to college it was worth it. It has opened me up to new people and situations that I have never been in before and have actually learned a lot from it. The only advice I would have is to be more aggressive when it came to applying for scholarships and to ask for less when it came to student loans.


College is so expensive! Growing up with a mother who was diagnosed with a mentally ill parent made preparing for college really tough! I would have wished that I found a way to get better access to a computer because the one my mom had was very out of date. I would have gottten a ride to the library or a friends house to use their computer. I would have gotten a job in high school and tried to save as much money as a I could so I would not have had to make out so many loans. I would have tried to attend a college closer to home so that I could have saved money and probably finished my degree. I am now choosing to go back to school and have been in school for awhile after I graduated from Sonoma State University. I think I would have done a little bit more research on Northern California colleges before trying to come up here. Being now 27 and trying to become a medical assistant has not been easy and I wish that I would have considered going to a community college soon after graduating from high school.


Study Hard. High school is easy compared to college. You really have to work for your grades don't take that for garanted. Also, it is super easy to get involved in college but don't get too involved join one or two things and focus on what you came here to do learn!


The greatest advice I could give myself is study, study, study. I did very poorly my first semester as a freshman because I assumed studying was unecessary because I hardly studied in high school but I learned the hard way how wrong I was.


In less than a year's time, the amount of knowledge and experience potentially gained is unfathomable. With the last thought I would have as a high school senior being whether or not there will be a party the first weekend, or maybe it was wondering if people in my hall would like me enough to hangout; perhaps it was an unresolved nerve that class would be brutal and force me to quit school all together and join the laborers of the world in a dark, hot, humid factory at 3 in the morning alongside a man named Vlad and a guy who turns out to be a girl and doesn't speak because of some assembly line accident that I wouldn't care to know the details of. Quite honestly there had been an untold amount of college fears running through my senior head; I couldn't pinpoint the last of them. It is this fact that I would advice myself to remember. Every qualm, no matter how detrimental the potential outcome, had been forgotten like the cursive I still haven't used in college. Surprisingly, we humans tend to worry much more than we should. Don't Worry.


I would tell myself to actually apply for scholarships. I didn't apply for many scholarships in high school because I didn't feel the effort was worth the money. I wasn't looking too far ahead in my future at the time. I now realise how important that money would have been to me. Instead of taking loans out and being in debt I would be able to save money in the long run and not have to worry as much about it.


I would tell myself to make friends in the first few weeks because they're the ones you clique with. You also need to get a job and work really hard at it to support yourself, and don't blow all your money on food. Take advantage of office hours and try your very hardest. It's a long road ahead of you, but you can do it if you really push yourself. Don't stress about it, it's just school.


Samantha, apply for more scholarships and grants. We both know that you have a lot on your plate, but scholarships are the most important thing at this point in time. You know you're smart enough to get some money to give your parents a break on paying for your college. You're the first person to go to college in your family and you can make that step up to getting a full ride if you really tried and put in an effort.


If I were able to go back to my high school self and give advice regarding college life and transitioning from living at home to being in college I would have to say that easing into it would be best. There will be a lot of new areas to have to get used to as well as some that will get easier from high school. One of these areas would be the class times; they are much more varied and are not as rigid as high school. However, there will still be some early classes but studying will be easier to manage because the class days are not as long as high school. In regards to personal matters of transitioning from high school to college I would have to say that having personal items is very important. Talking to family and friends that would not be able to be seen (and doing so frequently) can also help with any anxiety or home sickness that may happen. Even having a routine can help with the transition. Making new friends and going out and having fun is a very good way to keep a social life and help transition!


Yo entiendo que estaba bien informada de lo que era la vida universitaria, ya que en la escuela en la que estudié nos traían orientadores para saber más sobre la vida universitaria. Siempre tuve presente que la vida universitaria era diferente. Había que dedicarle más tiempo, toda la responsabilidad iba a ser mía, ya que iba a ser una jóven adulta preparandome para ser una profesional. Lo único que tal vez me hubiese gustado saber es que debía dedicarle más tiempo a mis estudios, no como antes que no tenía que estudiar tanto. Creo que más bien hubiera avisado a mis compañeros de clase y amigos que la vida universitaria era distinta y no como ellos creían, ya que pensaban que iba a ser tan fácil como la escuela. Entiendo que lo más importante es la responsabilidad.


To just work harder and don't worry so much about what other people think of you. The only person you need to make proud is yourself and with that confidence you can get through school and get a good job.


I would tell myslef not to worry about the things that are not going to matter tomorrow. In high school, you tend to get caught up in all this drama that isn't going to affect your life. I would also tell myslef to be more orgnaized. Being organized in college is a huge. It will help you out a lot.


I would tell myself to relax and be myself. Living away from home is not an easy transition for some people, and I was one of those unlucky few. I was so focused on trying to make friends and fit in, that I forgot who I was and who I wanted to be. Having friends is important, but if they don't accept you for who you are they're not worth being around. I would also tell myself to not be afraid to speak my mind more. Because it can be hard for people to get to know you if you never speak your mind.


Going back in time and seeing myself as a high school senior, from what I know from completeing one year. I would tell myself to remain focused on academics and whatever you need help with in class. Go to the tutors because sometimes you can't do everything by yourself. Youalso may be nervous about transitioning from high school to college but the transition is easy and you will make a lot of friends over the time you are there. The main focus you need is on your education because in order to be cable to stay in school. You need to keep on looking for scholarships as well as maintain the ones that you already have and lose them like I have. Remember what dad always says," Work before you play."


I would tell the Mission High School senior Amanda to be more disciplined with her school work. I had to learn the hard way in college, and now that my foucs is in fully disciplining myself to study and get my errands and work done. If not, then I usually end up falling behind. The college life is wonderful, yet with it comes hard work and one needs to be focused in order to complete the rest of the sememster. As far as the transitioning goes it was tough, juggling bills, projects, family, friends, and life. It's a bit overloading, but the end result is very rewarding because you can take a step back and look at yourself and see the accomplishments. You can see how your dreams are coming to life little by little. It starts with that one step, then that one choice, and then the leap of faith. Either you take the chance or not; how will you know unless you try. Knowing what I know now about college, discipline is the key to stay ahead. Do this and for sure you will be able to get great things done for yourself and for your life.


Push yourself to take harder classes. It will only help you to make it through college easier. Take atleast two years of Spanish, not just one, and take it the first year you get to college so it is fresh in your mind. College is very fast paced, and it is very time consuming. It will not be a walk in the park. Apply for freshman scholarships. Paying for school is very hard, and the loans do not cut it. I promise. Take all the writing prep courses possible in highschool also. It is very necessary to have good writing skils.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to prepare better for college. I would tell myself to learn to prioritze and organize better and set realistic goals for myself. Study harder and study material that isn't only covered in class or on study guides and to learn how to study properly for each class. Sometimes one technique doesn't work for all subjects. Take the initiative to study in further detail. I would also tell myself not to take too many difficult classes the first semester in college, but to take the first semester a little easier and learn what college life is all about. College isn't like high school. I would also tell myself that it is okay to ask for help and to get the help needed sooner rather than later. Sometimes later may be too late for that semester. Lastly, I would tell myself that although it is very very important to study and work hard it isn't necessary to stress out too much and it is also important to enjoy college life.


If I could go back and talk to my high school self, I would say that college life is not like everyone says. It is not all parties, but a lot of work and effort. I would tell myself that the first week will be the hardest, but I will get through it and will love everything after that, including you. I would tell myself to get your work done and not put everything off until the last minute. Had I known this before, I would have gotten a lot more sleep. Lastly, and probably the biggest thing I would say is that people are going to come and go in your life. If someone wants out, let them go, and if they come back, it won't last long. I would tell myself that everything happens for a reason and holding onto things to stop them from changing will not be worth it. Let it go and move on, you will be a happier person in the end.


Learn how to manage free time wisely. In colege you get a lot of it and think you have so much time on your hands to do whatever you want, and dont ever end up getting what you nee to done. I wish I would have not become such a procrastinater.




I would tell myself to go for it!! College will be tough but you are tougher so you will make. Don't wait it will be the best descision you will make. I f you don't you'll regret!! Having a career will allow you to have control of your future. It will be alot better for your children. It will give you the faith that you can do anything and become anyone. No controling husband, no prison, just a job you'll love, because you will be helping people. Exactly what you wanted to do., and always dreamed of doing. Stop the dreaming and make it a reality, the sooner the better.


I would tell myself to spend more time getting to know people outside of your group. Make friends with everyone you meet, because you might depend on them someday. Make friends with the girl who sits next to you in your science class, or the guy on the computer next to you at the library. Perhaps one day, you'll miss class and the girl in BIO can give you the notes, or the guy in the library might find your cell phone you left behind. Or maybe, these people will become your new friends as you grow and mature. Give them time, and they might just become your close friends. Don't close yourself off and think you don't need to have adventures because you already have your own friends. Make new friends.


If I could have a conversation with 17-year-old me, about to graduate high school and head off to college, I would say, "Listen to that little voice telling you to take a year off and get some experience before starting to work on your degree. Right now you see college as much as the beginning of your studies as your first taste of independence. It's true that it is both of those things, but I'm afraid that if the first time you're out from under your parents' roof is also the first time you sit down in a lecture hall to learn about the subject of your choice, one of those things will seem more exciting than the other and you'll end up bumbling your way from major to major. There's nothing wrong with the non-traditional route, and if I know you (and I like to think I do...) you'll find your way to it eventually, once you develop the confidence to march to the beat of your own drummer. If you think you might be capable of getting a jumpstart on that now, more power to you!"


When choosing a college, choose the school that feels challenging both academically and socially. Challenge is necessary for growth. Consider what kind of environment suits your interests and passions and would allow them to be used most effectively. Look around at the students; do they seem like-minded? Would you feel content, yet not complacent on this campus? Does campus or the surrounding area have a place to which you could retreat? When you get to school, know yourself. Do not be hesitant to speak your mind, as you will find those who agree. Prioritize. Work doesn't always need to take precedence over fun or rest. Be where you are and know where you're going. Make use of your time. Do not be afraid to make a change. Try new things. Help others. Be engaged. Look for what you want and need, and when you find it, do not let it go. And most importantly, remember that life is fleeting. This life is your life; know it while you have it.


Take advantage of all that a university has to offer. You will never be in an environment with so many opportunities again. The most important things I've learned so far are not from my classes - they are from my involvements. The leadership skills I've gained by being involved in the Student Government or being President of a student organization. Those experiences are what are most important. A major doesn't get you a job. You don't have to sell a major - you have to sell yourself. The only way you can sell yourself is if you branch out beyond academics and partying to gain these real-world skills.


I would say to stay busy and meet lots of people but don't spread yourself out so thin that you are stressed all the time


I would tell myself how important it is to look for college scholarships senior year. I would also tell myself that it is imperative for me to attend class regularly and while in class, work hard to get excellent grades. Lastly, I would tell myself how important it is for me not to procrastinate and start on my work when it is assigned instead of waiting until the last day before it is due to start on it.


One of the main points I would give a younger me would be get involved. I was involved with dorm activities as a freshman and sophomore in college, but didn't really get involved with clubs/groups on campus until my junior year. I have met so many more people and aquired valuable connections (for my future career). Another point my younger self would have benefitted from is to focus more and put more time into your studies. My freshman year was definitely a transition year and I didn't spend as much time on my classes and homework as I should have. This dropped my GPA down and if I had spent just a little more time on my classes my cumulative GPA would be better now. I spent a lot of time with friends just "hanging out" and I would tell my younger self that those friends would have still been there even if I hadn't spent as much time with them. I should have broadened my horizons (by on campus involvement) and spent more time on my classes. But as I say all this remember to take some time for fun.


open yourself up, let people come to you. make friends with those you live with, get to know your professor. live on campus. go to the events, even if they seem lame. free food is still food. get involved. join a sport. work out! HAVE FUN.


Honestly, it would be to stop caring so much about what other people think. I was very guarded in high school and wanted to fit in and be cool and every other stereotypical thing that high schoolers want. I would tell myself that what those people thought was not important and wouldn't even matter within a years time. In college, no one cares who you are or how popular you were in high school. Here, you become your own person, grow, and learn so much about yourself. I would tell myself to let my guard down, stop trying so hard, and just have fun. And that that football player, was sooo not that important. Being yourself, and being comfortable in your own skin is what is most important. To treasure it, learn from it, and love it.


I absolutely love college so far. I have been able to plug into a variety of clubs and groups that interest me, and have connected with a number of the faculty on campus. I feel respected and cared for here. I love being responsible for myself and handling my own problems without Mom and Dad constantly looking over my shoulder (although I don't hesitate to ask for advice when I need it). I also really enjoy being on campus and the freedom that comes with being able to hang out with my friends, study, and get involved whenever and wherever I want. I'm being challenged academically and I've learned more in my first semester and a half of college than I learned my entire gradeschool career.

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